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From the Pastor’s Desk…
I’ll bet most, if not all of you, have a “junk” drawer in your house—a place
to catch the random paraphernalia that accumulates in a
household. Sometimes, however, even a junk drawer gets too full and
needs to be sifted through. When this happens, I find the only truly
effective approach is to empty the entire thing and start from scratch. For
the fact of the matter is, the junk drawer is a mixed bag of contents—some
items I need; others should be thrown; still other things call for my
attention and follow up.
Lent, the forty day period of preparation prior to Easter, begins with Ash
Wednesday on February 18. It is a time to contemplate the meaning of
Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf; our transience and mortality, and our utter
dependence upon God. It is also a time to give attention to our spiritual “junk” drawer,
emptying ourselves before God in order to be filled with God’s will for us. This is not a cursory,
surface glance; Lent is the time for a complete overhaul on the mixed bag of contents that is
our lives—maintaining practices that draw us closer to God, jettisoning thoughts and actions
that diminish our faith, and following up on those promises we have yet to fulfill. By taking
such spiritual inventory, we create space for God’s Holy Spirit to work within us, and allow us
to see God’s claim on our lives more clearly.
There are myriad ways to engage the season of Lent at Christ the King. A list of midweek and
special worship opportunities is included in this newsletter; participating in these along with
Sunday worship can enhance your Lenten journey. We will celebrate Communion at both
services every Sunday. The final week of Lent, Holy Week, leads us to the glorious
announcement on Easter Sunday, He is risen!, when festive worship services are held at
6:30am (outdoor sunrise), 9am and 11am. (note the special times).
Blessings of the season,
Pastor Katie
February Marks the Beginning of Lent
The following are important dates to remember in this season of preparation for Easter.
Shrove Tuesday, February 17
The night before Lent begins, CTK gathers at 6:30 pm for the annual Pea Soup and Pancake
Supper which includes a short service with Holy Communion at the table
Ash Wednesday, February 18
There are worship services with imposition of ashes at noon and 7:30pm in the sanctuary. In
addition, CTK offers drive-by, “Ashes Along the Way” to the community from 7am to 9am.
People can turn in on their way to work to receive ashes and join in a prayer. There will be
free coffee, and all who come will receive a daily devotional for the season.
Midweek Lenten Suppers and Worship
The five Wednesdays following Ash Wednesday—February 25, March 4, 11, 18, and 25—there
will be supper in Ludder Hall at 6:30pm for a nominal charge, followed by a brief worship
service in the sanctuary at 7:15pm. The theme is You Shall Love The Lord Your God. You will
be on your way home by 8:00pm.
Holy Week, March 29-April 4
Palm Sunday is March 29 and palms will be distributed at 8:15 and 10am. There will be a
procession of palms at the beginning of the 10am service.
Maundy Thursday is April 2 and there are worship opportunities at noon and 7:30pm. We
remember the institution of the Lord’s Supper on this day.
Good Friday is April 3, and a Tenebrae service of shadows will be held at 7:30pm. The Adult
Choir will perform a special choral work.
Easter Sunday is April 5 as we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!
Worship services will be held at 6:30am (outdoor sunrise), 9am and 11am.
WELCOME, New Members
The following new members were received this morning at Christ the King:
Keith and Lourdes Berman;
Katerina & Christian
13301 SW 99th Street
Miami, FL 33186
Emily Shelton McElfresh
7625 SW 167 Terrace
Palmetto Bay, FL 33157
Sandra Lee Edie
Matthew and Emily Bielen
6065 SW 28 Street
5825 SW 107 St.
Miami, FL 33155
Pinecrest, FL 33156
Please greet them warmly and help them to get involved.
Thank you WELCA
The Order of St. John thanks WELCA for their loving care in cleaning and repairing the
OSJ garments in time for Christmas Eve services as well as for their generous donation of
new hangers. Thank you ladies – your support means so much to the youth!
