April 5, 2015 - St. Norbert Catholic Church

April 5, 2015 | Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord
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Rev. Patrick Rudolph, Pastor
Rev. Agus n Escobar, Parochial Vicar
Rev. John Duy Nguyen, Parochial Vicar
Rev. Antonio Zapata, In Residence
Deacon Dave Blake
Deacon Joseph Esparza
Deacon Juan Espinoza
Sunday: 7:30 a.m., 9 a.m., 10:30 a.m.,
12 noon, 2 p.m. (Spanish), 5:30 p.m.
and 7 p.m. (Spanish)
Monday - Friday: 6:15 a.m. and 8:30 a.m.
Wednesday: 7 p.m. (Spanish)
Saturday: 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m.
(Sunday Vigil)
Holy Days of Obliga on: as announced
Al Agus n, Chris an Service
Irene Ahedo, Office Manager
Joseph Ciccoianni, Principal, St. Norbert
Catholic School
Charlene Dumitru, Adult Faith Forma on
John Erhard, Music Ministry
Carmen Estrada, Hispanic Ministry
Janine Kilgore, Liturgical Ministries
Kirsten King, Youth Faith Forma on &
Confirma on
Maria Mar nez, Business Manager
Robin Mayes, School of Religious Educa on
Saturday: 3:30 to 4:45 p.m.
First Friday of each month: 9:30 a.m.
to 10:30 a.m.
Monday - Friday: 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Saturday: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Sunday: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
First Friday of each month beginning at 9 a.m.
and concluding at 8 a.m. on Saturday with
Benedic on.
Please call the Parish Office for informa on
and to schedule Bap sm Prepara on.
Programs are available in English or in Spanish.
Please call the Parish Office for informa on.
Six months advance no ce is required.
Marriage Prepara on is available in English or
in Spanish.
Kindly call the Parish Office to make
At the me of death, kindly call the Parish
Office for assistance in making arrangements.
St. Norbert Parish is a dynamic community of disciples of Jesus Christ striving
to continue His ministries of prayer, love and service.
Reflecting on God’s Word
Easter Sunday
My friend the storyteller Bob Wilhelm
shared an "ar ul" varia on on the story
of the choice of Ma hias. Both Ma hias
and Barsabbas were ar sts, so St. Peter
decided on a contest. He divided the
upper room where the community
gathered for worship with a curtain,
giving half to each man to decorate as he
saw fit. The community would declare the
winner and Judas' successor.
Barsabbas, a painter, sent for his brushes
and a rich assortment of paints. All week
long he painted lovely scenes of Jesus
preaching, teaching, healing, cas ng out
demons. His brush captured the parables,
illumina ng them. Ma hias, a stonecu er
and polisher, also toiled all week behind
his curtain. People could hear only his
humming and so singing.
The day came and the people entered
Barsabbas' half of the church. They broke
into applause at his ar stry. The uses of
color were magnificent. They found
themselves depicted in his pain ngs. They
were delighted. Peter became worried.
How could Ma hias' work possibly
compete with this? But he went over to
the curtain and turned it back.
Silence filled the room as people turned
to see what Ma hias had done. His work
had been to polish the stone walls of the
chapel's other half, allowing people to see
themselves as never before. The walls
shone like mirrors and every person was
given a sense of the beauty of Christ
shining within them, a glimpse of the
divine spark each one carried within. And
so Ma hias was chosen to replace Judas.
He had revealed Christ by revealing
Christ's followers to themselves.
—James A. Wallace, C.Ss.R.
Copyright (c) 2014, World Library Publica ons.
All rights reserved.
I am the resurrection and the life, says the Lord;
whoever believes in me will never die.
We rejoice in the victory of Jesus Christ over death:
by rising from the tomb to new life he gives us new hope and promise.
It is Christ who enlightens our hearts and homes with his love.
It is Christ, risen from the dead, who is our source of hope, joy and comfort.
May our Risen Lord fill your home with light and love.
Fr. Pat Rudolph
Fr. Agus n Escobar
Fr. John D. Nguyen
Fr. Antonio Zapata
Deacons Joe Esparza, Juan Espinoza and Dave Blake
The St. Norbert Parish Staff
Support Catholic Education at the
Taste of St. Norbert!
Mark your calendars for the Taste of St. Norbert—our annual
auc on fundraiser that features an extensive silent auc on,
exci ng live auc on and opportunity drawings. The event will be
held on the school campus and in the Family & Youth Center Gym on Saturday, May 2.
Dinner and beverages will be provided by a host of vendors, all of whom are part of the St.
Norbert family! We'll enjoy tas ngs from Wise Guys Pizzeria, Jay's Catering, Colleary's
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April Christian Service Food Collection
This month we’re collec ng cans of Progresso soups with meat (vegetable
beef, chicken noodle, etc.). Kindly leave your donations in the Ministry Center
any time during the month. Thank you for your continued assistance in helping
us feed those who are hungry.
Weekly Parish Offering
Thank you for your con nuing support of St. Norbert Parish. For the fiscal year July 1,
2014, to June 30, 2015, our parish budget calls for $27,900 to be donated weekly at the
Sunday collec on. The collec on for Sunday, March 22, was $26,500.66. The collec on
for Sunday, March 29, will be reported next week. These collec ons are not only for
opera ng expenses each week, but also for any ongoing repair work, upgrades, etc. to our
parish facility. Your regular dona ons are needed for the good of St. Norbert Parish and
the spread of the Gospel.
Parish Life
Learn About St. Norbert
Catholic School
Are you interested in learning more about
our parish school? Each Thursday through
the end of the school year, our principal Mr.
Joe Ciccoianni will be available from 3:15
p.m. to 4:15 p.m. to show you around the school campus and
answer ques ons about enrolling your child(ren). We hope to see
many new faces and look forward to mee ng our future SNCS
families! For more informa on about our school, visit
www.saintnorbertschool.org or call us at (714) 637-6822. Please
note: We will not be open for visits on May 28.
Vacation Bible School 2015
Vacation Bible School will be held June 2226 here at St. Norbert. Registration and
volunteer sign-ups will begin at our Kickoff
Weekend which will be held April 18-19.
