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MINUTES | Academic Council Meeting
Meeting held on 20th May 2014
Members present:
In attendance:
Caroline Arnold | CCO Education
Liz Houghton | LUSU Councillor/Department Rep
Colin Mang | Faculty Rep (LUMS)
Charlotte Creighton |Lonsdale EWD Officer
Josh Cannon | Department Rep (FASS)
Amelia Pagan | Grizedale Women’s Welfare Officer
Megan Thornton | Furness VP Welfare
Lucy Clews | Department Rep
Shannon Regan | Bowland Academic and Welfare Officer
Amy Bowden | County VP Academic and Welfare
Benjamin Harper | County Education and Opportunity Officer
James Gaffney | Pendle Education officer
Jeriel Bacani | PPR Rep
Neo Poon | Department Rep (FST)
Shyam Savania | Furness Education Officer
Justice Moses K. Aheto | FHM Dept Rep
Phil Apter | Cartmel VP Academic and Welfare
Joe O’Neill | VP Education
Lucy Ryan | PG Board
Katarzyna Fraczkowska | PG Board
Alex Cleaves | Bowland Ed and Welfare
Chris Cottam | Education and Support Manager
Dimeji Ademiju | Fylde VP Welfare
Stavros Pantos |LUMS Dep Rep
Aleksandra Maciejewska | LUMS Dep rep
Nicholas Charalambides | FASS Dep Rep
Jordan Tudor | FHM Faculty Rep
Yash Todar | FST Faculty Rep
Paul Cambre | FST Rep
1. Apologies
2. Minutes of previous meeting
Minutes from previous meeting were passed.
3. Matters Arising
Josh Cannon’s apologies were missed, minutes will be edited.
4. Student Led Teaching Awards
Panel has met to agree the recipients of these awards and they will be announced shortly.
There will also be an award that Academic Council awards for a team. Deadline will be the
last Academic Council of term. Information will be made available online.
5. Faculty Updates
Colin Mang – Looking into solving the problems in PGR registration. Fixing problems with
PGR workspace in Charles Carter. Maths and Stats support centre in LUMS is being set up.
6. Joe Update
Senate has met, policy passed at LUSU Council on Zero Hours Contracts, working on a Union
conference for later this year including some alumni speakers. There have been some
problems around exams in engineering, meeting tomorrow to resolve this. ISS to look into
extending PGR email accounts after graduation.
7. QAA
Chris Cottam – Students Union to draft student submission, based on consultation events.
Academic Council to play a central role in this submission. The QAA will include a student
panellist. Chris will return to future meetings to answer any questions.
8. Student Charter
JO has been looking at the Student Charter and how it is enforced. Previously been very little
consultation when it is reviewed annually. Have raised questions about how relevant it is to
post graduates.
Josh Cannon - questioned how possible it is to put some of this into practice
Lizzie Houghton – needs to be put into practice
Lucy Ryan – generally undergraduate – centric but very vague and would be difficult to agree
JO – Other unis present their charter is different ways. Need to look at the best way to
present this.
LH- could have a specific agreement or contract for post graduates.
JC – Questioned why we have one, JO clarified this was a government order.
Caroline Arnold – There needs to be more focus on employability opportunities or provision
Academic Council to bring back suggestions to the next meeting.
JC- Can the date when they consult and form the charter be changed as it is in summer when
there are few students around. JO to look into this.
9. LUMS Stat Centre Motion
Colin Mang outlined that this has been put forward to ensure it is policy to continue the
work for the future. Funding is currently being sourced and the service being designed.. The
hard work of Colin and the department reps was noted. Academic Council agreed to the
motion unanimously. Colin will bring this to LUSU council to become policy.
10. AOB
Academic Tutors – Shyam Savania – Some students not finding out until very late who their
tutors are. Others have to see them weekly.
CM reported that he sits on a group looking into standardising the guidelines. This proposal
is going to the next meeting of Senate and will be discussed at the next Academic Council.
Colin Mang – Maths and State provision motion
The Union Notes:
1) Many students in LUMS have experienced difficulty with the curriculum requirements relating to
mathematics and statistics.
2) LUMS currently does not provide any support services for students who have difficulty with
mathematics or statistics.
3) LUMS does provide support services to help students with academic writing and literacy.
The Union Believes:
1) That students should receive sufficient educational support to ensure that they can successfully
complete their programs of study.
2) That numeracy skills are just as important as literacy skills.
The Union Resolves:
1) The Faculty Representative for the Management School shall work with the Faculty to establish a
support service to assist students with mathematics and statistics work.
Proposed by: Colin Mang, CCO: LUMS Faculty Representative