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O ur company, Shark Sportswear, was founded in
2011 with one aim in mind; utilize the core
geographic strengths different parts of the world
offer in order to create a disruptive force in the
Team Sport Uniform industry.
San Diego
Ningbo, China
With this aim in mind, we set up an efficient
production facility in Tijuana, Mexico. From here,
we service the U.S. market as if we were there,
while reducing fivefold our manufacturing and
operational costs.
At the same time, and acknowledging China’s
World supremacy in the textile industry, we set up
a procurement office in the prosperous city of
Ningbo. From here, we procure, supervise, and
control every aspect of our raw material supply
Most important of all, from our facility in San
Diego, we are able to provide exceptional service
to our customers and partners.
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Rodolfo Gonzales
Lifelong entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in
the textile industry, our founder, Rodolfo Gonzales, has
operated manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Mexico,
Philippines, and China. While living in China for almost
a decade, he created an impressive network of textile
suppliers. This combination of manufacturing and
supply chain management rests at the heart of our
company’s strategic strength.
Amanda Wang
An extremely knowledgeable textile engineer with
decades of experience sourcing, developing, and
supervising textile manufacturing, Amanda is an
indispensable part of our team. From Ningbo, China,
she manages an intricate network of suppliers, QC
staff, and logistic partners.
Jei Huerta
Having occupied every conceivable position inside a
factory, Jei is about the most experienced person on
our team. Knowledgeable of every part of the cut and
sew methods, he oversees sample development,
cutting, sewing & QC.
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GS Consulting Group
After 15 years with Deloitte & Touche, Mr. Oscar Sospa
formed GS Consulting Group, a tax and accounting firm
specializing in every aspect of the intricate Mexican
tax environment.
Sanyo Customs Broker
Operating on both sides of the border, Sanyo Customs
Broker (a division of the Global electronics
powerhouse) is as professional as they come. Well
structured, disciplined, and with an exceptional spirit
of customer service, Sanyo ensures our IN and OUT
shipments cross almost seamlessly.
Innova-tech Consulting
With years of experience consulting multinational
firms at the highest levels, Innova-tech has been an
extraordinary partner helping us navigate through the
complex Mexican import-export license process.
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M ost sport team sublimation uniform companies
suffer from three main weaknesses:
• Cheap technology = Oversupply
• Insufficient economies of scale
• Entrepreneurs spread too thin
Cheap Technology =
Steadily decreasing the price of equipment has
brought in dozens, if not hundreds of companies with
essentially the same product offering. As a result,
pricing pressure has forced existing companies to
reevaluate their pricing structure in order to survive.
What years ago was an extremely profitable business
has now turned into a commodity price driven
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Inefficient Economies of scale
While the concept of manufacturing in Mexico or buying raw
materials in China is not new, most companies lack the size and
knowledge to migrate their supply chain and manufacturing
overseas. As a result, U.S. companies are exposed to wages six to
seven times higher than Mexico, and raw materials (fabric, paper, and
ink) three to four times higher than China.
Spread Too Thin
Most entrepreneurs in this industry are well networked business
people and savvy marketers who, without previous experience, are
suddenly faced with the need to run efficient factories. As a result,
the average entrepreneur spends his or her day managing hundreds
of operational details that distract them from the one thing they
should focus on; GROWING THEIR BUSINESS.
What We Do
We create partnerships with companies suffering from these
weaknesses and take over their entire manufacturing and supply
chain activities. During the course of action, we bring down their
costs 50% - 75%, while allowing them to focus on what they are
really good at; the creative process and growing their business.
Keep reading…….. your business depends on it.
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T he chart below compares and highlights the differences in the expense categories most affected by an operating
sports team uniform sublimation company.
Expense line item
Your Costs
Our Costs
Fabric (Avg cost per yard)
Sublimation paper (Avg cost per sq foot)
Ink (Avg cost per kg)
Labor (Mexico Manufacturing)
Shop floor supervisor (per month)
Sewing machine operator (per month)
Cutting staff (per month)
Graphic designer
Main raw materials (The China effect)
Let’s put this into context and assume an operation that manufactures 1,000 units per month. The expenses would
amount to $18,000 - $30,000 per month; with a cost per unit of $18.00 - $30.00.
On the flip side and incorporating economies of scale, our operation accomplishes a cost per unit that ranges of
$4.50 to $6.00 per unit. This strength in cost allows our partners to compete much more aggressively in the market.
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Our Strengths
• Years of experience sourcing and manufacturing in
China provides us with a competitive advantage
not reachable to most small companies.
• Mexico provides manufacturing and operational
efficiencies that are difficult to match for small
companies in the U.S.
• With a long history operating out of both
countries, we’ve accumulated the knowledge that
permits us to extract the best each country has to
• Knowledge without volume is futile. Our volume
of business allows us to create economies of scale
that make Chinese sourcing and Mexican
manufacturing a possibility that is not easily
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Your Strengths
• Distribution means sales and sales makes this
deal possible. Without a revenue stream, a
partnership starts at zero; a condition that
significantly reduces the probability of success.
• Industry networking is more important if not more
than distribution. Networking sets the foundations
for growth and it is perhaps the single most
important strength we look for in a partner.
• Knowing the buyers’ and sellers’ relative strengths
as well as associations, contributors, etc., sets the
ground for an aggressive strategy. It would take us
years to know what you know about the market
• Again, it is your product specific knowledge which
permits a fast track to the market. Without it, we
would need to engage in a lengthy trial and error
product development process.
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W hile a number of factors affect the formation of a
partnership, there are common denominators that apply to
almost every deal.
Shares of Ownership
An important topic in the formation of a partnership lies in the
distribution of shares of ownership. While the answer varies
depending on the relative strength of our partner, most deals
range within a 60% - 40% spread for either side; most of the
time favoring 50% - 50% deals.
Mechanics & How They Work
Once the partnership is completed, an operating budget is built
under the new entity. This operating budget includes cost of
operation in the U.S., along with salaries for the partners.
Our manufacturing arm, Shark Sportswear Mexico, manufactures
for the new partnership at cost, guaranteeing a target price of
$4.50 - $6.00 per unit.
The new partnership continues to sell at full price. All profits are
accumulated under the new entity. This essentially means all
profits are accumulated under the new partnership based in the
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T his partnership provides a win-win opportunity for you and for Shark Sportswear. If you would like more
information or the opportunity to discuss the prospect of working collaboratively, please contact at:
Shark Sportswear
Rodolfo Gonzalez 2340 Enrico Fermi San Diego Ca, 92154
(619) 758-3802
[email protected]
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