Pea Soup & Pancakes
This year, Shrove Tuesday is on February 17. This day, sometimes
called “Pancake Day”, is a day of celebration and feasting, prior to
the fasting of Lent. Historically, households would gather all of the
meats, baking goods and sweets that they had, to be eaten on this
night. At Christ the King, we have come to celebrate this day with
Pea Soup & Pancakes. This is truly a family event, and we invite all to come share in this
delicious meal and the brief service to follow. The members of the Order of St. John will assist
with the distribution of communion during the service. The Fellowship Commission, led for
this event by Cathy & Jay Sockwell, will prepare the wonderful meal and invite you all to
participate. Sign-ups for attendance will begin on February 1st and continue through Sunday,
February 15th. The cost is $5 for adults, including children over 12, $3 for children aged 5 to
12, with children under 5 and members of the Order of St. John at no charge. Dinner will be
served at 6:30 p.m. and the service should be over before 8. Please make plans to join us!
Martha’s Mondays
A lively book group
for women meets
year on the third
Monday of the month. The next
gathering will be Monday,
March 16 at 7:30pm. The
group will discuss the fiction
book Glorybound by Jessie Van
Eerden. The author won a book
award for this debut novel about
a drought ridden town in West
Virginia where two sisters, Aimee
and Crystal, set out to become
prophets where their father was
preacher. The book is readily
available on Amazon and via ereaders. See Pastor Katie if you
have questions or email her at
[email protected]
Greeters needed...sign
ups begin February 8,
in Ludder Hall.
Pastoral Acts
Rod Wellens
Fred Fisher
Serving This Month
8:15am service
Altar Guild:
Assisting Ministers:
Debbie Witherspoon
Paul Bronson, John Imbert, Barrie Reed
Susan Grigg, Paul Bronson, Barbara Imbert
Roberta Stokes, Kim Derr, John Imbert, Kim Derr
10:00am service
Assisting Ministers:
02/01 - Janice Russell, Vicky Sfalanga
02/08 - Amy Whitley and Phil Whitley
02/01 02/08 02/15 02/22 -
Altar Guild:
Karla Mergenthal
Sanctuary Care:
02/01 02/08 02/15 02/22 -
Don Greenleaf, Jay Sockwell, Bob Schroer, Ed Russell
Bill Quesenberry, Steve George, Al Stoker, Wolfgang Haber
Patrick Griffith, Orlando Velez, Braden Moll, Walter Flinn
Paul Hanson, Richard Middagh, Lloyd Hood, John Knight
Charlotte Stoker
Ruth Baal
Lily Iverson
Lois Martin
Adults Want to Grow in Their Faith, Too…
The Diakonia program is a wonderful opportunity for adults to learn about the church and the
Bible, shape spiritual practices, and think critically about what it means to share God’s love. The
program is a pretty serious commitment of time as classes meet weekly (during the school year)
for a two-year cycle, but students from across the synod report that they enjoy the program so
much they cannot imagine not being involved. One of the program’s current students reports, “It
has deepened my faith beyond my dreams. I love this course, my classmates, and all those who
taught the courses. It has been a blessing.”
Historically, classes have met most Saturday mornings from 9:00 am to noon, although the
location and time of the classes can be changed to better fit the students participating.
Registration information and a schedule of classes will be released soon. If you are interested in
more information about the program please talk to any of our current students or contact Callie at
[email protected]
Wonder of Christmas Celebration Party and Review
All are welcome to join in a celebration party for another successful year for the Wonder of
Christmas. Come with your constructive criticism and ideas for 2015—it’s how we can make a
great ministry even better! The details are as follows:
Friday, February 13
Adelaida and Lange King’s home, 5805 SW 111 Terrace—across the street
from CTK!
