Contact Rail Heaters

Contact Rail Heaters
RTR: North American Industry Leader
As the preeminent Developer and Supplier of Rail Heater Systems RTR is uniquely
positioned to support customers around the globe.
Many occurences of revenue service interruptions and resultant cold, unnerved passengers
have been caused by ice formation on the Contact Rail. With an excess of 4 million feet
successively installed worldwide over the past 20 years, RTR Contact Rail Heater System
(CRH) provides cold-weather transit authorities with the most reliable and cost-effective
solutions to snow and ice removal available.
Although primarily used for Contact (Third) Rail Deicing, RTR’s CRH products are
successfully used for critical Running Rail Deicing.
The Global
De-icing Systems
Contact Rail Heaters
Ice and snow accumulation on the contact (third) rail at mass
transit authorities worldwide presents significant challenges
to operations and revenue service as functions of slowed or
stopped service. Even 1/32” of ice can prevent power from
being transferred from the contact rail to the passenger car.
Installation of RTR’s product line of power limiting and selfregulating Contact Rail Heaters eliminate ice and snow
accumulation on the contact rail and the resultant service
Clip/Channel Installation
- Power Limiting Heater
Total installed cost benefits are maximized when RTR’s Contact
Rail Heater Controllers are used to operate the RTR Contact
Rail Heaters.
Features & Benefits
• Optimized energy efficient
design for each rail type and
set of operating conditions
• RTR’s Contact Rail Heat is
available as both powerlimiting and self-regulating
• Power-limiting has an
estimated operating life of
30,000 hours and is availalbe
in 480 VAC, 600, 650, 750
• Self-regulating has an
estimated operating life of
15,000 hours and is available
in 600, 650 and 750 VDC
• Circuit lengths from 5’- 550’
• Service-proven rugged
mechanical design reduces
potential for in-service
• Proprietary spring clips and
fiberglass channel attachment
hardware designs provides for
quick reliable installation with
low craft sensitivity
Product Specifications:
All products and controls meet
IEEE 515 / IEC Conformed
Specification and have been
tested for compliance by
independent test laboratories.
Rail Splice Installation Power Limiting Heater
Power Limiting:
Voltage –
480 VAC, 600, 650, 750 VDC
Power output –
30, 40, 50 watts / ft
Self Regulating:
Voltage –
600, 650, 750 VDC
Power output –
27-35 watts / ft. nominal at
Fuse Box Installation
Trackside Controller Installation
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