February 2015 - Mt. Carmel Baptist Church

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church - THE COURIER
February 2015
A Word from the Pastor
Dear Church Family,
This month marks a major transition
in our children’s ministry. We need
everyone’s prayers and everyone’s help.
For the last year and a half, Eleshia
Scholes has served as interim part-time
minister to children as our personnel
committee has searched for a permanent full-time minister to children/
families. So far, we have not found the
minister God has in mind for us, despite the great efforts of our committee.
The search goes on, but good children’s
ministers are rare, and the competition
from much larger churches is great.
Eventually, we will find the right one
who will meet our needs. But until
then, the work goes on and needs to be
ably done.
We have been blessed to have had
Eleshia. She has done a most able
work. With no real experience in this
field of work, but with a great love for
God, our church, and children/families,
Eleshia has not simply kept things going, but has improved and expanded
our children’s ministry. Church work is
difficult work. All of us are sinners, and
each of us can be difficult at times.
When one considers the condition of
the world, churches, and families at
this time in history, it is amazing we
can still function. Getting parents to
bring their children, enlisting workers
and teachers, scheduling, planning,
executing all of the important activities, programs, and events of our
church, it is at times overwhelming, if
not seemingly impossible. Eleshia has
proved more than up to the challenge,
all without seminary or ministerial experience. Be sure and tell Eleshia how
much you appreciate her and her work!
Now Eleshia (and Josh) are not leaving our church. Presently, they are in
process of adopting a child from China
who will occupy their time and energy
for the foreseeable future. Pray, encourage, and help them in this new experience and challenge. They will continue
to work and be involved at Mt. Carmel, but not to the degree as before.
Until we find our new Minister to
Children, it is up to the members, and
especially the parents and those specifically called to minister to children, to
carry on the ministry without diminishing it.
I am calling a meeting to discuss
these matters on Sunday,
February 8th, following the business
meeting which begins at 6:00pm.
Please plan to attend, if at all possible.
Also for your thoughts and prayers,
I want you to be aware of the work
which needs to be done this year. We
need a coordinator for extended session,
a coordinator for children’s worship
(especially for preschool), a coordinator
for the Egg Hunt, for Fall Fest, and for
VBS. As you can see, the needs are
great and are approaching fast. Will
you help? Our children need it, and we
must do it.
Keep praying,
Sunday, February 22
*12:00pm - All items begin in a Silent Auction
*12:45pm - Items with highest silent auction
totals proceed to Live Auction
1:00pm - Live Auction Begins
Adults: $7
Children (12 & Under): $3
Children (Under 3): Free
Family Maximum: $25
January 25 & February 1, 8 & 15
*Immediately after the second service in the Sanctuary Lobby
*From Debbie Phillips in the church office beginning Monday, January 26.
Come prepared to bid on a variety of
Cakes, Pies, Cupcakes, Brownies & Cookies
*Back in 2015: Cash & Carry desserts
*Please consider bringing multiple non-refrigerated baked goods to the Auction
*All dessert items should be in the Activities Center on
Sunday, February 22 no later than 10:45am
- A friend is someone who laughs with you…
- A friend helps you through the hard times…
- A friend tells you when you’re acting silly…
and may encourage you to stay that way
- A friend cares… about today and tomorrow.
Friend Sunday – March 1, 2015 - is an annual back-tochurch event to give you the tools and encouragement you
need to invite a friend, neighbor, or co-worker to
visit your church.
Sure, it might feel awkward to talk about spiritual things, but your
friendship makes all the difference. Did you know that eight out of
ten people say they’d attend church if a friend invited them? This
might be a great opportunity to take that step and ask a friend to
visit your church and hear about Jesus.
Super bowl
business mtg
Special Meeting
about Children’s
Building &
grounds mtg
Rob, Susan,
Night club
Baily, Jonah, Aubrey
Valentine’s day
Ladies of the church are invited to a
bridal shower for Ashley Oltman on
Saturday, February 21st at 1:00pm.
Matthew 25
Winter jam
auction set-up
Ashley Oltman
Bridal Shower
Egg hunt
Saturday, April 4 - 10:00-11:00am
Basket Auction
Sunday, May 3 - Noon
June 15-19
Ashley is registered at www.AMAZON.com
& REI store in Rookwood Commons.
Hostesses are: Jean Suit, Cathy Barnes, Molly Proudfit,
Kasie Blindauer, and Chelly Dykes
Please RSVP to Jean Suit. [email protected]
Movie Night
City gospel
4th Quarter Business
Meeting will be held on
February 8th at 6:00pm.
Please send your reports in to the office
by February 1st.
They can be emailed to
[email protected]
Mt. Carmel
February 19
Go to
Click on MEDIA tab
Choose “Headphone” icon
on date you prefer
Speaking of Ministry
We have many of you who volunteer
countless hours in ministry at Mt. Carmel. We appreciate you, and we are
thankful to you for your service and
ministry. On March 6th at 6:30pm, we
are going to have a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner in your honor. All who
volunteer in any area of our church are
invited. You must RSVP, so that we
will know how many will be at the
dinner. You are loved and appreciated...and we tell you so!
On Sunday evening, March 8th @
6:00pm, we will have a ministry fair.
