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February 2014
Desire is the key to motivation, But it’s determination
and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your
goal– A commitment to excellence– That will enable
you to attain the success
you seek.
-Mario Andretti
Building Contractors Association
of Otero County
913 Delaware Ave
Cover to Cover:
Contact Info
Feb. 18, 2014Member Luncheon
April 15, 2014Member Luncheon
(Member’s Luncheons will be
every other month)
BCAOC 2014 Board Members and Officers
President: Gerald Matherly, Highlander Construction
President Elect: Catlin Curry, White Sands Construction
Associate Vice President: Rick McCracken, Morrison Supply
Secretary/Treasurer: Lee Ann Bain, Bank’34
Builder’s Trust Representative: Mike Drunzer, Drunzer Construction, Inc.
Builder Directors
Associate Directors:
Harris Blankenship, National Construction, Inc.
Jim French, French Brothers, Inc.
Tommy Messer, Sundance Construction & Development, LLC
Josh Rardin, Rardin's Construction
Dan Hughes, Green Mountain Construction
Rudy Chanez, Foxworth Galbraith Lumber Co.
Jeri Melton, Roy’s Welding
Steve Muell, First National Bank
Advisory Committee:
Allen Gorby, Jack Wayte Construction, Inc.
Mike Espiritu, OCEDC
Doug Nelson, Tool Box, LLC
Randy Rabon, Mesa Verde Enterprises, Inc
The Building Contractors Association of Otero County is a nonprofit voluntary trade association affiliated with the New Mexico Home Builders Association and the National Association of Home Builders. The association
seeks to represent and serve the diversified needs of its members who consist of
large, small volume and custom home builders, developers, and remodelers, as
well as industry-related suppliers, subcontractors, & professionals. As the voice of
the housing industry in Otero County, the association’s primary mission is to
represent those involved in and served by the building industry in our region, and
all those in pursuit of the American Dream. This will be accomplished by spearheading a combined effort of all in -
dustry-related groups in addressing the quality of life in the community. The
Building Contractors Association of Otero County will work to achieve the
following goals:
• Educate our membership, our industry and the public
• Actively participate in legislative & regulatory affairs
• Provide the forums that encourage quality construction and innovative products.
We responsibly serve our community by being the positive influence on the
building industry.
Local Legislative Contact Information
District 1 Jason Baldwin
(575) 921-8533 • [email protected]
District 2 Nadia Sikes
(575) 491-7910 • [email protected]
District 3 Robert Rentschler, Mayor
(575) 446-9140 • [email protected]
District 4 Josh Rardin
(575) 434-0720 • [email protected]
District 5 Al Hernandez
(575) 921-3632 • [email protected]
District 6 James Talbert
(575) 437-5065 [email protected]
District 7 Susie Galea
(575) 518-9308 • [email protected]
District 1 Tommie Herrell • Office: (575) 437-7427
Cell: (575) 430-7186 • [email protected]
District 2 Susan Flores • Office: (575) 437-7427
Cell: (575) 415-5319 • [email protected]
District 3 Ronny Rardin • Office: (575) 437-7427
Cell: (575) 415-7062 • [email protected]
District 40 Senator Bill Burt
(575) 434-1414 • [email protected]
District 51 Representative Yvette Herrell
Cell: (575) 430-2113 • [email protected]
District 34 Senator Ron Griggs
575) 439-1331 [email protected]
Gerald Matherly, President
Office (575) 491-0986
[email protected]
Rick McCracken, Associate Vice President
Office (575) 437-5620
[email protected]
Mike Drunzer, Builders Trust Representative
Office (575) 430-4517
[email protected]
Catlin Curry, President-Elect
Office (575) 437-7816
[email protected]
Lee Ann Bain, Secretary/Treasurer
Office (575) 437-9334
[email protected]
Jake Boles, Past President (2013)
Office (575) 439-8081
[email protected]
A Letter from the President
Well we are one month into the new-year now and already
time is flying by. February will be a busy month. We will
have our first member’s lunch meeting on the 18th at 11:30
at the 19th Hole Grill. The speakers will be the candidates
for mayor, so this should be a very interesting meeting and I
hope everyone will attend.
