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St. Francis
Catholic Church
1537 Rogers Avenue Lancaster, TX 75134
Phone: 972-227-4124 Fax: 972-227-2882
Weekend Mass Schedule
5:00 PM
7:00 PM
8:00 AM
10:00 AM
12:15 PM
Daily Mass Schedule
Communion Service @ 8:00 AM
6:30 PM
Tues, Thurs, & Fri
8:00 AM
HOLY DAYS—Call office for Mass times.
Visitors: We happily welcome you to St. Francis! To register please stop by the office. Visitantes: ¡San
Francisco les da coordialmente la bienvenida! Para registrase en la parroquia, visite nuestra oficina parroquial.
Reconciliation: Saturday: 3:30-4:30 PM and Wednesday 5-6 PM or by appointment. Confesiones: Sabados de 3:30
pm a 4:30 pm, miercoles 5:00 pm a 6:00 pm o por medio de una cita.
Weddings: Must contact the Pastor six months prior to desired date. Preparation classes are required before
the marriage. Contact office for regulations and any rental information. Bodas: Llamar a la oficina seis meses antes
para fijar la fecha. Se requieren clases de preparacion. Llamar para los requisites o alquilar el Salon Parroquial.
Baptisms: First & Third Saturday in English at 11 am. Registered member six months prior to scheduling
baptismal date. Parents and Godparents must attend preparation class. Godparents if married, must be according to
the laws of the Catholic Church. Baptismal Class second Saturday of the month in January, March, May, July,
September & November @ 10:00 AM. Bautismos: Primer y tercer sábado en inglés a las 11 am; Segundo y
cuarto sabado en espanol a las 11 am. Registrado como miembro de la Parroquia seis meses antes de planificar fecha
de Bautismo. Padres y padrinos tienen que asistir a clase de preparacion. Padrinos, si con casados, tiene que ser de
acuerdo a las leyes de la Iglesia Catolica. Las clases pre-bautismales son el Segundo sabado de cada mes en enero,
marzo, mayo, julio, septiembre y noviembre a las 10:00 am.
Masses For the Week
5:00 pm
7:00 pm
8:00 am
10:00 am
12:15 pm
8:00 am
8:00 am
6:30 pm
8:00 am
8:00 am
†Frank Lacik, offered by Fred & Mary Neu
†Leonardo Montes, offered by Families Nava & Rico
†In Memory of †Dee Cotton, offered by Lector Ministry
†Mary Grmela, offered by Georgia & Jerry Soukup
For the People
†Maria Yolanda Gonzalez, offered by Fam. Flores
†Maria Alvarado, †Sebastian Berumen offered by Rafael Berumen, Sr.
†Leonardo Montes, offered by Families Nava & Rico
Communion Service
For Health and Healing of those who are ill
For Peace in the Middle East
For the unborn
For Health and healing of all parishioners
Weekly need for
Operational expenses $8400
Sunday Offering
9:00 am
10:00 am
2:00 pm
7:00 pm
9:00 am
7:00 pm
7:00 pm
7:00 pm
10:30 am
7:30 pm
10:00 am
11:00 am
2:00 pm
5th Sunday of Easter—May 3, 2015
RE Class-CL
1st Communion at Mass
Jóvenes Instrumentos-CL
Altar Server training-CH
Knights of Columbus--PH
Walking in Faith-CL
Staff meeting
Pastoral Council
Sun Span Choir-CH
Last Wed RE Class-CL
English Choir-CH
RICA/RCIAGroup fellowship-PH
Ch. Spanish Choir-CH
Food Pantry-PH
Renovación Parroquial-PH
Sat Span Choir-CH
E & S Baptismal Classes
Quinceneara Classes
Spanish Baptisms
Sp.1st Communion Mass
Breakf ast Schedule
May 3, 2015—Knights of Columbus
May 10, 2015—No Breakfast-Mother’s Day
May 17, 2015—CRHP
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Readings for the Week of May 3, 2015
Acts 9:26-31/1 Jn 3:18-24/Jn 15:1-8
Acts 14:5-18/Jn 14:21-26
Acts 14:19-28/Jn 14:27-31a
Acts 15:1-6/Jn 15:1-8
Acts 15:7-21/Jn 15:9-11
Acts 15:22-31/Jn 15:12-17
Acts 16:1-10/Jn 15:18-21
Next Sunday:
Acts 10:25-26, 34-35, 44-48/1 Jn 4:710/Jn 15:9-17
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May 3, 2015—St. Vincent de Paul
May 10, 2015—Building Fund
May 17, 2015—Catholic Comm. Camp.
Eternal rest grant unto him, O
Lord; and let perpetual light
shine upon him.
