Garage or Carport GFA Zoning Regulations

Garage or Carport GFA Zoning Regulations- 48 Durie Street
Theodore: At your request, I have reviewed the City of Toronto Zoning By-laws
and have met with City Building Staff to assess the possibility of constructing
either a carport or garage at the rear of the above noted property.
I also visited the property to understand how access through the City laneway is
maintained and to review what other carports or garages may have been
constructed on adjacent properties.
My summary observations are as follows:
Both carports, which are described in zoning terms as
ancillary buildings, and garages are permitted uses.
There are various regulations which govern the maximum
size and height permitted and their required location or setback
from the house.
The City Zoning By-law also addresses a requirement with
respect to the amount of green landscaping that needs to be
maintained at the rear portion of residential properties.
Any decks or sunroofs that would be constructed would also
be subject to zoning regulations that govern their size, setbacks
from the house and how and whether they could be attached to or
extend over a carport or garage roof.
As there are several existing garages constructed on the rear
lots of adjacent properties, this in my opinion helps to establish a
precedence for similar construction at 48 Durie Street.
It would be my recommendation that construction drawings for a proposed
carport or garage be prepared by a qualified architect or architect technologist so
that they can be reviewed thoroughly with City Building staff.
Subject to that review, it may be necessary to submit a minor variance
application to the City to adjust some of the zoning regulations in order to obtain
a final building permit from the City.
On behalf of the property owners, we would be prepared to submit the necessary
drawings and applications to the City in order to secure final permissions to
construct either a carport or garage.
Our observations and opinion here are based only on preliminary considerations
and not with the benefit of having detailed drawings available for our review.
Finally we would be available to meet with the property owners to discuss these
matters, including cost of any applications to the City, in more detail.
-Further to your request and my E mail to you yesterday, the City Zoning By-law
569-2013 contains the following regulations covering Gross Floor Area
Section allows the gross floor area of a residential building to
be reduced by the area of required parking spaces in the building; and
Section indicates the gross floor area of ancillary buildings
(carports) are not included for the purposed of calculating the gross floor area
and floor space index of the residential building.
There is a further regulation listed in Section which limits the total
floor area of all ancillary buildings on a lot to 40 sq m where lot frontages are less
than 12.0 metres as it is in this case.
We would interpret these regulations to mean that garages and or carports are
not included in the Gross Floor Area calculations of this residential property.
I hope this information is helpful.
Thank you
Chris Stoyanovich, MCIP, RPP
Senior Associate
Macaulay Shiomi Howson Ltd.
[email protected]
416.487.4101 x305
600 Annette Street
Toronto, Ontario
M6S 2C4 Canada