IMPERIUM EUROPA has always supported the unity of all European peoples.
However we are determined to change the present mercantile EU into a Nova Europa
A Europe based on long standing and imperishable Values and Traditions;
Values that address, and even surpass Economics and Finance.
Values that adhere harmoniously to Nature’s laws, apparently lost - however
embedded deep in the collective human subconscious.
Nova Europa
The Europe we aspire to is a Europe of free Regions and Peoples.
Regions formed organically as opposed to the artificial territorial lines on the map
representing the Nation states.
These regions will better retain their values, traditions, dialects and Regional laws,
specifically tailored to the needs of each particular people.
Laws that are not enacted by bureaucrats in far-away Brussels; who are often
inconsiderate of Regional Traditions and aspirations - Laws which instead evolve from
the common ground of harmonious ethics; norms that predate the current mercantile
We believe that each individual is entitled to personal values, as long as they do not
impose their own on others.
We believe in the complete division of State and Religion.
High Culture
We stand for a High Culture passed onto us by our ancestors in the Arts, Music, Theatre,
Poetry and Architecture.
Notwithstanding the above, we embrace and encourage innovations in the field of
Technology, the hallmark of our Civilization.
High Culture stands in complete contrast to the soulless concrete jungles that have
replaced traditional architecture; the cacophony that has taken the place of Classical
and Popular music.
We also disapprove of most of the activities that are corrupting the young minds with
faulty ideologies that, rather than instilling knowledge, dignity and perseverance, is
stripping them of their innocence and corrupting their intelligence.
Recent breakthroughs combining the latest scientific techniques with organic,
traditional farming methods can make our Europe abundantly self-sufficient in food,
without negative environmental consequences.
Such a return to Nature fosters an appreciation of the environment, and a subsequent
architecture in harmony with the land.
We plan to encourage the noble tradition of organic farming, free from genetic
modification or any form of artificial interference; this will in turn provide wholesome
food for all.
We intend to preserve and protect our islands and stop the further scarification of our
Since 1967 we have witnessed the gradual decline of this once Paradise Island: a steady
ribbon development of concrete cubicles with no regard to skyline or valley.
We intend to restore Malta to Melita, land of honey.
We do not believe in ‘equality’ but, we believe that each person is unique with
particular aptitudes, skills and abilities.
We believe in encouraging brighter minds to achieve their full potential without the
burden of mainstream indoctrination.
We aim to foster in our Children the same love and respect for traditional values that
our own grandfathers taught us to cherish.
We approve of an education which enables our Youth to build Character with a sense
of History, Cultural Identity & National Pride.
The educational process should not simply entail the “blind replication of Curricula”
Mens sana in corpore sano
We believe in life-long educational programmes in order to encourage health and
The financial burden of healthcare is best remedied by encouraging traditional values
in health, sport and education.
We believe in free-enterprise and the old maxim that ‘good competition never did
anybody any harm’.
The less interference in the free play of forces the better.
We do not believe that Europe requires large numbers of foreign workers.
Europe is perfectly capable of providing for her People with her People, as history has
shown us.
Our ageing population should be cared for by the same community they helped to
Young couples should have tax incentives to promote larger families.
Animal dignity
The level of evolution of a society can be gauged by the way it treats its animals.
We are against all forms of cruelty to animals.
Animals are not meant to entertain humans and should be afforded the dignity they
Animals used for human consumption must be slaughtered humanely; therefore all
kosher and halal food should be banned.
International Affairs
Europe must not meddle in the affairs of other countries.
These costly adventures, in the near and far East and Africa, earn us no friends and
breed resentful enemies.
Europe must defend its borders and secure its Peoples.
Above all, Europe should distance itself from America’s wars for ‘democracy’ and never
again indulge in fratricidal war.
Racial and cultural identity must be preserved – if they are lost, everything is lost.
Europeans need to preserve that which makes them European.
Millions of third world citizens are entering and squatting in Europe illegally.
Their sense of parenthood is vastly different to the European model.
This is resulting in the displacement of Europeans from their own homelands.
We do not believe in burden sharing since this simply exacerbates the problem.
We believe in a resolute, push-back policy coupled with repatriation of those already
in Europe.
We are resolutely against any public funding towards integration of illegal immigrants.
This is a waste of money as history and statistics have shown that they are as proud of
their culture and tradition as Europe should be of its own.
We will firmly stand by what we say; we will be uncompromising in our Principles:
Let us preserve our values, traditions and culture.
Magna Europa est Patria Nostra!
The Imperium Europa IDEA!
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Baldacchino Arlette
Galea Antoine
Lowell Norman
Campaign Manager
Adriano Spiteri