†Overlin Esparza,
Husband of blanche Esparza
May he rest in peace.
A reminder for all current altar servers and those of
you who want to join this ministry, a training on
Monday, May 4, 2015 at 7:00 pm.
Baptismal classes are offered in English &
Spanish in Parish center on Saturday, May 9 at 10 am.
If more information is needed please call the office at
972-227-4124. For the Baptismal classes you will
need to pre-register.
Also on Saturday, May 9 in a classroom will be
Quinceañera classes. These will be from 10 am to 2
pm, free of charge. Each person attending is asked to
bring bottled water and a light snack for break time.
Altar Servers
5:00 PM
7:00 PM
Aryel C, Alexa C
Brian T, Jordan
Sajel P, Aryel C
Brian T, Jordan
Alex V, Luis V
Brian T, Jordan
Sajel P, Aryel C
Brian T, Jordan
5:00 PM
7:00 PM
Paul F
Veronica L
Sherry G.
Alfonso R
Ben R.
Juanita B
Sara G.
Silvia Q
5:00 PM
7:00 PM-SP
Ben R.
A Castorena, Silvia Q
Joe T, Louise V
Louise V, Joe T
Jim G, Paul F
8:00 AM
10:00 AM
12:15 PM
Victoria F, Evan R
Isabelle K, Faith C
Carolina S, Josue
Jose R, Victoria U
Isabel G, Andrew T
Pablo R, Emily
Carlos R, Victoria F
Joanna & Lillian H
Adriana P, Roxanna
Evan R, Jose R
Andrew T, Isabelle K
Josue, Pablo R
8:00 AM
10:00 AM
12:15 PM
Sara R
Wendy A
Lucy H
Jerry S
Mary L
Josefina B
Rowland U
Teresa H
Alfonso R
Sara R
Wendy A
Federico T
8:00 AM
10:00 AM
12:15 PM-SP
Jerry S
Rodney & Irene C
Beatriz P, Iris C
Rowland U
Pauline H & Carol A
Federico T, Adolfo R
Sara R
Mary L & Pauline H
Estela A, Silvia V
Jerry S
Teresa H & Jim M
Venancia N, Guadalupe L
Salomon B, Patricia T
Veronica R, Maria P
Herlinda T, Domingo C
Extraordinary Ministers of Communion
May 2 @ 5:00pm
May 2 @ 7 pm
May 3 @ 8:00 am
May 3 @ 10:00 am
May 3 @ 12:15 pm
Pat A-c, Mary B, Deacon
Rafael B, Ernesto F, Jose R,
Adela B
Arnolfo E-c, Andy M,
Maria E-c, Priscilla G, Gaye H, Pauline H,
Mary L, Cathy H, Brenda H, Jackie M
Venancia N, Lupe R, Moises & Rocio R,
Adolfo & Angela R, Octavio R, Josefina B
May 9 @ 5 pm
May 9 @ 7 pm
May 10 @ 8 am
May 10 @ 10 am
May 10 @ 12:15 pm
Cathy C, Paul F, Deacon
Maxi P, Maria P, Jose &
Lupita M
Sara & Cliff R-c,
May 16 @ 5 pm
May 16 @ 7 pm
May 17 @ 8 am
Sherry G, Virginia G, Deacon
Jim M-c, Auibola O, Cassie P, Pauline & Al- Barbara C, Hipolito & Iris C, Lucy H, Silvia
fred S, Teresa W, Wendy A, Tom A, Deacon
V, Ofelia V, Ana C, Doroteo C
May 17 @ 10 am
May 17 @ 12:15 pm
Ernesto F, Jose R, Adela B, Zolange B-c, Richard B, Cora C-c, Irene C, Maria E, Pricilla G, Gaye H,
Lupe R, Moises R, Rocio R, Adolfo R.
Angela R, Octavio R, Josefina B, Venancia
Rafael B
Pauline H, Mary L, Brenda H, Deacon
May 23 @ 5 pm
May 23 @ 7 pm
May 24 @ 8 am
Robin T, Mary B, Deacon
Maria P, Jose M, Lupita M,
Maxi P
Yolanda D, Jerry D,
May 24 @ 10 am
May 24 @ 12:15 pm
Cathy H-c, Jackie M, Jim M, Ajibola O, Cassie Hipolito & Iris C, Lucy H, Silvia V, Ofelia V,
P, Pauline & Alfred S,Teresa W, Deacon
Ana C, Doroteo C, Barbara C
Please keep the sick members of our Parish family in your prayers: Mary Clark, Mariela Ortiz, Irma Avila, Casey McDaniel, Bill
Chalko, Bill Mayo, Angel Benson, Christian A. Garcia, Al Aldinger, Eliseo Martinez, Monica Smith, Maria T. Garza, Esther
Ramirez, Frank Reyes, Tom & Marge Hardy, Richard Brumley, Josefina Aguero, Hattie Brown, Ester Estremos, Mary Bradley,
Barbara Clark, Miguel Quiñonez, Richard Salas, Mark Seidemann, Bennie Kennedy, Carolyn Gangluff, Enemencio Jaso, Mary
Sparkman, Simona Garza, and all those who are not listed and still are in need of our prayers. If you have a person to add on
this prayer list, please call the office at 972-227-4124. You can also write the names of your sick loved ones in the notebook on
the stand in the Narthex. These and all names above are being prayed for, and the bulletin is updated weekly.
