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World Wind Europa Challenge
Inspiring Solutions For A More Sustainable World
What Is the Europa Challenge?
The annual Europa Challenge provides the opportunity for Europe's best and
brightest to deliver sustainable geospatial solutions that serve the European
community, advancing career opportunities for those who accept the challenge.
How to Win?
There are two ways to win, as a university project or as a professional project.
Winners will be hosted at the 2015 FOSS4G-Europe in Como,
Italy, 14-17 July.
University Team Project
Build an application that serves the INSPIRE Directive and uses NASA's open
source virtual globe technology, World Wind. You must first establish a team of
three to five students, from a single university, with any mix of undergraduate,
graduate and PhD students. Each team must have a mentor. The mentor can be a
professor, an associate or assistant professor. Together you design and build a
geospatial application that serves local, regional, national or international interests
as guided by the INSPIRE Directive,
Professional Team Project
Industry can also compete in the professional category with the same criteria as
above only there is no limit on team members or any mentor requirement.
Here is a great opportunity to showcase your company’s talents, while providing
advanced technology leadership to the European community.
The UN has the Herculean task to manage an entire world of BIG data. For those
solutions to be sustainable, the work ahead must collaboratively address common
geospatial issues. World Wind technology provides the ideal platform for
collaborative work to develop increasingly more sophisticated tools that manage
and analyse spatial data for better decision-making and sharing.
Inspiring Solutions For A More Sustainable World
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”
-Eleanor Roosevelt, UN Delegate and American First Lady
What Is NASA World Wind?
World Wind Java / iOS Android / JavaScript provide the virtual globe technology
and tools for visually managing spatial data. World Wind is open source and can be
plugged into any application, to experience spatial data in context.
Volume on terrain
Video on terrain
Data Formats (unlimited)
Shapefile GeoRSS RPF
JPEG (+2k)
NMEA etc…
Scientific Committee
World Wind