03_23_15 PwC Seminar - Japanese Chamber of Commerce and

JCCI and PwC LLP Present:
Financial Industry Developments:
About: Please join PwC and JCCI for an hour long session regarding recent developments of Mexican financial reform and its impacts to financial industries in Mexico including foreign entities. The session will outline
the major changes in financial reform and analyze the impacts from regulatory and tax perspectives. Mr.
Eduardo Gomez Alcala, the leader of financial sector regulatory practice in PwC Mexico, will talk about the
reform. Mr. Alejandro Solano Gonzalez, seasoned tax partner specialized in the financial sector, will talk
about the reform from tax perspectives. Mr. Srijit Banerjee who is specialized in growth strategy will talk
about the market opportunity and growth strategies.
About the Speakers:
Blas Montemayor is a Partner in the International Tax Services group with PwC Mexico. He was part of
the International Tax Desk program and was the leader for two years of the US based Mexican tax desk in
the Latin American tax group in NYC at PwC US. Nowadays, he is the leader of the Mexico-Japan Business
Network and is part of the Mexico Automotive Industry Team. He has over 15 years of experience and helps
coordinate projects involving the US, Canada, Japan, European and Mexican firms.
Eduardo Gomez Alcala is the Leader of the Financial Sector Regulatory Practice in PwC Mexico and
forms part of the FS Regulatory network practice of PwC worldwide. He has 14 years of experience working
at the National Banking and Securities Commission of Mexico where he was in charge of the supervision of
all Mexico’s development banks and economic funds plus main commercial banks in the country.
Alejandro Solano Gonzalez is a seasoned tax partner specialized in the financial sector with over 20
years of experience. He’s advised banks, insurance companies, investments funds, leasing companies and
brokerage houses, with most of his time spent working with local and international financial system companies. He has also been involved in different projects such as restructuring of financial groups, evaluation
of the tax regime of different investment products and financing schemes.
Srijit Banerjee is a US partner seconded to PwC Mexico, who is from the Advisory practice. He has
worked internationally with companies for inbound and outbound investments and growth strategy in an
organic or inorganic form. While in Mexico he has been working with a growing number of Japanese companies with similar growth strategies, and prior to that, worked for 2.5 years in India to help Japanese companies, including banks and other financial institutions, to establish and grow their presence there.
Financial Industry Developments: MEXICO
Date & Time: Monday, March 23, 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm ( 4:30pm ~ Networking & Wine)
Location: Nippon Club (145 West 57th Street, New York) 5F Sakura Room
Fees: FREE * This talk will be conducted in English.
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