High Density Interconnect – Design Guidelines – pdf

HEI High Density Interconnect Capabilities
We offer advanced flex circuits, specializing in flex and rigid-flex rapid prototyping of high density,
miniaturized designs. Our quick-turn capability will accelerate your development projects
and commercialization schedules!
Certifications and Compliance to:
ISO 9001:2008; AS9100 Rev. C
ITAR Registered
IPC-A-600 (acceptability to circuit boards)
Speed and Support
• High Density Flex & Rigid-Flex Substrates
• Full design & development support
• 5 and 10 day turns avaialable on select programs
Expanding Range of Materials for Specialty
• Rogers, BT, LCP and Teflon©
• High-TG FR4, Polyimide Flex, Acrylic Adhesive &
latest high speed materials
Leading-Edge Technology
Line widths & spacing down to .001” (25 µm)
Laser Direct Imaging
Laser drilled via holes down to .002” (50 µm)
Blind & buried vias
1 - 10 layer count
Substrate thickness down to .001” (25 µm)
with 5 µm copper
• Substrate thickness down to .0005” (12 µm)
with 12 µm copper
• X-Ray optimization for high tolerance mechanical
drilling (Pluritec Combo)
• Routed Array, Laser Routing. Mechanical Route, High
Precision Routing (X-Ray Pluritec System)
• Step & repeat registration to +/- 1 mil tolerance for
mechanical & laser (ESI 5335 & Pluritec)
• 75 µm - 100 µm Route-Edge Tolerance
• 50 µm Laser Route - Positional Tolerance
• 125 µm Mechanical X-Ray System Route-Edge
• 50 µm Mechanical X-Ray System Route-Positional
• Controlled depth milling
• Edge plating
HEI-2057 Rev. A
Electrical Test
• Flying Probe, Hi Pot
Laminate / Cover Materials
• Nelco (all series), Isola (FR408, 370HR, FR06),
Arlon (all series), Hitachi, Rogers (all series),
Zeta (all series)
Surface Finishes
• ENIG, ENEPIG, Wire Bondable Gold, Selective
Gold, Gold Over Copper, Thick Nickel, Selective
Copper Plating
Solder Masks
• Taiyo Flex FXT Series, Taiyo Flex LDI, PSR-4000
AUS5, PSR-AUS308, Taiyo Multi-Colors
• LDI imaging of Photoimageable solder mask
Legend / Silkscreen
• All colors
Manufacturing Standards
Class II & Class III, IPC6012, IPC6013
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HEI, Incorporated, an American company in business since 1968, provides contract manufacturing
services for applications including military, high-end communications, medical, hearing, Class II and
Class III medical device markets.
We are an ITAR Registered, FDA Registered Contract Manufacturer specializing in Electronic
Manufacturing Services (EMS), including medical device manufacturing, microelectronic assembly
and turnkey manufacturing plus ceramic, flex and rigid-flex substrates. Our company provides
rapid prototyping and engineering services, product design, automation and test services, box build
manufacturing, distribution and fulfillment solutions.
High Density Interconnect Business Division
610 South Rockford Drive
Tempe, AZ 85281
Microelectronic Business Division &
Corporate Headquarters
1495 Steiger Lake Lane
Victoria, MN 55386
Advanced Medical Operations Business Division
4801 63rd Street
Boulder, CO 80301
HEI-2057 Rev. A