Welcome to the BOT Flex Lab

Welcome to the BOT Flex Lab
MON 10:00 a.m. — 7:00 p.m.
February 6
TUE 10:00 a.m. — 8:00 p.m.
February 6
WED 10:00 a.m. — 8:00 p.m.
Last day for refund
Last day to drop without a “W”
February 26
Last day to add Keyboarding class
February 27
Last day to apply for P/NP
THU 10:00 a.m. — 6:00 p.m.
April 10
Last day to add
April 24
Last day to drop
May 22
Last day to submit assignments
10:00 a.m. –- 3:00 p.m.
May 26-27
Finals only
You earn credit in this course by logging the hours listed in your
syllabus and satisfactorily completing all assignments and tests.
Red Canyon
Log into your courses at the Red Canyon log in station to the right
of the front door. Swipe your Student ID Card or enter your student ID and select the course and section that you intend to work
on. This will start the clock to log your attendance in this course.
You will need to log in and out each time you attend your class to
receive credit for being present in class. Remember to log out if you
are leaving the lab for more than 5 minutes for a break or if you are
going to work on another flex lab class (you will need to log into the
next class).
Tracking your hours
Your hours will display as you log in and out of the Red Canyon
system. There is also a binder in the lab which is updated every two
(2) weeks with reports for each class that is taught here in the Flex
Lab. It is the responsibility of the Student to complete the required
hours for each Flex class that you are registered for. You must
complete at least 80% of the required hours. Should you complete
your course work in less than 80% of the required hours, contact
your instructor for additional assignments to complete the necessary hours.
The BOT FlexLab will be closed:
February 13-14 .............. Lincoln Birthday
February 16 ................... Washington Birthday
March 23-28 .................. Spring Break
May 25........................... Memorial Day
Students are responsible for communicating with their instructors
regarding absence from the lab. You risk being dropped from your
course should you fail to attend class for an extended period of
time. Should you need to take time away from the lab for whatever reason, please let your instructor know. Communication is key. It
is, however, the student’s responsibility to drop yourself should
you decide to stop attending class. Failure to do so by the Final
Drop Date may result in receiving an “F” in the course.
All assignments except the Final must be completed and submitted
to your instructor prior to finals. The last day to turn in Assignments, tests, and the Midterm will be Friday May 22, 2015. Any
work submitted after the close of the lab on May 22 will not be
accepted. Only Finals may be worked on during the two days of
finals (May 26-27). The Flex Lab will close as of May 28. Finals may
be completed prior to the final dates listed in the college schedule.
Logging in/out
At the Log-in screen:
Enter your username (first.last). For example: mickey.mouse and
then your password (birth date: MMDDYY).
To log out select the start button (windows icon), and then select
Log off.
Flex Lab Standards
Our goal is to provide a positive learning experience. We take academic integrity seriously and we our students to demonstrate respect for the integrity of the courses and the grades they receive.
Flex Lab Policies and Rules
Please observe the following rules while working in the Flex Lab so that
every student may concentrate and complete their assignments.
Demonstrate professional, office-like behavior.
Follow all posted signs, instructions, and directions.
Only BOT course work may be worked on in the Flex Lab.
Flex Lab Exams
You may use a study guide—one sheet of paper, front and back
for use on Midterms and Finals only.
Tests must be taken in the designated testing row.
NO Food, Drinks (including water) or Visitors are allowed in the
lab. Please take a break and go outside should you need to.
Phone use is not allowed in the lab. This includes texting and
listening to music. You are here to work. Please set your phone to 
Silent or Vibrate. Go outside should you need to take a call or
answer a text message.
Talking should be limited to asking questions of staff.
Conversations should be taken outside. Professional language
should be used at all times.
Computers left unattended for more than 15 minutes may be
restarted by an instructor.
Do not be afraid or embarrassed to ask for tutoring. It is available
upstairs and it is a free service.
For accommodations due to a disability, students should contact the
Your Student ID must be on the desk with picture visible at all DSPS office in person in Room 60-120 (near the Student Center). Be
sure to present accommodations paperwork to your instructor within
Complete your assignments and exams in the order that they the first two weeks of your class attendance. The DSPS office can also
appear in your syllabus. Skipped work may receive a "0" grade.
be reached via telephone at 6119-644-7112 (or 619-7119, TTY for
Cheating or copying another students work and/or allowing deaf).
another student to cheat or copy your work is a serious offense
which could result in an "F" on the assignment or the entire
Learn to troubleshoot computer problems through trial and error.
Refer to your text, online help, then ask for assistance. There are
no stupid questions.
You may not talk to anyone other than the instructor.
Exams must be completed in 1 sitting , during Lab hours. Be sure
you have time to complete your test before you ask for the exam.
Exams passwords will not be given during the final hour the lab is
Should you need a break during your test, you must ask the instructor on duty before leaving the testing station.
 Headphones/ cell phones are not allowed in the testing area.
We are not responsible for any personal items left at your work
The penalty for not following these policies may include receiving a “0”
for the exam or an “F” in the course. If you skip an exam you will reInternet use is strictly for course work only. Personal use is not
ceive a “0” for the exam.
Tips for Success
Your success is our goal! The following tips have been designed with To check your grades in Blackboard:
your success in mind:
 Log onto the computer and navigate to the college website.
 Bring required course materials to every class session, including
 Select the Blackboard icon in the upper right hand side of the main
syllabus, textbook, flash drive, notebook, and pen or pencil.
 Label your materials, especially your flash drive, with your name.
 Select Log in. and enter your user name (First.Last name) and
password (six digit birth date).
 Read and follow your syllabus and check Blackboard frequently for
addition information and announcements.
Complete your assignments & exams in the order listed in the
Check off assignments as you complete them and note where you
left off in the text.
Back-up or Save your work frequently. Save your files to your
home computer just in case your flash drive fails or is lost.
Attend class regularly. Make the Flex Lab a part of your weekly
Do not procrastinate. The later you start your coursework, the
more difficult it will be to complete the course.
Select the course you would like to log into and select My Grades.
You will be able to see your grades, submissions waiting to be
graded, and comments made by your instructor.