Be sure to stop by the Ministry Center
after any Mass that weekend to learn more about this exciting week
of faith & fun for the whole family! Please contact Amy Glenane at
(714) 974-8781 or [email protected] for more information. You
can also "like" us on Facebook to receive updates, reminders and
other important info: www.facebook.com/snvbs
Sewing Circle Ministry
Do you like to sew, quilt, knit or crochet? We
would love to have you join our Sewing Circle.
Come share your ideas and skills, or learn a new
technique at our meeting this Wednesday, April 8,
at 7 p.m. in the Ministry Center. Our loving hands
craft unique, handmade items for Christian Service Ministry
boutiques and parties. For more information please call Ellen
Riopel at (714) 750-9039.
Assisted Suicide Legislation
Let your voice be heard! SB 128, the “assisted suicide” bill, is
currently under consideration by California lawmakers. Doctorprescribed suicide endangers the disabled, seniors and other
vulnerable groups. Tell your elected officials to vote “NO” on SB 128.
Go to the California Catholic Conference website:
www.cacatholic.org Click on the Take Ac on! bu on under Urge
a “No” Vote on Assisted Suicide, fill in the informa on requested,
click Submit, review the e-mail (you can make simple addi ons),
and then confirm Submit.
While you are on the California Catholic Conference website,
consider joining the Catholic Legisla ve Network. This is a very
good way to stay informed about legisla on pertaining to Catholic
Thank you for your dedica on to taking ac on suppor ng Catholic
teaching of the sanc ty of life from concep on to natural death.
Divine Mercy Novena & Divine
Mercy Sunday
In prepara on for the Feast of Divine Mercy, we
will be praying the Novena and Chaplet for nine
consecu ve days, beginning on Good Friday,
April 3 through April 11. The Novena and
Chaplet will be said privately on Easter Sunday.
Please join us in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel each day a er the
8:30 a.m. Morning Prayer or Mass for this beau ful devo on. Let
us ask God for guidance and mercy as we walk through these
difficult mes together.
We will celebrate Divine Mercy Sunday at the 12 noon Mass on
April 12. There will be an opportunity for venera on of the
Divine Mercy image and a first class relic of St. Faus na during the
singing of the Divine Mercy Chaplet or a er Mass. Saint Pope John
Paul II granted a plenary indulgence to the faithful, under the
usual condi ons, with par cipa on in the Feast of Divine Mercy.
Theft & Vandalism
Church parking lots are an easy target for thieves. Please be
especially careful this Easter Sunday. We ask that you observe
these simple precau ons:
 Lock your vehicle.
 Do not leave anything in plain sight that you would not want
taken or would tempt a thief to break a window to gain entry
(such as money, GPS systems, cell phones, packages, purses, etc.).
 Keep an eye out for suspicious activity and contact the parish
 Watch out for one another.
Support Group for
Divorced & Separated
St. Norbert Church will host a 13-week
program to support our brothers and
sisters through the emo onal pain of
divorce and separa on. Key challenges and unique family
dynamics as a result of this unexpected journey will be addressed
in a safe environment to share concerns and reconnect with
understanding and a new hope. Open yourself up to experience
healing and allow Jesus to restore your faith and renew your
journey. We will meet on Friday evenings beginning April 10, from
7 to 8:30 pm. In the Family & youth Center Youth Room (upstairs).
Dona on is $35 to register at any me Call Kelly Klaus for
addi onal informa on or registra on at (949) 292-7281, or you
may register of the first day of the group.
The Ministry Center Office will be
closed on Easter Monday, April 6.
Youth & Teen Ministries
School of Religious Education
Youth Ministry & Confirmation
He is risen indeed Alleluia!!!
Easter Blessings to you all, rejoice in the Lord.
Serving Junior High through College-Age Young Adults
Easter Break
Our final C1 event will be on Monday, April 13, from 6-8 at church.
It will be a potluck BBQ celebra on so keep an eye out in the mail
for what to bring!
There will be no SRE Classes this week for Spring Break. Classes
will resume on Sunday, April 12, Monday, April 13, and Tuesday,
April 14.
The SRE Pre-K and Kindergarten children will sing at the 9 a.m.
Mass next Sunday, April 12.
First Communion
There will be a MANDATORY First Eucharist
Rehearsal for the SRE children in the church
on Thursday, April 16, at 6 p.m. sharp. At least
one parent must be in a endance. This is for
SRE families only.
The First Communion Mass for the SRE students will take place on
Saturday, April 25, at 12 noon. Please contact Robin Mayes in
the SRE office at (714) 998-1070 with any ques ons.
Catechists Needed
Catechists are always needed for the SRE English Faith Forma on
classes. Consider saying “yes” to the call and sharing your Faith
story with our children for classes beginning in the fall. Can you
give one hour of your me one day a week for approximately six
months? You do not need to be a professional teacher. Training
will be offered over the summer. You simply need to love Jesus
and help the children on their faith forma on journey. Together in
Jesus we can make a difference! Please call Robin Mayes at (714)
998-1070 for more informa on.
St. Norbert Catholic School
Can You Help Us?
We are s ll in need of fabulous items for the May 2 Taste of St.
Norbert silent auc on. Popular items donated in the past include
a trip to Las Vegas, landscaping services, beach getaway, Coach
bags, diamond jewelry. Ask your favorite vendors for a dona on—
it’s tax deduc ble! Ques ons? Call Pa y Bornhop at (714) 6376822 x204.
Confirmation 1
Confirmation 2
C2 Teen/Sponsor Confirma on
Rehearsal: Sunday, April 12, at 3
p.m. in the church. Please make sure
you let your sponsor know they need
to a end with you!
C2 Reconcilia on Evening: Tuesday,
April 14, at 7 p.m. in the church. All
C2 teens must a end our
Reconcilia on Service.
Junior High Ministry
We’re off for a few weeks…enjoy your Easter Break!
Service Opportunities
All teen volunteers must sign-up in advance with Helen via e-mail
at [email protected]
 Chris an Service Food Distribu on: Saturdays
Shi s are available from 8 to 11 a.m. OR 10:30 a.m. to 1:30
p.m. Join us to help our Chris an Service Ministry serve our
community. Please e-mail Helen to sign up for April Chris an
Service Opportuni es.