There is also a 10 hour OSHA training class February 13th &
14th. Hopefully everyone has already received the information to sign up, if not the flyer is included in the newsletter.
We have also shared some changes with you from PNM. If
you have not already received this information it too is included in the newsletter.
We have received good news from the New Mexico Home
Builders Association about a health care plan that Presbyterian has implemented for members of the Building Contractors Association of Otero County as well as anyone who is a
member of a Home Builders Association in New Mexico.
This information will also be included in the newsletter.
We will also be mailing all of the above information to all of
our members. We are still working on our email list and do
not want anyone to miss out on any of this information. If
you know of a member who is not receiving any of our
emails, please have them contact us as soon as possible so we
can make the appropriate corrections. We can’t increase our
membership participation if we can’t contact all of our members.
In closing I just want to thank all of the volunteers who make
this organization run as smoothly as it does each and every
day. You know who you are and I really do appreciate all
your support and help.
Goals for 2014
Increase participation
Grow our organization
When your life depends on fellow
workers . . .
Workers who do hazardous jobs rely on each other for safety. A worker under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs is endangering the safety of
everyone around him—
other workers and the
If that worker is injured
while drunk or stoned, under New Mexico law he is
almost always entitled to
workers’ compensation
benefits, paid for by his
employer. The cost of
those benefits is money
that doesn’t go into expanding the business, creating jobs or improving wages for fellow workers.
We want to send a better message to New Mexico workers. Let’s tell New
Mexico workers that we do not tolerate alcohol or illegal drug use on the
Support HB113 and SB211
Sponsored by Rep. Dennis Roch and Sen. Mark Moores
Drunk or stoned workers endanger themselves and everybody around them. HB113 and
SB211 say New Mexico will no longer tolerate alcohol or illegal drug use at our workplaces.
New Mexico’s current workers’ compensation law:
factor causing the accident. This is almost impossible to prove.
– no reduction in medical benefits – if the
worker’s condition contributed to the accident. However, the language of that provision is so confusing and convoluted that it is very difficult to apply even this limited relief.
to be litigation, which is expensive, time-consuming and frustrating. Employers and insurers know
the law is biased against them, so they often settle these claims, which causes the employer’s insurance costs to increase.
Our courts have asked for clarification:
agraphs relating to drug and alcohol are in conflict with each other and that legislation is needed
to fix that conflict.
As reported by the National Council on Compensation Insurance:
the sixth highest increase in the nation. Premiums are decreasing for 19 states at the same time.
Your tax dollars:
vate sector. These costs are paid by your tax dollars.
was injured. The worker’s blood alcohol level was found to be .12, well above the .08 legal limit
for driving. That worker received 90 percent of the full benefit level, plus complete coverage of
medical costs.
Consider drunk driving:
become increasingly serious about remedying this situation, lawmakers have imposed tighter
standards and stronger penalties. The same logic applies to drugs and alcohol at work. Penalties
are necessary to change behavior.
Sponsored by Rep. Dennis Roch and Sen. Mark Moores
This flyer is sponsored by Builders Trust of New Mexico, Food Industry Self Insurance Fund of New
Mexico, Mechanical Contractors of New Mexico, National Electrical Contractors Association of CNM,
Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. New Mexico Chapter, Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning
Contractors’ Association of New Mexico, New Mexico Petroleum Marketers Association, Associated
General Contractors of New Mexico and New Mexico Home Builders Association.
650 Fairgrounds Rd.
Alamogordo, NM 88310
Fax: 575-443-6640
To All Electrical Contractors:
Just a reminder that all requests for new service or service upgrades will need to go
through the PNM e-request available online at . If you have not
registered as a contractor yet please do so at your earliest convenience. This will assure
that any new request will be sent to the engineering department to check the load on the
transformer and we will be able to proceed with the new service or service upgrade. If you
have any problems, please call me and I will help you get set up.