There are many opportunities to minister, and we would like for you to find
where God can use you and where you
can best serve Christ with your talents
and gifts. Be sure to come and participate in this year’s ministry fair. You’ll
have fun, and you’ll be blessed!
In His Service,
February is the shortest
month of the year. This time
around, it’s even shorter with
only 28 days to give God our/
your best. But, that is not to
say February is without several
potentially strange, weird and
even amazing days to ‘do
something;’ let’s take a quick
look: thank a mailman,
create a vacuum, eat plum
pudding, love your pet
(Faith!), send a card to a
friend, don’t cry over spilled
milk, make a friend, wear a
white t-shirt (one of my personal favorites,) fly a kite,
blame someone else, get a different name, celebrate gum
drops, do a grouch a favor,
perform random acts of kindness, celebrate chocolate
mints, ride a Ferris wheel, be
humble, celebrate the art of
thinking about the world, eat
tortilla chips, eat pistachio
nuts, attend a carnival, sleep
in public and another one of
my favorites…polar bear day!
Can you imagine what a
month it would be if we/I
If you volunteer in any way,
you are valued! We would like
to show our appreciation by
inviting you to a
Volunteer Appreciation
Dinner on
Friday, March 6th at 6:30pm.
You must RSVP in order
to attend.
Please call the church office @
Sunday, March 8
Find a way to
connect and use your
gifts and talents by
attending our
Ministry Fair!
791-7323 or fill out the form in
Pat Allen
Alice Bergevin
Florence Bond
Janet & Lonnie Burnett
Bernice Farmer
Louise Hansen
Laverne Hartman
Betty Hines
Lou McIntosh
Joyce Osborne
Betty Stambaugh
Wanda Tudor
Galen & Hilda Woodard
Joe Crumpler and family in
the death of Carolyn.
Ryan & Emily Hoverman in
the death of Ryan’s grandmother.
the bulletin.
Gene & Val Zackerman in
the death of Gene’s mother.
Student Ministry
Judy Busby in the death of
her sister-in-law.
actually did these? By now,
you are probably thinking…
he left one out. If that is your
case, you are exactly right.
I intentionally omitted Valentine’s Day because it’s the one
we most often focus on, and
I want to give the others their
fair share. Valentine’s Day is
all about love; and, while human love between a man and
a woman is certainly worth
embracing, in the space remaining, I choose to celebrate
an even better version; God’s
love toward man. According
to Fraser Cain,
there are 1024 number of
stars in our universe
(That’s 1 with 24 zeroes).
The U.S. Census Bureau estimates there are
7,176,023,055 people on the
planet. Though there are so
many stars and so many people, God created you and cares
for you as an individual. Because God so loved the world
He gave His only begotten
Son, that whosoever believes
in Him should not perish, but
have everlasting life. Let us
celebrate God’s love this
February, and every month/
day throughout the year.
In Your Corner,
February Schedule
Renee Donoghue and family
in the death of her father.
Gray & Brenda Gabel in the
death of their daughter-inlaw.
on your
recent baptism!
Katie Harris
February 1 – Life Group &
Super Bowl Party @ 5:45pm
Styles King
February 4, 11, 18, 25 – FUEL
February 8, 15 – Life Group,
Joyful Sound & Grapple
February 20 – Winter Jam /
Depart at 4:00pm
February 21 – Dessert Auction
Set-up @ 10:00am
February 22 – Life Group &
Dessert Auction
Mission Trip to
West Virginia
July 5 - 10, 2015
Transforming Lives Through Christ–centered Relationships
Mt. Carmel Baptist Church
8645 Kenwood Road
Cincinnati, OH 45242
1 Minjee Kim
2 Paul Cooper, Glenn Smith
3 Corinne Mentzer
4 Bobbi Ondreka, Stephen Schradin, Wanda Tudor
5 Neil Art, Fred Feldmann, Ray Lewis,
Gerald Wallace, Autumn Ward
7 Della Holmes, Gene Jones
8 Barrett Brewer, Corey Jones, Madison Sweeney, Tonia Toler
9 Gray Gabel
10 Marsha Thompson
11 Jerry Carter, Lynn Deaton, Miranda Lewis, Meredith Sweeney
12 Sharon Cooper, Matt Proudfit, Jim Weidner
14 Melanie McCoy
15 Greg Hood
16 Michael Bennett, Cyndi Bergevin, Tracy Oltman
17 Hayden Alexander, James Black, Julie Stewart
18 Lora Brock
19 Ed Chamberlin, Alexis King
20 Joe Crumpler, Lafe Miller, Grayson Roberts
21 Jason Brewer
22 Jerry Spradlin
23 Eric Balmer, Mary Harten, Andrew Steele
24 Betsy Schenck
25 Amber Foster, Lucille Reed, Bill Simpson
26 Charae Conn
27 Justin Eaton
28 Joyce Price, Debbie Scott
29 Sandy Dangelo Campbell
February 13
Matthew 25 Ministries
The 3rd Thursday of each month at 10:00am
Contact Julie Cummins
GROW Senior Adults
Greeting Card Ministry
The 4th Monday at 3:00pm
City Gospel Mission
The 4th Saturday of each month at 3:45pm
Carpool from the church lot
Contact Carolyn Apel
Dulcimer Nursing Home Ministry
Every Tuesday evening
Contact Vickey Sasser
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