New Hope Crisis Counseling Center
Telephone Hotline & Online Counseling
A faith-based response—24 Hours a day/ 7 Days a Week
Trained crisis workers provide peer counseling to people who
are struggling to cope with day-to-day life.
(714) New Hope (Hotline) / www.newhopenow.org (Online)
Our services are free and open to all.
Faith Formation & Enrichment
Words of Faith
Congratula ons to our Neophytes who were Bap zed,
Confirmed and received Holy Communion at the Easter Vigil, and
to those who were received into Full Communion with the
Catholic Church. We welcome you as new members of our faith
One more message from our
Neophytes. Mony Sambeth
was bap zed Saturday
evening at the Easter Vigil.
This is what he was thinking
just before that event.
RCIA sessions resume on Thursday, April 16. Our newly bap zed
will be talking about the Resurrec on of Jesus and what that
means to them. The following week they will be reviewing the
parts of the Mass with Pete Moriarty. Our growing group of
Inquirers will con nue reflec ng on their own faith stories, and
learning about the weekly Scripture readings.
Anyone desiring to become a Catholic is welcome to begin the
Inquiry Process on Thursday evenings at 7:30. In order to be
received into the Catholic Church by Easter 2016, it is necessary to
begin the process during the Easter Season this year.
Two New Bible Studies
after Easter
On this Monday morning, April 13, we
will begin an 8-part series on the
Biblical texts regarding Mary. This
study is accompanied by a DVD with
beau ful photography of the places in the Holy Land associated
with the life of the Virgin Mary. In this outstanding presenta on,
walk with Mary through the Easter season visi ng those places
dear to her heart and to her Son. We will meet in the Ministry
Center Library from 9:15 to 11 a.m. For more informa on contact
Mary Prather at (714) 709-3768. A workbook will be available to
par cipants for a suggested dona on of $25.00.
On Wednesday evenings, beginning April 29, we will offer an 8part series on the Gospel of John. This study will be presented by
Charlene Dumitru, with periodic supplements of 30 minute DVD
presenta ons by scripture scholar and professor, Luke Timothy
Johnson. The Gospel of John is proclaimed liturgically during the
most important holy days of the Christmas and Easter Seasons,
and is quite different from the Synop c Gospels: Ma hew, Mark
and Luke. John emphasizes the Glory of God present in Jesus his
Eternal Son. We will meet in the Ministry Center Library from 7:30
to 9 p.m. Please read John, Chapter 1 prior to the first mee ng.
Prayer & Meditation with Scripture
Praying with Scripture will NOT meet on Tuesday, April 7. We
welcome you to join us on Tuesday evening, April 14, when we will
resume our weekly reflection the Sunday Scriptures in the Blessed
Sacrament Chapel at 7:30 p.m. This weekly hour of prayer time
utilizes varying prayer forms each week, including Lectio Divina,
centering prayer, prayer of remembrance, Taizé prayer and Ignatian
meditation. It is a time to meet with others in quiet and peace away
from the busyness and noise of the world.
“I and [my] Father are one.” (John 10:30) I believe that there is
one God in the form of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
God the father is the creator; the Son Jesus Christ lived a perfect
life; the Holy Spirit is alive through the church. It is through my
faith and prayers that will offer me salva on on the day of my
judgment. I’ve walked through the valley of darkness for 35 years,
being bap zed Easter 2015 will bring me to the light and I will be a
new man. It has been a blessing for the last year to be in RCIA as
I’ve strengthen my beliefs in my church, I find myself praying more
o en and as o en as I can, and that there is more meaning when I
am at church. I trust that God will con nue to walk with me and
protect me from the immorality of our world; it will be up to me
to choose correctly and make the right decisions that conform to
my Chris an principles. No path in life is without obstacles; the
path of Chris anity nowadays is one that is hard as we are judged
more o en and cri cally. I will remain open-minded with the
changing society but will be vigilant in holding onto the Catholic
Church doctrines. I have convic on that the church will always be
there for all us and provide the helping hand that one needs from
me to me. I am a sinner and not perfect, I will make every effort
to repentance 3-4 mes a year and receive my Communion each
Sunday. Mony
A li le background about Mony. He was born into a culturally
Buddhist, but non-prac cing family who did not place much
emphasis on religion. Reaching adulthood, Mony varied between
atheist and agnos c, but did not spend much me really thinking
about religious issues. He married a beau ful Catholic bride,
agreed to a Church wedding, and never interfered with her faith
but felt it was not something he needed for himself. That all
changed when the couple’s first baby was born. He shared with
our RCIA community that standing in the delivery room, looking
down on his first-born child, he was filled with a certainty of God’s
existence, and of deep gra tude for this gi of new life. As the
Scriptures say “and a li le child will lead them.” (Isaiah 11:6)
Congratula ons to all our Neophytes: Mike, Mony, Drew,
Monserat, Nicholas, Daniel, Emily, Cinthia, Nathan, Chris an,
Leslie, Carlos, Anabella, Ismael, and Sherlyn. Those who were
bap zed will be wearing their white Bap smal robes to Sunday
Masses during the Easter season. Please take the me to say hello
to them when you see them.
Ministerio Hispano
Reflexionemos sobre la
Palabra de Dios
Yo soy la Resurrección y la Vida, dice el Señor
todo el que crea en mi nunca morirá.
Domingo de Pascua
Nos regocijamos en la victoria de Jesucristo sobre la muerte:
por haber resucitado de la tumba a la vida nueva
nos da nueva esperanza y promesa.
Es Cristo, el que, con su amor, ilumina nuestros corazones y nuestros hogares.
Es Cristo, resucitado de entre los muertos, que es nuestra fuente de
esperanza, alegría y consuelo.
Que nuestro Señor Resucitado llene sus hogares de luz y de amor.
¿Podemos “entender” un misterio? Dada
la imposibilidad de llegar jamás a
entender del todo la Resurrección, lo más
acertado es imaginarnos que extendemos
nuestros brazos y abrazamos este gran
misterio, o mejor aún, imaginarnos a
Cristo resucitado abrazándonos y así
acercarnos más a este misterio.