When you call to schedule a cut-loose or to have a meter pulled for panel work, please
have your permit number ready. According to the state electrical inspector, Mark Nelson, I
cannot schedule to have a service reconnected until I am sure that a permit has been
pulled. If the upgrade is on an active service, we have always tried to reconnect it the same
day, however; if I do not have the permit number this will cause the customer to be without power until one is received.
Thanks for your co-operation. Please call me if there is anything I can help with.
Joyce Wenck
Expediter Sr.
In the former TNMP/ PNM service areas the policy did recently change.
Under the previous policy the builder/electrician was required to excavate the trench and install
a conduit for us. Once approved PNM would install cable and a meter to complete the service to
the home.
The new policy is formulated so that in the case of an underground service to a residence from
an existing transformer or service pedestal PNM is now responsible for providing that service.
There are some caveats; if the distance is more than 100 feet we may charge and additional
fee. This is determined under the Line Extension Policy. Where we calculate the additional cost
in excess of 100’ and the customer is required to make a non-refundable contribution in the determined amount. PNM will not excavate in rock or in frozen ground. The customer would be required to provide the trench in those situations.
In the case where the customer desires to have an underground service from an overhead pole
line the customer is required to provide, own and maintain the entire system from the PNM pole
to the residence. PNM will provide the meter.
In cases where there is no transformer or secondary services available within reasonable reach
the cost will be determined by the Line Extension Policy.
The construction credits advanced under the line extension policy have increased above what was
allowed by the former TNMP. We now also have lot credits to offset the initial cost when a
customer extends past vacant and legally platted lots.
We are working on the logistical aspects of more than one utility in the same trench.
Our policy on overhead services has not changed.
Joseph Beginski
Mgr SNM Engineering PNM
[email protected]
(575) 544-6486
NAHB Applauds Passage of Senate Flood Insurance Bill
WASHINGTON, Jan. 30 - The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) today applauded Senate passage of
the Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act (S. 1926), legislation that would provide relief from soaring
flood insurance premium rates for countless home owners across the nation and contains an amendment by
Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) that is critical to the health of the remodeling industry.
"The bill will resolve some of the costly and unintended consequences of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance
Reform Act, including huge premium spikes and impacts on the sale, construction and remodeling of homes
across the nation," said NAHB Chairman Rick Judson, a home builder from Charlotte, N.C.
The Homeowner Flood Insurance Affordability Act would:
. Delay insurance rate increase for all primary residences until an affordability study is completed.
. Require that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) take into account all local flood control
structures while mapping.
. Allow consumers to appeal FEMA's mapping decisions and to be reimbursed for their appeal expenses.
. Reinstates an exemption in 53 communities nationwide for basements that are built a certain way.
Sen. Blunt's amendment would return the "substantial improvement threshold"
that triggers a higher flood insurance rate to the historic 50 percent level of a structure's fair market value,
which is important for many remodelers across the nation.
When the threshold was lowered to 30 percent under the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act, it acted
as a potential disincentive for home owners to hire remodelers, as even the simplest of remodeling jobs, like
installing new appliances or updating bathrooms or kitchens, could have resulted in many homes reaching the
30 percent threshold and triggering higher premium rates. NAHB estimates that returning the threshold to the
50 percent level could preserve as much as $8.5 billion in annual remodeling economic activity.
"These provisions will help prevent undue hardship in the recovering housing market, help current and future
policyholders keep their premiums affordable, protect home values and make the National Flood Insurance Program more effective," said Judson. "We urge the House to act on a companion bill soon."
Resolving the issue of flood insurance affordability is important to keep the housing recovery on track. NAHB
commends Sens. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.), Mary Landrieu (D-La.), David Vitter (R-La.),
Thad Cochran (R-Miss.), John Hoeven (R-N.D.) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.) for their efforts to pass this bill
through the Senate.