Lancaster, TX
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Thanks to:
Youth Ministry is alive once again at St. Francis.
Our Youth who have stepped forward to rebuild our Youth Group.
Our Volunteers for giving their time to support our Youth in various activities.
Our Parishioners for providing continuous donations and prayer support.
Upcoming Events:
VBS: June 22nd – 26th
Only have space for 45 kids
Registration Dates: 4/18/15 – 5/3/15
Students completing grades K – 6 as of June 2015
Registration Fee is $10
DCYC (Youth Conference) -Arise : July 31st – Aug 2nd
Registration during weekly Youth Group Meetings
Students entering grades 9-12 for the 2015/2016 school year are eligible to attend.
Identifying fund raisers to assist with the cost for this 3 day event.
Youth Group Meetings:
Wednesdays @ 7:00 PM in Parish Hall
High School Youth Grades 9th – 12th
Youth Ministry cannot succeed without the help of the entire Parish. As Baptized Catholics in Christ, we are called
to be Priest, Prophet and King. Our Youth needs all of us to help guide them in the teachings of our faith. Our
Youth are the future of our Parish, who better to guide them into adulthood based upon our faith than us.
Sunday TV Mass for the homebound has moved to
KTXD channel 47 at 7:00 a.m. Please shar e the new
time and channel information with friends or family members who are unable to get to church because of age, illness,
or other struggles. Visit
Cable and Satellite Channels
AT&T channel 47
DirecTV channel 47
Dish TV channel 47
Charter channel 22 / 746 HD
Time Warner channel 24 / 429 HD
Verizon channel 18 / 518 HD
Did you miss picking up a bulletin at Mass this
weekend? If you have access to a computer, visit, and click on “Browse local
churches.” St. Francis of Assisi can be found by
clicking next several times and from there you are directed to the bulletins, view the profile and even visit
the website. By downloading the bulletin you can click
on the links for the all the advertisers on the back page.
The Collection for the Catholic Communication Campaign
helps spread the Gospel through Catholic social media
activities and deepens the faith of millions around the world
through podcasts, television, radio, and print media. The CCC
is how we share our experience of faith, worship, and witness.
Please be generous in this collection and support this
important work. Remember that half of your donation will
stay in the Diocese of Dallas to support local
communication ministries including the diocese’ website,
social media and social media training for parishes.
4 | St. Francis
Registration is now open for Summer Programs at Cistercian
Preparatory School. Summer, Prep, and Sport camps are
available June 8 – July 3 for boys entering grades 3 to 12.
Cistercian Preparatory School has been forming boys academically, spiritually, and athletically for over 50 years
relying on one thousand years of Cistercian tradition. This
focus on the full human development of our boys does not
change for our Summer Programs which are staffed by our
regular faculty and coaches with help from our own alumni.
Check out our website at for a full
schedule of offerings and to register.
Contact us with questions [email protected]
For many non-churchgoers,
Easter ended weeks ago. But
the Easter season remains with
us throughout the weeks until
we celebrate the birthday of the
church at Pentecost. We have
an opportunity for Easter reflection and celebration for several
Sundays, so if you feel Easter passed you by, fear not.
Jesus tells us in John's Gospel this Sunday that he is the
vine and we are the branches. We gain nourishment from
the vine, and by staying firm and strong, we bear much
fruit. Whereas Lent was a time of preparation for the Easter
mysteries, this season of Easter is a time to offer the spiritual fruits resulting from our prayer, fasting, and penance. Of
course, the nourishment that sustained us in Lent continues
into Easter and throughout the year.
Don't give up on Easter too soon. Stay connected to the vine
and all the other branches that grow from it. They are fellow Christians trying to testify to the kingdom of God by
their lives. Allow yourself to get caught up in the celebration of the risen Lord. Be nourished and grow into the wonderful creation God has made.