Esto nos lleva a Tomás, que fue la primera
persona que trató de entender a Cristo
resucitado, insis endo que si sus amigos
que estaban reunidos en esa casa querían
que creyera en lo que él sólo podía
concebir como una sandez, tenía que
tocar las heridas del Señor resucitado. Tal
parece que a Jesús eso no le pareció un
Nunca hemos sabido si Tomás llegó a
tocar las heridas de Jesús, pero en cada
Segundo Domingo de Pascua se nos relata
esta historia acerca de Tomás y el Señor
resucitado, que nos da ánimo para valorar
más el misterio de nuestra fe y aprender a
profundizarlo al confesar que Jesús es
Señor y Dios, y que esto que creemos se
refleje en todas nuestras ac vidades
diarias sobre todo en nuestro trato con
los demás.
Padre Pat Rudolph
Padre Agus n Escobar
Padre John D. Nguyen
Padres Antonio Zapata
Diáconos Joe Esparza, Juan Espinoza y Dave Blake
El personal de la parroquia de San Norberto
Conozca más Acerca de la Escuela Católica
de San Norberto
¿Está interesado en conocer más acerca de nuestra escuela parroquial? Cada jueves, hasta
finalizar el año escolar, nuestro director, el señor Joe Ciccoianni, estará disponible de 3:15 a 4:15
p.m., para mostrarle los alrededores de la escuela y contestar preguntas sobre cómo inscribir a
su/sus hijo/os. ¡Esperamos ver muchos rostros nuevos y poder satisfacer las necesidades de
nuestras futuras familias de la Escuela Católica de San Norberto! Para más información puede
visitar la página de Internet www.saintnorbertschool.org Favor de tomar nota que nuestras
oficinas no estarán abiertas el 28 de mayo.
¿No crees que cuando Tomás salió de esa
casa aquel día sabía que la Resurrección
era algo que él no podía callar, y también
que todo su ser se llenó de ardor y luz
absorto por haber estado en la presencia
del Señor resucitado? ¿Será posible que
esto mismo nos suceda a nosotros?
Esperanza y Sanación después de un Aborto
—James A. Wallace, C.Ss.R.
Derechos de autor © 2014, World Library Publica ons.
Todos los derechos reservados.
También conocido como Proyecto Raquel
Si usted, o alguien que conoce, han sido afectados a causa de un aborto, por favor acepte
esta invitación a conversar con un ministro especialmente capacitado en esta área de
ministerio tan sensible. Todas las llamadas son confidenciales. Por favor llame a nuestra
línea de ayuda al (800) 722-4356. Nuestra Iglesia se preocupa por usted y estamos aquí
para ayudarle.
Ofrenda Semanal Parroquial
Agradecemos su apoyo continuo a San Norberto para el año fiscal de julio 1, 2014 a junio 30,
2015. Sus donaciones dominicales aportan al presupuesto que nuestra parroquia necesita
para cubrir los gastos de cada semana, el cual es de $27,900. La colecta del domingo 22 de
marzo, fue $26,500.66. La colecta del domingo pasado 29 de marzo, se publicará el
próximo fin de semana. Se necesita de su donación semanal para el bienestar de nuestra
parroquia y para la promoción del Evangelio.
La parroquia de San Norberto es una comunidad dinámica de
discípulos de Jesucristo que se esfuerza por continuar
sus ministerios de oración, amor y servicio.
Ministerio Hispano
¡Aviso importante!
A todas las personas que registraron a sus niños
para bautizar el 2 de mayo, se les informa que las
fechas de preparación pre-bautismal se han
cambiado. Las fechas que originalmente eran el
14 y 28 de abril, se movieron al último viernes del mes, las nuevas
fechas son el 24 de abril y 1 de mayo. El horario es el mismo, de 6:30
p.m. a 8:30 p.m., en el salón Madre Teresa. Para más información
pueden comunicarse al Centro de Ministerios (714) 637-4360 x105 o
106 con Carmen o Shyntia.
Noche de Información para todos los
Padres de Familia de Primera Comunión
Sábado 25 de abril
Se invita a todos los padres de familia a la noche de información
de sus niños que se están preparando para recibir a Jesús
Sacramentado. La reunión dará inicio a las 6 p.m. en el gimnasio,
hablaremos sobre la ves menta de los niños/as, fotos, ensayos y
horarios de las ac vidades que tendremos el 9 de mayo.
Contamos con su asistencia, ustedes son importantes para
nosotros y también para sus niños, ¡no falten!
Padres de Familia y Padrinos de Primera
El día 11 de abril a las 6 p.m. en el gimnasio, se llevará a cabo
una reunión sólo para hombres en donde par ciparán papás y
padrinos de los niños que harán su primera comunión en el mes
de mayo. Recuerden que todos estamos caminando en esta
jornada de fe, y necesitamos estar listos para el gran día de la
celebración de la Primera Comunión.
Madres de Familia y Madrinas
El día 18 de abril a las 6 p.m. en el gimnasio, habrá una reunión
sólo para mujeres, será una tarde de compar miento, aprendizaje
y de ac vidades en preparación para la celebración del día tan
esperado para sus niños/as. Favor de traer aguja e hilo y, de ser
posible, traer (las que tengan)pistola de silicón para ayudarnos a
terminar una ac vidad. Recuerden que no podemos tener niños
porque no contamos con personas para el cuidado de los niños o
Divina Misericordia
El próximo domingo 12 de abril, se invita a toda la comunidad a
rezar la Coronilla al Señor de la Divina Misericordia después de la
Misa de las 2 p.m. Ese domingo se celebra el día de la Misericordia
y estará expuesta una reliquia de Santa Faus na; enseguida habrá
una recepción en el Centro de Ministerios, le esperamos junto con
su familia. Para más información favor de comunicarse con la Sra.
María Ramos al (657) 221-0886.
Inscripciones para
Formación en la Fe 2015-2016
Las fechas de inscripción para las clases de Formación en la Fe
2015-2016 serán el sábado 16 de mayo, de 10 a.m. a 2 p.m., en el
pa o de la escuela, recuerden que solamente tenemos 20 niños
por salón y 10 niños para la catequesis del Buen Pastor. Las clases
son los sábados de 9:30 a.m. a 11:15 a.m., y 11:30 a.m. a 1:15
p.m. Para más información pueden comunicarse a las oficinas del
Centro de Ministerios (714) 637-4360 x105 o106.
