ZF-EcoLife Rail – Greater Profitability for Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs)

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ZF-EcoLife Rail – Greater Profitability for Diesel
Multiple Units (DMUs)
More torque for DMU drives
Fuel economy, longer service life, quieter operation
ZF-EcoLife Rail is the successor to ZF-Ecomat Rail, the
transmission that is a successful, true best seller with more than
4000 units sold. Economy and customer value had been among
the essential requirements of the ZF-Ecomat Rail already; and ZFEcoLife Rail meets these requirements even better. Noticeable
fuel savings, a longer service life, and optimum shift comfort –
those are the advantages of the new powershift transmission that
is currently the most powerful on the market of rail vehicle
driveline technology. The torque converter automatic
transmission is ideally matched to suit the higher torque ratings
of modern powerpacks in DMUs and is able to transmit up to
2500 newton meters. The technical basis is the worldwide wellproven ZF-EcoLife transmission for city buses. The Special
Driveline Technology business unit at ZF has adapted the
transmission for special-purpose applications in rail vehicles - in
particular to suit DMU operation.
With its high level of efficiency and the efficient torque converter,
the newly engineered 6-speed automatic transmission ZF-EcoLife
Rail, which is designed for torques of up to 2500 newton meters,
has better acceleration values, paired with a great level of comfort
and lower engine speeds. Still working with the same installation
space, a torsional damper has been integrated in the converter. It
ensures smooth operation and savings during fuel-consuming
starting processes. The integrated primary retarder that only
requires a small installation space provides for strong braking
power even at low speeds. In addition to the oil cooler which has
been integrated into the transmission, a heat exchanger contributes
to the high cooling performance of the ZF-EcoLife Rail. Thanks to
optimized heat management, the oil change intervals and the
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service life are extended, the transmission is even more reliable,
and easier to maintain and service.
The engine speed is kept to a minimum through the use of an
intelligent shift strategy for the prevailing operating requirements.
In this context, the six mechanical forward gears provide effective
help, and the helical gears in the transmission contribute to lower
noise emissions of the whole vehicle.
Together with the gear set reversing transmission and Rail Drive
Control System, the ZF-EcoLife Rail can be offered as a complete
system. The RDCS makes integrating the complete driveline into
the train easy and is thus the ideal interface to the TCU train
control unit.
New dimension for rail vehicles: The 6-speed automatic
transmission from ZF, EcoLife Rail, transfers higher
torques and, depending on the mode of operation, allows
for up to five percent fuel savings.
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Industrial Technology is the division where the ZF Group bundles its activities for
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vehicles. The division is also responsible for the worldwide business of marine
propulsion systems, aviation technology, as well as the development and
production of wind turbine gearboxes. Electronic components, shift and test
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