18th Issue Jun 2014

Issue 18 ,Jun 2014
Nuqul Tissue Egypt Receives Merit Award
Al Sindian Paper Mill, Nuqul Tissue Egypt (NTE) received a Merit Award from
SGS Company on 12th March 2014. SGS considers AL Sindian to be one of the
best companies in Egypt with regards to systems and standards, so they arranged
a special award for the Al Sindian team. This will encourage them to maintain
the high standards of practice in Egypt, to enhance industrial improvements
and the manufacturing of high quality products that exceed local products and
compete strongly in the international market.
Nuqul Tissue Jordan go live on new ERP System
Group ERP and Jordan mills project team successfully completed the roll out of
Oracle’s E-Business suit ERP system at both Al-Keena & Al-Snobar in Jordan.
The new ERP project was completed in October 2013 for both companies, and
both have started 2014 on the new system, which is part of the group strategy
designed to consolidate and centralize all ERP systems in the group on a single
Nuqul Tissue wins Group PMO Awards
Aligning with Nuqul Group (NG) policy to encourage project teams amongst all
group companies for better project performance, Nuqul Group Project Management Office (PMO) developed an award for the “I master” driver in relation to
project performance.
Nuqul Tissue Energy and
selected from amongst all
submitted projects as the
two best projects, winning
the PMO award that was
announced on 11th April
2014 at the Group Head
Congratulations to both NT Jordan ERP and Energy project teams for this
Nuqul Tissue Jordan IMS Certificate Renewal
Nuqul Tissue Jordan (NTJ) succeeded in passing the renewal audit of IMS (ISO
9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007) for the coming three
years. The re-assessment by Lloyd’s auditors during the period from 13-15th
May 2014 confirm that both Al-Keena and Snobar Hygienic Paper Mills comply
with all certificate requirements, ensuring that the system is meeting its
specified objectives.
NT Jordan Management commitment to customer satisfaction
The Al-Keena & Al-Snobar top management of Nuqul Tissue Jordan (NTJ) met
at the Amman Crown Plaza Hotel on 5th March 2014 to discuss the performance
of all departments in 2013 as compared
to performances in 2012. The
meeting’s input included follow-up
actions from the previous meeting,
results of internal audits, as well as
complete Customer Satisfaction survey
analysis. The Management committee
agreed to all decisions and actions
needed to improve NT systems effectiveness in a way that would strengthen our
relationship with customers, and increase their satisfaction towards provided
products and services.
Pulp Week May 2014
The International Pulp Week (IPW) event is organized by the Pulp and Paper Products Council (PPPC). It brings together the world's leading producers of market
pulp, suppliers, logistic companies, financial institutions and their customers for a
first-rate information and networking opportunity. This event aims to service the
pulp market industry by allowing for a multitude of business meetings and
networking opportunities that would otherwise require travel to several continents.
NT team attended the Press and
Analyst Briefing by PPPC & Market
Pulp Open Forum, in addition to
several meetings with the pulp group
partners. Mr Hani Nuqul (Chief
Nuqul Tissue Officer), Mr Hasan
Rimawi (NG Chief Operation
Officer) and Mr Hadi Sayess (NT
Supply Chain Manager) attended this event that took place in Chicago (USA)
from May 4-7, 2014.
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