Parish Calendar
April 5, 2015 ~ April 11, 2015
Sunday, April 5
Easter Sunday
Special Mass Schedule
Monday, April 6
Easter Monday / Ministry Center Closed
9:00 a.m. Divine Mercy Novena
Tuesday, April 7
9:00 a.m. Divine Mercy Novena
7:00 p.m. Reunión Mensual de Ministros de Eucaristía
7:00 p.m. RICA
Wednesday, April 8
9:00 a.m. Divine Mercy Novena
6:45 p.m. Men’s Basketball
7:00 p.m. Sewing Circle
7:45 p.m. Jóvenes Para Cristo
Thursday, April 9
9:00 a.m. Divine Mercy Novena
7:00 p.m. Grupo de Oración
Friday, April 10
Adora on Day
7:00 a.m. Men’s Group of Faith
9:00 a.m. Divine Mercy Novena
7:00 p.m. Journey of Hope Support Group (Divorced & Separated)
7:00 p.m. Jóvenes Para Cristo
7:00 p.m. Estudio Bíblico para Niños
7:00 p.m. Adolescentes
Saturday, April 11
9:00 a.m. Divine Mercy Novena
10:00 a.m. Inglés como Segundo Idioma (ESL)
10:00 am. Preparación para la Ciudadanía
12:00 p.m. Chris an Service Food Distribu on
3:30 p.m. Confessions
6:00 p.m. Grupo de Hombres
Community Life & Groups
Men’s Group of Faith
Join us on Friday, April 10, from 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.,
for support, fellowship, and meaningful discussion
about challenges men face today. We meet in the
Mother Teresa/Dorothy Day Room upstairs in the Ministry Center.
For more information, please feel free to contact Gary McKimmey
at (714) 224-6160 or [email protected] or Matt
Terrones at (714) 904-5822 or [email protected]
St. Norbert Mothers
Come connect with other Catholic
moms! We are a diverse group of
women gathering together for mutual
support, fellowship, service and love.
We welcome you to join in our upcoming events and become a part
of this great group of moms.
Contact Barbara Brule at (714) 287-9780 or [email protected]
for more information.
Pray for the sick . . .
Char Avram
Josephine Barrera
Be y Bick
Julie Booth
Jeane e Boy
The Burke Family
Giovanni Camponovo
Martha Centellas
Olga Centellas
Jorge Cortés
Lawrence Cruz
Marie Donaldson
Edward Felix
Patricia Gandsey
Jenny Gil
Lorena Gil
Faraj Joubran
Guillermo Lefranc Segura
Gladys Leon
Susan McCloskey
Pamela McSherry Meza
Abigail Nguyen
David Peterson
Chris ne Stevens
Peggy Wicker
Sheila Utrup
Elsy Maidel Urru a-Aguilar
Irma Abigail Urru a-Aguilar
Fred Watson
Richard Williams
. . . and for those who have died.
Jeane e Ebert
Sr. Frances O’Leary
Get on the Bus
Get on the Bus is a program that rallies
communities throughout the state to provide
children of incarcerated parents with a visit to see
their mothers and fathers. Several buses will be
leaving Orange County for prisons beginning on
May 2, May 8, May 30 and June 8. We are in
need of financial help to make these visits possible. Money is used
for bus rentals, food, coloring books, games, snacks, etc. Checks can
be made out to Get on the Bus and mailed to Sister Eymard Flood,
Diocese of Orange Pastoral Center, 13280 Chapman Avenue, Garden
Grove, CA 92840, or call (714) 282-3114.
September 24-28, 2015
Call for more informa on
(714) 282-3021
or visit orangecatholicfounda on.org
Mass Intentions
Saturday, April 4, 2015
8:00 p.m.
Easter Vigil
Sunday, April 5, 2015
6:00 a.m.
Easter Sunrise Mass
8:00 a.m.
Mass in Church & FYC
10:00 a.m. Mass in Church & FYC
12:00 p.m. Easter Sunday Mass
2:00 p.m.
Domingo de Pascua
7:00 p.m.
Domingo de Pascua
Monday, April 6, 2015
6:15 a.m. + Jovita Ricafort
8:30 a.m. + Soledad Suarez
Tuesday, April 7, 2015
6:15 a.m. + Lujie De Monte Verde
8:30 a.m. + Isamu Sugiura
Wednesday, April 8, 2015
6:15 a.m. + Dorothy McCauley
8:30 a.m. + Pete Mehta
7:00 p.m. + Baltazar Ruiz
Thursday, April 9, 2015
6:15 a.m. + Robert & Inez Lamb
8:30 a.m. + Art Poirier
Friday, April 10, 2015
6:15 a.m.
Familia Loza Ramos
8:30 a.m. + Bob Carey
Saturday, April 11, 2015
8:30 a.m. + Mary O’ Hara
Our Parish & Beyond
Sacred Heart Women’s Retreat
Women’s Retreat
Remain in My Love
St. Martin de Porres (and friends) Women's Retreat is scheduled for
Friday evening, April 24, from 5 to 9 p.m. and Saturday, April 25,
from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. The retreat will be held in the new Parish Hall
at St. Martin's. There will be NO overnight facility available.
Conducted by the Sacred Heart Sisters at the Sacred Heart Retreat
Camp, Big Bear Lake: May 1-3. The retreat will include communal
and private prayer. Celebra ons of the Eucharist and
Reconcilia on will highlight the retreat experience. Come and be
refreshed by the love and company of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Dona on: $100. For more informa on, call (909) 866-5696.
Wine & Cheese Tasting Party
Catholic Charities Auxiliary Chapter VII invites you
to a Wine & Cheese Tasting Party on Thursday,
April 30, from 7 to 9 p.m. at the OC Wine Mart in
Yorba Linda, 4925 Yorba Ranch Road (Yorba Linda
Boulevard & Yorba Ranch Road). Tickets are $30 per person.
Wine Tasting will be paired with a variety of cheeses and a
selection of gourmet desserts. Acoustic guitar musicians will
delight us for the evening. Opportunity drawings will also add to
the fun. A portion of the ticket price and 10% of all purchases that
evening will be donated to Catholic Charities.
