January Newsletter - WFSE/AFSCME Local 443

Local 443
Officers and Executive
Board Members
Jeff Paulsen (CTS)
Imelda R. Ang (L&I)
1 Vice-President
Linda Erickson (HCA)
2 Vice-President
Nikki Butler (L&I)
Susie Rathke (DFW)
GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING: Tuesday, January 20th, 6 p.m. the agenda
includes discussion of the draft Constitution and Elections for Policy.
for President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer,
Sergeant at Arms, Members at Large, Organizing Chair and (1) Trustee. To be
eligible for election, a nominee must be a member in good standing of Local 443
for one year prior to his/her election, as certified by the treasurer.
Abdullatif Qaasim
Organizing Chair
Draft Constitution for Local 443 is ready to publish:
At the December General Membership meeting members reviewed and approved
the final sections of the Draft Constitution. The next step is to publish the Draft
and send it to all members of Local 443. The plan is to do that shortly after the
January General Membership meeting so as not to interfere with the officer and
Eboard elections. Then at the February meeting an up or down vote on the entire
Constitution is scheduled. If at least two thirds of the members present vote to
accept the Constitution, it will be sent to AFSCME for review and approval.
Don Vaughan (L&I)
Member at Large 1
Environmentalists and Labor Have Common Interests: Monday, January
DeFrance Clarke (L&I)
Next Wave Chair
Sarah C. Wilson (ESD)
Member at Large 2
Don Cline (L&I)
Member at Large 3
Bing Bristol (DES)
Agency Rep
Ingrid Hansen (DOH)
Agency Rep
Lisa Randlette (DNR)
Agency Rep
Christy Reed (DSHS)
Agency Rep
Wendy Conway (OIC)
Agency Rep
Lana Brewster (TESC)
Agency Rep
Steve Segall (DSHS)
Political Action Chair
906 Columbia St SW
Olympia WA 98501
12th, 2015 6:00 PM - 8:30p.m. Location: WFSE Local 443 Office - Suite 205, 906
Columbia Street SW, Olympia. Here in Thurston County many of us care about
the health of our community. Clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, natural
open space, as well as sustainable development, work opportunities, and a living
wage. We live and work here because of the high quality of life, the beautiful
environment and good jobs. We volunteer time and effort for the things we care
about. Join us for a discussion about how we can work together on common
interests. Check out WFSE.Org / Green Caucus for more details.
As a follow-up to the November 21st 'kick-off' event, here's a partial list of issues
attendees raised:
-Protect Worker’s Rights to Collective Bargaining.
- How can labor (union) interests support environmental concerns?
- Raise minimum wages.
- Build an alliance with the media to get our concerns, experiences, voices heard.
- Be more proactive about emergency preparedness for natural disasters and
industrial (railroad) accidents in Nisqually watershed and Puget Sound shorelines.
-State Supreme Court McCleary decision/class size initiative.
- Address local climate changes issues.
- Opportunity: Longshore workers in Washington have been working without a
contract since February 2014 and currently utilizing a work stoppage.
-Support the State transportation budget.
-Trade policy to focus on people’s needs rather than profits only.
-For the general good, need more fair and efficient tax collection from bigger
-Please bring your calendars and ideas on how we can work together this year!
1/12 Blue Green
1/14 Political Action
& Next Wave
1/15 Grievance
1/20 General
1/26 Scholarship
1/27 Finance
1/28 Communications
2/5 Grievance
2/6 Trustee
2/10 Steward
2/11 Political Action
& Next Wave
2/12 Organizing
2/17 General
All meetings are held
at 6 pm at the Local
Office unless otherwise
General Membership Meeting - Tuesday, January 20, 2015, 6 p.m.
the agenda includes discussion of the draft Constitution and Elections for Policy
General Membership Meeting - Tuesday, February 17, 2015, 6 p.m.
Light refreshments and child care provided  Sign language interpreter available upon request
MARTIN LUTHER KING Jr. BANQUET January 17, 2015 6p.m. at SPSCC Student Union Building
Local 443 has a table for 8 … if you wish to attend and are a member in good standing send your request to
[email protected]
WHERE IS JEFF? A fun new contest! Find the photo of Jeff (Local 443 President) on the Local 443 Website
& email the location of the photo to Mike the Webmaster @ [email protected] Include your
name and contact information (email, address, phone number.) The first person to respond with the
correct spot will win a $10 gift certificate. There will be one winner each month. The winner must be a
Local 443 Member in good standing and will be announced in the Local 443 Newsletter the following
month and the prize awarded at the next Local 443 General Membership meeting. (The contest is for 3
months and may be extended).
906 Columbia St SW Suite 205 Olympia WA 98501  360-236-0443
Visit our website for calendar updates and access to past meeting minutes: www.wfselocal443.org
Be informed of latest alerts and updates: Text L443 to 69866