Essences of Competition – Michael Jordan

Essences of Competition – Michael Jordan
When I step onto the court, I’m ready to play. And if you’re
playing against me, then you’d better be ready too. If you’re not
going to compete, then I’ll dominate you. If it’s going to be, I’ll
let you score and you let me score,” then no thanks. It’s not good
basketball. Basketball is about competition. That’s the essence of
the game. If you’re letting somebody score on you and he’s letting
you score on him, like an all-star game or something like that, then
that’s no competing. Then it’s just a show and exhibition with
everybody acting like they’re playing. If that’s a show, an
exhibition with everybody acting like they’re playing. If that’s the
case, I’d rather not play.
That’s just my nature and the nature of my preparation. That’s why
when I need to dig deep inside myself, I can do that because I’ve
done it before and it’s part of my preparation. I’ve been to that
place before. I know where it’s at, how to get there and what it
feels like to go deep inside for that extra push or pull I might need.
A lot of other guys, when they start digging deep, they say to
themselves, “Hey I don’t need this. It’s only a game. “That drives
me nuts; I can’t play with anybody like that. Yes, it’s a game, but
the object of the game is to win. Now I know a lot of other people
might approach it another way. They might think “It’s only a
game and you are supposed to have fun, so you shouldn’t make a
game larger than life.” I don’t agree with that. If I’m going to
play, then when I walk in between those white lines, I’m going to
play to win. I’m not out there just to be playing. That’s just not
me. That’s not my attitude.”
Michael Jordan, Rare Air