How to Ensure Your Email is Trapped as Spam

Lunch & Learn
Co-sponsored by Friends of the Folsom Library
and the Rensselaer Retirees Forum
“How to Ensure Your Email is Trapped as Spam”
Presenter: Mike Sofka,
Sr. Systems Programmer, Communications and Middleware Technologies
The ability to instantaneously share documents and communicate by
email is a boon to modern businesses. But how often have you avoided
sending an expected email or wished to delay its arrival? Unfinished
assignments, undrafted articles, and lack-of-progress reports can be as
unpleasant to send as they are to receive.
There is a simple solution! Send the email, but send it in a way that ensures it will be trapped as
spam. In this way, you can meet your obligations while simultaneously avoiding them. This talk
will explain how to strategically block your own messages, in the context of a modern email
system. (Tongue, of course, firmly planted in cheek.)
Friday, February 6 * 12:00 noon to 1:00 pm * Folsom Library Fischbach Room * Free! * Everyone is welcome!
Bring your lunch or purchase one at the Library Cafe. * Dessert will be provided.