This event will sell out QUICKLY! Mail your check today, payable to
Catholic Charities Auxiliary, Chapter VII, to: Gerry Stacy, 4475
Avenida de Los Arboles, Yorba Linda, CA 92886. Questions?? Email or call Gerry at [email protected] or (714) 970-5057.
Dig Deeper About
Climate Change
Thursday, April 9, at 6:30 p.m.
St. Joseph Center Mother Louis Room
Presented by Alexandra Nagy, the
Southern California Organizer at the Los Angeles branch of Food &
Water Watch. Alexandra works in the Los Angeles and greater
Southern California region to advocate for consumer health
issues. View the flyer at: h p://csjorange.org/jus ce-office/filmseries/
The Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange present films/presenta ons
that raise awareness and encourage conversa on about the
dynamic, ever-changing, systemic and cri cal needs of our world.
Through a variety of tles and topics, a endees explore what it
means to live a life in rela onship with each other, our neighbors
and the whole community of life. The evening includes
refreshments, dialogue and possible opportuni es for ac on.
There will be a light supper served on Friday evening along with
three meals on Saturday. The 5:30 p.m. Saturday Mass will be
included in our retreat followed by dinner and the evening
presenta ons. We will have exci ng presenters including the
wives of Deacons Nick Sherg, Denis Zaun and Doug Cook. There
will be me for reflec on, reconcilia on and adora on. Please
invite your prayer partners, sisters, aunts and adult daughters.
The cost is $80.00. No registrations will be accepted after Sunday,
April 12. For more information or applications please contact Lynn
Clark at (714) 970-7452 or Jeanne Rathswohl at (714) 470-1309.
13th annual
Conference on Business & Ethics
A Forum for Responsible Leaders
Friday, April 17, from 7:30 to 11:30 a.m.
The 2015 conference program will feature keynote presenta ons
by Dr. Carolyn Woo and John L. Allen Jr. Dr. Carolyn Y. Woo is
President & CEO of Catholic Relief Services, the official
interna onal humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in
the United States. Dr. Woo was named one of the "500 Most
Powerful people on the planet."
John L. Allen, Jr., is Associate Editor of Crux, specializing in
coverage of the Va can and the Catholic Church. John is also an
Associate Editor of The Boston Globe, which carries his Sunday
column, "All Things Catholic." He is the author of nine books on
the Va can and Catholic affairs including best seller, Against the
Tide: The Radical Leadership of Pope Francis.
Your sponsorship is an investment in our children as they develop into
the future business and civic leaders in our community. All net
proceeds support Catholic elementary schools in the Diocese Orange.
The Conference will take place at the Hilton, Costa Mesa. To
register, please visit www.occatholicfounda on.org
Hope & Healing after Abortion
aka Project Rachel
If you, or someone you know, have been hurt by the act of
abor on, please accept this invita on to conversa on with a
minister especially trained in this very sensi ve area of ministry.
All calls are confiden al. Please call our help line at (800) 7224356. Our Church cares about you and we are here to help.
Parish Ministries & Organizations
Adult Faith Forma on
Charlene Dumitru, Director (714) 637-4360 x114
Altar Care
Denise Bi el ................................ (714) 633-2444
Altar Servers/Monaguillos
[English] Karen Purpura .............. (714) 974-6507
[Español] Paula Guerrero ............ (714) 786-7540
Bap smal Prepara on/Pre-Bau smales
[English] Charlene Dumitru (714) 637-4360 x114
[Español] Carmen Estrada .. (714) 637-4360 x106
[Español] María Ruiz ................... (714) 633-7829
Denise Bi el ....................... (714) 637-4360 x130
Bible Studies
Monday AM - Mary Prather ........ (714) 709-3768
Evening - Charlene Dumitru.. (714) 637-4360 x114
Eucharis c Ministers/Ministros
Extraordinarios de Eucharís a
[English] Fran Needham ............. (714) 743-5169
[Español] Alma Arzaga ................ (714) 630-8678
[Español] Luis Acervantes ........... (951) 505-9087
Eucharis c Ministry to the Sick &
[Kaiser] Toby Tobin ..................... (714) 998-2584
[Home Route] Janine Kilgore(714) 637-4360 x110
[Español] María Ruiz ................... (714) 633-7829
Filipino Ministry
Lucille Jus niani .......................... (714) 974-4399
Grupo de Oración
Javier Solis .................................. (657) 200-0505
Irma Chamú ................................ (714) 319-4599
John Erhard, Director ......... (714) 637-4360 x126
Contemporary Ensemble, English
Janine Kilgore ..................... (714) 637-4360 x110
Coro de Niños
Ana Muñoz .................................. (714) 402-2789
Domingos, español
Floribeth y Cristal Flores ............. (714) 279-9149
Jóvenes Para Cristo Coro
María Ramos ............................... (714) 417-3064
Miércoles, español
Miguel Lugo ................................ (714) 538-2497
Tradi onal Choir, English
John Erhard ........................ (714) 637-4360 x126
Natural Family Planning
Alyson del Hierro......................... (714) 872-3740
Carmen Carbajal ......................... (714) 974-5251
Nurse for Seniors, Order of Malta
Ann Bilash, RN .................... (714) 637-4360 x120
[Español] Alberto Ocampo ......... (714) 597-2428
[Español] Bertha Toribio ............. (714) 998-5210
Orange Diocesan Council
of Catholic Women
Mary Vitchus ............................... (714) 771-0984
Inquiry Classes
Charlene Dumitru ............... (714) 637-4360 x114
Calendar Secretary
Lola Reynoso ............................... (714) 637-4360
Praying with Scripture
Sr. Breda Christopher .................. (714) 283-2496
Italian Catholic Federa on
Joe & Rose Digrado..................... (714) 974-1978
Charlas Prematrimoniales
Juan Diego Noreña ...................... (714) 932-6350
Arnulfo Francis Soto.................... (714) 478-3026
Rosalba Hernández ..................... (714) 597-3953
Jóvenes Para Cristo
Alfredo Rodríguez ....................... (714) 788-7175
Gloria Chávez.............................. (714) 805-0257
Childcare Co-Op
Michelle Navarro ........................ (949) 322-4073
[English] Charlene Dumitru (714) 637-4360 x114
[Español] Tenorio ........................ (714) 597-1318
Kirkwood Eucharis c Ministers
