2014 Fast Track Award Winner:

GE Transportation
2014 Fast Track Award Winner:
Portland & Western Railroad - Genesee & Wyoming
Portland & Western Railroad (PNWR) services over 135 customers and was challenged
with capturing accurate demurrage charges. They also had the need to view data in realtime to respond to customer’s requests. Inaccurate data entry by the train crews was
creating problems recording and reporting car movements.
PNWR utilizes a solution set of RailConnect Transportation Management System
(TMS) and ShipperConnect products:
• mCrew, mobile RailConnect TMS allows train crews to report
movements in the field
• TMS Demurrage Module accurately captures demurrage events,
calculates charges and monitors billing by road reducing errors
and improving bill accuracy
• Electronic Bill or Lading (eBOL) electronically transmits bills of lading.
Setting up repetitive billing patterns saves time and automates the process
• Automated over 94% of 80,000 monthly moves;
50% increase in a 12-month period
• 88% increase in automated releases
• 82% increase in automated loads
Genesee & Wyoming Inc. (G&W) owns and operates short line and regional freight
railroads in the United States, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands and Belgium.
"The GE Transportation Fast Track Award
recognizes railroads, rail shippers, 3PLs and
intermodal terminal operators who have
achieved operating excellence and exceptional
results through the use of our software and
solutions to optimize assets, operations, and
The Portland & Western Railroad (PNWR) is a 520-mile short line freight railroad
that interchanges with the Albany & Eastern Railroad, BNSF Railway, Central Oregon
& Pacific Railroad, Coos Bay Rail Link, Hampton Railway, Port of Tillamook Bay
Railroad and Union Pacific Railroad.
GE Transportation is a leading provider of
innovative rail industry software and services
Railroads across North America manage
their daily mission critical operations
with GE Transportation’s RailConnect
Transportation Management System
container lifts
are processed every year by
GE Transportation’s intermodal
terminal operating system
wayside assets managed
for safety and regulatory compliance
with GE Transportation software
of railcar
repair shops
in North America are
powered by
GE Transportation’s railcar
maintenance and repair system
Rail shippers obtain real-time
railcar event data from more than
railroads across North America
with GE Transportation’s
rail supply chain software
The GE Transportation
business offers solutions
for the world’s toughest
rail challenges
At GE Transportation, we’re in the business of
realizing potential. We are a global technology
leader and supplier to the rail, mining, marine,
stationary power and drilling industries. Our
solutions help customers deliver goods and
services with greater speed and greater savings
using our advanced manufacturing techniques,
industry expertise and connected machines.
Established more than a century ago, GE
Transportation is a division of the General
Electric Company that began as a pioneer
in passenger and freight locomotives. That
innovative spirit still drives GE Transportation
today. It’s the engine of change that puts us
at the forefront of transportation technology,
software, and analytics. And it’s why we
continue to find—and realize—the potential that
keeps our connected world moving forward.
GE Transportation’s
technology breakthroughs
Our industrial software and technology
streamlines and strengthens the rail ecosystem
and offers far-reaching insights into business
operations. Our Rail Connect 360 Performance
Services collects data across the industry
to facilitate informed decision-making using
powerful analytics. Benefits include greater
reliability, more effective asset utilization and
enhanced productivity as a result of better
car hire cycles
processed every month
with GE Transportation software
We set potential in motion.
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