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February 2014
JRK Westcliff
P: (303) 657-2730 E: [email protected] Web: WestcliffApartment.com
Do you have questions about utilities or rent balances?
Access the Resident Portal for small balances throughout the month and
on/after the 1st for rent balances. Go to www.WestcliffApartment.com
and select the Resident tab. From there you can register for use. It takes
the office approximately 24 hrs. or less to approve.
From here you can pay rent online, access important notices from the
office, get notified of resident events and/or emergency notices, email the
office and place work orders. It is a one stop shop to find
anything/everything for our residents.
Upcoming Events
Keep updated with February’s
Resident Happenings using
both our Facebook Page and
Resident Calendar through the
Resident Portal.
Sign Up on the Portal by February 1, 2014 for a chance to
win $50 towards dinner and a movie!
Avoid Being Towed
IMPORTANT NOTICE Pertaining to Carports:
Effective February 7, 2014 all residents parking in a carport will be required to
display a new parking sticker on the front driver side windshield of their vehicle.
We are asking that all residents who currently park in a carport come into the
office prior to February 1st to pick up their permit.
Any/all vehicles parked in a carport without a proper permit sticker will
be towed at the vehicle owner’s expense.
Why leave your car uncovered
this winter…
As a friendly reminder to all
residents, all expired tags (temp.
tags do not have a 30-day grace
period), improperly parked, flat
tires, double parked or illegally
parked vehicles will be towed at
the vehicle owner’s expense.
Please take time to make sure
that your tags are current and
that vehicles are properly parked
to avoid being towed.
Rent a carport today!
Contact the office today for more details!
Should you have questions please
contact the office.
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