Peter Ricks .................................. (714) 633-0731
Children’s Liturgy of the Word
Michele Desbiens ........................ (714) 999-2710
Respect Life
Bernie Vitchus ............................. (714) 771-0984
Knights of Columbus Council #15733
Tom Dodge .................................. (714) 633-6859
Chris an Service
Al Agus n ........................... (714) 637-4360 x113
Returning Catholics Fellowship
Charlene Dumitru............... (714) 637-4360 x114
Lady Knights
Carolyn Ohrbrecht ...................... (714) 402-2576
Coffee & Donut Coordinator
Janet Llewellyn............................ (714) 998-3104
St. Norber est
Mike Adray ......................... (714) 637-4360 x116
[English] Cameron LaFont ........... (714) 974-3786
[Español] Acacio Mar nez .......... (714) 404-5240
St. Norbert Catholic School
Joseph Ciccoianni, Principal ........ (714) 637-6822
Sonia Jiménez ............................. (714) 203-1187
Bulle n Editor
Joan Doyle .................................. (714) 282-1082
stnorbertbulle [email protected]
Confirma on Prepara on
Kirsten King ........................ (714) 637-4360 x210
Kathleen Rapport ....................... (714) 538-8117
School of Religious Educa on/Catequistas
[English] Robin Mayes ................ (714) 998-1070
[Español] Carmen Estrada . (714) 637-4360 x106
Ron Accornero ............................ (714) 396-7295
Líders de Comité Hispano
Blandina Rosas ........................... (714) 403-4666
Rita Mejia ................................... (714) 392-6694
Sewing Circle
Ellen Riopel ................................. (714) 488-3207
Juan Espinoza .............................. (714) 202-5828
Janine Kilgore ..................... (714) 637-4360 x110
Divine Mercy Prayer Group/La Divina Misericordia
[English] Helen Amposta ............. (714) 279-9441
[Español] María Ramos ............... (657) 221-0886
Men’s Group of Faith
Gary McKimmey ......................... (714) 224-6160
Ma Terrones............................. (714) 904-5822
Elizabeth Ministry
Amy Glenane .............................. (714) 974-8781
Ministerio Hispano
Carmen Estrada .................. (714) 637-4360 x106
Shyn a Ospino, Secretary... (714) 637-4360 x105
Cub Scout Pack #863
Joe Beckman ............................... (714) 222-2895
ESL (inglés como segundo idioma)
George Dore [English only] ........ (714) 280-2801.
Hablas español ............................ (714) 637-4360
Eucharis c Adora on Commi ee
Ed Majcher .................................. (714) 998-1574
Mothers Group
Barbara Brule ............................. (714) 287-9780
Southwest Community Kitchen Outreach
Marie Baumann .......................... (714) 997-9254
Joe Costanza ............................... (714) 532-5494
Young at Heart
Pat Vega ...................................... (714) 637-2014
Young Adult Ministry
Adrian Chavez ............................. (714) 225-4261
Youth Ministry/Adolescentes La nos
Kirsten King, Director ......... (714) 637-4360 x210
April Cur n, Junior High ..... (714) 637-4360 x212
Helen Baehner, Secretary .. (714) 637-4360 x215
[Español] Shyn a Ospino ... (714) 637-4360 x105
Thanks to all who are suppor ng the
Family & Youth Center
through the Pastoral Services Appeal
or gi s directed to the Building Fund.
PSA 2015 Donors
as of March 18, 2015
Gracias a todos los que han apoyado al
Centro Familiar y Juvenil, a través de la Campaña para
los Servicios Pastorales, o mediante donaciones directas
a la cuenta del inmueble.
Irene Abarca
Corazon Abitan
Ronald & Deborah Accornero
Marlene Acevedo
Barry & Jane Acton
Fernando & Magdalena Aguero
Antonio Aguilar & Maclovia Garcia
Claudio & Margaret Aguilar
Javier Aguirre
Paul & Claire Alarcon
William & Maria Albright
Jose Alcala
Mary Ale
Gregory & Corrine Allen
Mar n Almazan & María Jimenez
Connie Alvarez
Dolores Alvarez
Judith Amezquita
Roberto & Ruth Anaya
Hazel Anderson
Victor Araujo
Joseph Archival
Zenaida Arcos
Eduardo & Reyna Arellano
Mary Armstrong
Robert & Carolyn Arnold
Rene Avalos
Rene & Emma Avalos
Rod & Le cia Ayala
Anthony Azzopardi
Charles & Judith Azzopardi
Greg & Carmeleene Baguio
Roy & Jodi Bahner
Gary & Kathleen Barbee
Michael & Cindy Barne
Gilberto & María de la Luz Barron
Terrance & Elizabeth Barry
Robert & Carmen Bartle
Nicola & Gloria Bartoloni
Wilbert & Marie Baumann
Len Beckman
David & Devi Bellows
Alfredo & Maria Beltran
Ellen Benefield
Robert & Violet Berg
Luciano & Alexandra Bermudez
Jaymy Bernardo
Edwin & Be y Bick
Bre & Denise Bi el
John & Ann-Eda Blache
Marc & Deanna Bolton
Jose & Rachel Bonilla
James & Carol Booth
Rodney & Mary Bornhop
Edward & Flory Boykin
Ricardo & Erika Brambila
Tom & Sara Brand
James & Rosalie Bray
Helen Breitenbach
James Brennan
David & Donna Brooks
John & Jean Broussard
Chris & Shannon Brown
Emily Bucago
Cheryl Bugg
Steve & Sheena Bui
Thuan & Pauline Bui
Bill & Jeanne Bullington
Reynaldo & Eileen Cabero
Juan José & María de Jesús Calderon
Peter & Joyce Camacho
James & Karrin Cameron
William & Mary Campbell
Larina Canaya
Eulalia Candela
Miguel & Carmen Carbajal
Timothy & Mary Carey
Chris an Carrera
Eusebio & Imelda Carrera
Raymond & Colleen Casciari
Anthony & Yvonne Castellana
Robert & Carol Cebula
Raymond & Adelina Ceja
Noe Cervantes & Martha Jaimes
Michael & Kathleen Chauvin
Andres & Chris na Chavez
Arturo & Sofia Chavez
Javier Chávez & Clara Gu érrez
Juan & Aurora Chávez
Geraldine Cibellis
Guadalupe Cisneros
Deborah Clapp
Lee Cleary
Terence & Gloria Clingan
Sean & Kellie Colbert
Shawn & Debra Cole
Fidencio Conde
Walter & Mary Constant
Juan Contreras
Arthur & Lina Cooper
Patrick & Michelle Corcoran
Barbara & Robert Corrothers
Juan & María Guadalupe Cortéz
Peter & Lois Cor
Joseph Costanza
Joel Cos llo
Roger & Maureen Co on
Michael & Mary Jo Cretney
Ana Cruz
Carmen Cruz
Larry & Linda Cucovatz
Monte & Yolanda D'Asta
Paul Daly
Joseph & Mariana Darlington
Lorena Davila
Alejandro de la Cruz
Erlinda De La Cruz
Flor De Rosas
Irma De Rosas
Sally Debevec
Eduardo & Cecilia Deduyo
Rosabel Delgadillo
Mark & Eileen DeLuca
Thomas & Rita Dembrosky
James & Susan Dempsey
William & Colleen Derham
Gary & Mary Des Rochers
Bruce & Patricia De erich
Alicia Diaz
Apolinaria Diaz
Demetrio Diaz
John & Joan Dieball
Robert Diederich
Apolinaria Diza
Thomas & Lisa Dobyns
Michael & Joan Doyle
Nhon & Elli Vu Duong
James & Charmaine Duquesnel
Alejandro Duran
Seth & Cecy Easley, Jr.
