2014 Fall Newsletter

Camp of the Woods
Ministries, Inc.
FALL 2014
Summer Highlights
Three weeks of work teams, three weeks of mission emphasis, and five weeks of Bible camp. It was busy as always and we
praise the Lord for providing the needed staff for these events. Work teams and mission campers helped to ready the facility for the summer ac)vi)es, turning our rus)c camp into an ocean habitat, and making for a great camping season. In these
eleven weeks, 15 campers gave their lives to Christ, and many of our staff and volunteers made decisions regarding their rela)onships with Him.
Fall Happenings
In September, we had two work teams come and help prepare the camp for winter. These groups also helped with setup for
our annual Fall Family Day and Thanksgiving Fundraiser. The two main projects for this fall were removal of the old staff
washhouse and se9ng up a new outdoor woodstove. Both have been completed! The washhouse site is ready for construc)on to begin in the spring and the new woodstove is installed and opera)onal. The groups also prepared the Lodge for the
fundraising banquet and finished up the seasonal cleaning in several of the buildings.
On October 3rd and 4th, we held our first ever Thanksgiving Banquet Fundraiser. We had the opportunity to share about
the ministry of COTW and the impact it has on our local communi)es. All of our table servers were former campers and the
MC for both nights was Brenna Duffy, a former camper and staffer herself. Over $14,000 was raised in monthly and one
)me dona)ons between the two evenings. The banquet was a huge success and we look forward to doing it again in the
future. A big THANK YOU to all the local businesses and individuals who helped to make this event a success!
Please con)nue to pray for the ministry as we begin our follow up and discipleship throughout the winter months. Pray also
for my family as we travel through the month of November and early December visi)ng supporters and family.
Staffing Update
We have saved some exci)ng news for the very end. As many of you know, we have been
praying for full )me staff for some )me now, and God has answered! Adam and Billie Kane
have applied and been accepted for a full )me posi)on here at COTW. The Kane’s are former summer staff, Adam has been the program director the last three summers and now is
coming to be the full )me Program Director. We are very excited to have them join our
team, please be in prayer as they begin to raise support and plan on being onsite by June
~Johnnie Bates, COTW Director
I grew up on the mission field in Indonesia, and returned the United States at age 18 to seek the Lord’s will for my life and my
future. I heard about COTW through family and friends, and spent the summers of 2012 and 2013 serving with a joyful heart.
Throughout those years I felt the pull to spend more time with this incredible ministry, and happily became an intern in February
of 2014. This summer I served as head cook, feeding over a hundred hungry mouths each day. I am excited for this next year and
the opportunities and challenges it will bring. Please keep me in your prayers as I serve at camp and with the Calvary Baptist
Church youth group in Sioux Lookout.
~Tirzah Clapper, COTW Intern
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Save the date!
Watch the thermometer—it’s slowly creeping closer to freezing! That means one awesome thing:
COTW WINTER CAMP IS COMING! Get excited for sledding, ska)ng, broomball, hockey, snowmachinetubing, ea)ng delicious hearty food and thawing out beside the fire with hot chocolate!
December 28—Family Day Camp // December 29—Junior Day Camp // December 30-31—Teen Overnight Camp