7 –12 Gr rade NB 201 IAA Juni 14–2015 ior and S 5 Senior

Northerrn Burlington In
nstructional Ath
hletic Association
O. Box 334, Columbus, New Jeersey 08022
5 7 –12 Grrade NBIAA Juniior and SSenior B
Basketbaall Flyer
Checkk out the N
b site @ http://www
et ***All parrticipants m
must regisster online!!!*** WELLCOME to thee NBIAA Baskketball prograam for playerss in the 7th–12
2th grades. Th
he Junior (7th–8
– th) & Seniorr (9th–12th) divissions are for girls and boyss and will be regionalized once again th
his year with p
players from all participating com
mmunities com
mprising each
h team. Gamees start Januaary and run th
hrough Februaary followed by the “Marcch Madness Playyoff Tourney.”” Registration
n Fee: $100. Guarantee a roster spot by registering online beforee the deadline. ***Fee M
MUST be paid
d in order to b
be placed on a team—NO EXCEPTIONSS*** ***A COPY of the registrantt’s birth certifficate is requ
uired if not prreviously submitted*** V or Varsity H
HS teams are INELIGIBLE**** ***ALLL HS Freshmaan are ELIGIBLLE. 10th–12th ggraders on JV
***NB A
Area Residen
nts Only (Chessterfield, Mansfield, North Hanover, SSpringfield, Bo
ordentown)**** ***COAC
CHES ARE NEEEDED!! Creatte and/or sign in to your o
online accoun
nt and registe
er as a coach*** *
***Girls inte
rested in playying NBIAA b
basketball nee
ed to register online but N
NOT pay the registration ffee until turrnout and forrmat is deterrmined*** Reggistration: Satt, Nov 1st – Fri, Nov 28th on
nline @ https:://nbiaa.sporrtssignup.com
m. There is no additional co
ost to register online. TThat option is available as an added con
nvenience and
d paying by check is alwayys acceptable to the ents. Registrattion after Nov 28th is subjeect to a $20 laate fee and placed on a waait list. address above orr at assessme
essments: Will be held Satt Nov 29th – Ju
unior Boys: 10
0:00a– 11:30
0a, Senior Boyys: 11:30a– 12
2:30p, NBHS W
West gym th
& Su
un Nov 30 Ju
unior Boys: 10:00a– 11:30
0a, Senior Boyys: 11:30a– 12
2:30p, NBHS W
West gym. M
Make up assessments: Mon
n Dec 1st NBH
HS West Gym All Boys: 7:00
0p–9:00p. Team formation
n and practicees will begin sshortly after asseessments. Asssessments are
e mandatory for all playerrs. Exceptionss: Returning ssenior division
n players who
o played in the league last yeear. Girls’ reggistration will remain open
n through Decc 31st. Who
o is required attend assesssments? th
• 7 h & 8th Graders (Junior Boyys Division) • 9thh Graders (Senior Boys Divvision) • All others who did not play in the senior boys division
n the previouss year. Coaches: If coach
hing or assisting you are su
ubject to the Rutgers S.A.FF.E.T.Y. certifiication and neeed to attend
d the player asseessments. REGISTER ONLINE ONLY: R
ER 1st THR
egister onlin
ne at www.n
nbiaa.net Click on tthe basketbaall then the registration