CCE 2 5 billion

CCE 2 5 billion
lost in education
Business group demands elimination ofirregular workers
The News
The Business Coordi
nation Council CCE demanded the
elimination of40 000 education work
ers that feed offthe government and
finance privileges for political purpos
es Monday
Gerardo Gutierrez Candiani the
council s president demanded that
the educational reform be fully im
plemented According to the council s
estimate the education employee list
includes 300 000 irregular payments
which could cost the government
more than 35 billion pesos S2 5 bil
lion each year
The opportunity and efficiency of
the cuts and other reforms depend on
its timely implementation he said
During the previous weeks it has be
come crudely evident that there are
union groups that have used the ed
ucation budget as their personal bank
account and have used it for purpos
es very different from education and
from the union he said
These groups have taken the ed
Gutierrez Candiani said Mexico
takes the lead in lost classroom hours
with 562 effective hours a year com
pared to 710 hours in the United States
even though N lexico has 20 more days
in its school year
He asked for an end to impunity
and that theft committed by teachers
should not go unpunished Appease
ment of these groups has not helped
to control their actions and has uVeat
ucation of millions of children and
ened the development of the educa
young people hostage This is the root
tional reform
of one of the most noxious forms of
serious because it attacks the future of
We expect a change to have dia
logue but also a decision in the appli
cation oflaws We trust that society will
support this attitude in the challeng
new generations he said
es to come Gutierrez Candiani said
corruption and impunity in Mexico It
affects the public budget but it is more