Appetizer or dessert to share
[email protected] or call 305-467-0663
Highlights of regular and special congregational minutes: December 7, 2014
Both meetings were opened by Council president John Kelso. The first special meeting was
opened at 11:07 and was called for the single purpose of voting on issuing a call without term limit
to Pastor Katie. A quorum was established. Brenda Lans, chairperson of the Miami-Dade/
Monroe conference and this meeting’s Synod representative, was introduced. She brought
greetings from the Bishop’s office and offered the opening prayer. John explained that we would
be voting on the single issue of extending to Pastor Kathryn Carroll a call without term limit and
including her compensation package. As per Synod regulations, the voting was by written ballot,
with counting conducted by the Synod representative plus two others from the congregation and
overseen by three additional people. He opened the floor to discussion and questions; there were
Motion to issue a call without term limit to Pastor Kathryn Carroll: Ballots on the motion were
passed out and collected for counting. The motion was approved unanimously. Synod
representative Brenda will take the results to the Bishop’s office for final approval, at which time
the call will be official. The meeting was adjourned at 11:20.
The regular congregational meeting was opened immediately afterward at 11:21.
Election of 2015 Congregation Council Members: John introduced and thanked all current 2014
Council members for their service to the church. Scott Simmons, Debbie Witherspoon, and John
Kelso are at the end of their Council terms; Karla Mergenthal is at the end of her first Council
term and will be running for re-election. This means there are four seats open, plus the youth
seat, which is a one-year term; Jordan Whitley filled the youth seat this year and will be running
for re-election. Pastor Katie also recognized and thanked council members, with special thanks to
outgoing members John, Karla, Scott, and Debbie, whom she presented with individual gifts. She
applauded their models of discipleship and leadership. John introduced and thanked this year’s
nominating committee of Bethany Sands, who was last year’s outgoing Council member. The
candidates running for election to the 2015 Council were introduced: adult candidates Dee Lear,
Bill Quesenberry, Karla Mergenthal, Judy Weger, and youth candidate Jordan Whitley. The floor
was opened to nominations; there being none, the nominations were closed. Motion was
unanimously passed to close nominations. Motion was unanimously passed that, since the slate
of candidates running for the 2015 Council included the same number of candidates as positions
open, the ballot voting process be eliminated, and the candidates be approved by acclamation.
Results of the 2015 council elections: Elected to the 2015 Congregation Council by unanimous
voice acclamation were adult candidates Dee Lear, Bill Quesenberry, Karla Mergenthal, Judy
Weger, and youth candidate Jordan Whitley.
2014 Budget Proposal: John turned over the floor to Petra Rodzewicz, church treasurer, to
present the proposed 2015 budget, as prepared by the Support Commission and Petra, and
unanimously approved by the Council. Petra reported that for the first time in many years, we are
meeting budget, and she projected that by the end of the year we will exceed budget by an amount
depending on December’s income; and again for the first time in many years, we will not need to
move money from dedicated accounts to balance the year-end budget. She applauded Pastor
Katie’s ministry for our growth in income and attendance. Since each year’s budget is prepared
according to the current year’s actual income, the 2015 budget of $646,800 was accordingly
prepared and increased only minimally over this year’s budget of $645,450. Budget sheets were
available for all to see. She opened the floor to questions. Motion was unanimously approved by
voice vote to approve the proposed 2015 budget.
Pastor’s Report: Pastor Katie thanked everyone for our trust in her and shared her excitement and
conviction that the Spirit is alive and active at Christ the King. We are financially stable and
showing growth. We now face the challenge of reaching out to one of the fastest-growing groups
in our country, which is the spiritual yet unchurched.
President’s Report: John confirmed that we have been in a more harmonious position this year
than in the past, especially with the completion of the process that started in 2012 of calling
Pastor Katie as our pastor without term limit. We are also nearing the end of the arduous and
time-consuming journey to get a pre-school, and he gave special thanks and recognition to Pastor
Katie, Doug Kraft, and Alan Krinzman, who have been instrumental in getting us through the
process. The school will hopefully generate enough income to call additional clergy to give Pastor
Katie some much-needed assistance. He further thanked all present in the congregation for their
involvement in helping to keep our church home such an active place.
There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 12:03 p.m. with the Lord’s Prayer.
Respectfully submitted by Virginia Nugent, Council recording secretary.
Christ The King Lutheran Church
11295 SW 57 Ave.
Miami, FL 33156