Sudie Easley
Tom & Pa Eccles
Yolanda Egidi
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Angelo & Jan Emanuele
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Domingo & Vinluan Empalmado
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Fr. Agus n Escobar
Juan & María Espinoza
Alberto Estrada
Jaime & Carmen Estrada
Jean Ewing
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Edward & Kathleen Felix
Irma Fernández
Pablo & Alicia Fernández
Sabino Fernández
Vanessa Fernández
José & Marilu Ferreyra
William & Maureen Fe er
Cala na Figueroa
Filipino Community
Elizabeth Finamore
James & Jane Fitz
Kenneth & Joan Fitz
Juan Manuel & Salud Forstall
Donald & Barbara Foss
Teodoro & Cristy Francisco
Joseph & Chris ne Franco
Terry & Constance Frederick
Casiano & Jovita Frez
Ernes na Frias
Michael & Marcia Fris
Juan Garcia
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Felix & Emeline Gaw
Michael Giannini
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Anthony & Mary Provost
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Richard & Karen Purpura
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Carlos & Mary Ellen Rivera
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Hortencia Rodríquez
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Ronald Rotunda
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F.C. & Remy Ruiz
Francisco Ruiz
José & María Ruiz
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Martha Saavedra
Corey & Maureen Saenz
Don & Carol Safarik
Gus & Anita Sagen
William Sagey
José & Isabel Salcedo
Helen Salmond
Baltazar & Manuela Sánchez
Carmel Sánchez
George & Tomasa Sánchez
Ofelia Sánchez
Roberto Sandoval
Mar n & Lori San llana
Rebekah Schloeder
Margaret Scholz
Thomas & Mary Schulte
Donald & Joyce Seleska
Terry & Gail Senizaiz
Agus n Serrano
Mireya Serrano
Guadalupe Serrato
Gregory & Rose Se en
Ron & Elizabeth Severin
Edward & Joyce Seyler
Aus n & Brenda Sharp
Robert & Susan Sheppard
Lawrence & Mary Ellen Signaigo, Jr.
Joaquin & Ruth Siles
Allen & Cassandra Silva
Reyna Silverio
Jamie Skipton
Helmut & Carmen Skubacz
Edward & Jean Smet
Bill & Nancy Smith
Richard & Lynne e Smith
Anita Solis
Chris ne Solis
Jorge & Yolanda Solis
Jorge Solo
Gregson & Anna Somes
Rafael Sosa
Jorge & Evelin Soto
Donald & Anne e Southwell
Andre & Nora Spencer
Steven & Joy Stanowicz
Aline Stapp
Anthony & Carol Stashik
Theodore & Doris State
Kathleen Stayberg
Neil & Nancy Stenton
Grant & Kathleen Stephens
David & Cynthia Stuetzel
Norma Stuetzel
Robert & Cheryl Suda
Roger & Jerri Sullivan
Dorothy Svoboda
Michael & Catherine Svoboda
Kenneth & Vale a Tait
Thomas & Janet Tanner
Cuahutemoc & Dora Yvonne Tapia
Familia Tenorio
Ruben & Gilma Tenorio
George Tobin
Lawrence & Margaret Toner
Yvonne Torrence
Jose & Guadalupe Torres
Joe & Yve e Tovar
Kevin & Stephanie Trefzger
Richard & Lesta Trollinger
Carol Ann Trujillo
Roselyn Tuerffs
Mark & Margarita Turner
Clyde & Susan Ujiki
Robert & Rowena Uy
Gian Paolo Valderrama
Gaby Valencia
Victor & Diane Valenzuela
Jose Alfonso & Sonia Vega
Juan & Alicia Velazquez
Patricia Vera
Albert & Yvonne Verkuylen
Paula Verkuylen
Robert & Joan Vicario
Herberto Victorino
Laura Villa
Ted & Ofelia Villaroman
Bernard & Mary Vitchus
Jill Volkman
Glenda Vowels
Carole Waddell
Donald & Cathy Ward
Jackie Warner
Donald & Mary Watson
James Watson
Richard & Lorrie Weiland
Juvenal & Guadalupe Wences
Joyce Whitaker
Michael & Jessica Whitehouse
Stephen & Catherine Whitehouse
William & Gillian Wilkinson
Katherine Wilmes
Monty & Belen Wilson
Robert & Ka e Wilson
Steven & Patricia Wright
Robert & Sharon Writer
Gabriela Yanez
Gianpier Yanez
Julio & Joy Yanez
Judy Yarnovich
Paulita Yu
Roginelli Yu
Vicenta Zamora
Sergio & Maria Zarazua
Norma Zimmerman
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