Dear St. Francis Family,
Over the centuries a favorite image of
Jesus has been that of the Good Shepherd,
which we reflected last weekend’s gospel. As
a Good Shepherd, He is a responsible caretaker of the welfare of His flock, His people the
Church. He started with the little flock, His
disciples, whom He formed, lived with and
eventually commissioned them to take care of His flock. He
continued His appearances to them especially when they abandoned Him, yet He did not give up on them instead challenged
them to continue His mission of Shepherding.
Now, this weekend, He continues to tell His disciples
and us His new generation followers to “remain in Him”
because only through Him, in Him and with Him that we
can do the process of evangelization.
Jesus compared us to a branch and He is the vine. A
branch can bear fruit only if it receives nourishment from
the vine. Detached from it, it is bound to die.
Let us always bear in mind that whatever ministry or
religious organizations we are in, must draw strength and
inspirations from the Lord who serves as the vine and we
the branches which the vineyard owner is expecting some
fruitful services for the good of His Church. May God continue to guide and remain us as we try our best to serve Him
in so many ways we can. Amen.
Fr. Manny S.
Querida familia de San Francisco:
A lo largo de los siglos, una de las imágenes favoritas
de Jesús ha sido la del Buen Pastor, que fue el Evangelio
sobre el que reflexionamos el fin de semana pasado. Como
Buen Pastor, Jesús es un cuidador responsable del bienestar
de su rebaño, su pueblo la Iglesia. Empezó con un rebaño
pequeño, sus discípulos, que Jesús formó, vivió con ellos y
finalmente les encargó el cuidado de su rebaño. Jesús continúo apareciéndoseles a los discípulos aun cuando ellos lo
abandonaron y sin embargo así Jesús no se rindió, al contrario, Él los retó para continuar su misión de pastorear.
Ahora este fin de semana, Jesús continúa diciendo a sus
discípulos y a nosotros sus nuevos seguidores de esta generación a “permanecer en Él” porque sólo a través de Él, en Él y
con Él es que podemos hacer el proceso de evangelización.
Jesús nos compara con una rama y Él es la vid. Una
rama puede dar fruto solo si recibe nutrición de la vid. Si la
rama se desprende de la vid, está condenada a morir.
Tengamos siempre en cuenta que en cualquier ministerio u organizaciones religiosas que pertenezcamos, debemos
sacar las fuerzas e inspiraciones del Señor que sirve como
la vid y nosotros las ramas que el dueño de la Viña está esperando algunos servicios fructíferos para el bien de su
Iglesia. Que Dios siga guiando y permanezca en nosotros al
dar nuestro mejor esfuerzo para servirlo de tantas maneras
que nos sea posible. Amén.
Padre Manny S.
Please make not of important dates for
Religious Education Classes:
The last Wednesday class for the 2014-2015 RE year is
Wednesday, May 6th.
There will be NO Sunday class on Sunday, May 10th,
Mother’s Day. All of our Sunday volunteer s, who ar e
also mothers serving other families, can enjoy this day with
their own families.
The last Sunday class for the 2014-2015 RE year is Sunday,
May 17th.
There are many accomplishments of the year to celebrate
including fifty eight newly confirmed RE students and ninety three First Communions. Volunteer catechists devoted to
teaching and passing on the faith to a new generation have
made all this possible. May you be rewarded for your service to His Church!
A Call for Volunteers: The Religious Education Program is
dependent upon dedicated and caring volunteers to continue
serving the young people of our parish. Many volunteers are
also parents with children in our program. The most important
requirement is a desire to pass on the knowledge and love of
our Catholic faith upon which students can build and strengthen their relationship with God. There are many course offerings in our diocese to empower everyone to pass on their faith
to the next generation. All people who wish to work with children and/or vulnerable adults must comply with the Safe Environment policy of the Diocese of Dallas. Volunteers must
complete a screening form and criminal background check.
Screening forms may be completed online at http:// or through a direct link on our
website, All RE classes for children are offered in English as most of the children in the RE
program are fluent in English. Volunteers should be able to
teach in English. Bilingual materials are available in all the
books used in the RE program. If you are interested in beginning or returning as a teacher or aid in our RE classes, please
contact Sherry Granello at 972-227-0770 or [email protected].
RE 2015-2016: All RE classes for next year are full at
this time. If you wanted to enr oll a son or daughter and
you have not been able to, you may call the RE Office beginning October 1st to see if there is room in the grade you
need. Sometimes registered students do not show up. If a
registered student does not show up for three weeks, then
that student is dropped and additional students may be added. Additional classes may be formed if new volunteers are
available to teach beginning in September.
Please remember, it is required that families wishing to
enroll children in the RE Program must be registered members of St. Francis of Assisi parish. Keep reading the bulletin for updates.
Lancaster, TX