On the Cover…
The beautiful home on the cover of this month’s edition of the newsletter is owned by Shannan & Tami Wright of Alamogordo, NM. Their home is a 4 bedroom with 3-1/2 Baths, approximately 3,250 SF with a 1,250 SF Garage/Game room with a Full Kitchen and Full
Bath, Approximately 1,000 sf. of covered patios. Charlie Price along with Shannan’s wife
Tammi and himself came up with the floor plan. The House is 2’ x 6” wood frame with a
Cut Roof for extra storage space above. All windows and doors are Low E throughout &
provided by Affordable Windows. It’s a 4 car garage with 9’-12 Ceilings throughout, The
Floors are mainly Travertine tile in all the living, Kitchen, Laundry and Baths with 2 rooms
with Hardwood Engineered flooring and carpeted bedrooms. Earthwork by Rodney Blankenship and son Brian. The Plumbing was done by General Hydronics, Inc. The 3 High Efficiency HVAC systems by Southwest Air Systems and the Electrical by Zuni Electric, The
Framing was done by APC Ralph Pena and his Brothers Chris & Joe. The Concrete flatwork
sidewalks and driveways were done by General Hydronics, Inc and Building Slab by Casillas Concrete, Insulation work consists of R-38 Ceilings and R-19 walls with all interior
walls insulated for Sound and Privacy by Gale Insulation,Drywall and Hand Texture was
done by Southwest Drywall, All Tile and Backsplash work was done by General Hydronics,
Inc, Cabinets and Trim and Doors and all Hardware by Plumb Homes, Special Systems:
Sound Security and Vacuum were done by ESA Jason Gonzalez and crew. Painting was
done by Steve Gomez and crew, Stucco by Louis Guillen, Rock Veneer Exterior by Stone
Crafters, Landscaping by Troy Wright and Crew from General Hydronics, Inc and Leo Ruiz
and crew from J&L Landscaping, Painted Columns by Janet Price and Mary Barber. Shingles by James Sears Construction and Installed by General Hydronics, Inc. Masonry Fences
and Block Walls along with Rain Gutters by LaFevre Masonry. Custom Range hood by
Dusty Wright. 85% of the work was performed by local Contractors and Building Suppliers!
10 Hour OSHA Training
5931 Office Blvd NE - Suite #3
Albuquerque, NM 87109
505-345-3477 or 1-800-640-3369
Sponsored By Your Building Contractors Association of Otero County In
Conjunction With Builders Trust Of
New Mexico
Presented by: Builders Trust of New Mexico
Instructor: Bob Kelley — Field Safety Manager
When: February 13th & 14th, 2014
Time: 13th 8:00am—2:00pm
14th 8:00am—2:00pm
Where: First National Bank Atrium
Location: 414 Tenth Street
Alamogordo, NM
Cost: Builders Trust Participants - $30.00
HBA Members - $60.00
Non-HBA Members - $120.00
This 10 hour OSHA class for the construction industry provides information about worker rights, employer responsibilities, as well as,
providing basic awareness training on the recognition, avoidance, abatement and prevention of work place hazards. Individuals attending this course will be issued a valid OSHA 10 Hour Card.
Builders Trust Of New Mexico
Call Builders Trust to reserve a spot today!
Space is limited.
Ph: 505-345-3477 or 575-437-2066
Stewart Construction
Desert Canyon Construction
BAM Custom Sheet Metal
B & T Glass, Inc.
Stefan Lynch Construction
Real Estate Report for January 2014
Ginna Sanders, Broker, Alamogordo Realty Inc.
Residential Properties
Commercial Properties
Under Con-
Under Contract……………..4
Under Contract…..……..86
Number sold ……..……….27
Avg sold price…….$144,746
Med sold price….…$114,900
Avg days on market…....129
575-434-0800 • 800-530-4567
(Based on information from the Otero County Association of REALTORS®, Inc. Multiple Listing Service)