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Dear Public User:
We are excited to announce the launch of our new on-line facilities scheduling tool offered through eSchool
View. This will enable you to schedule all of your facilities use requests without all of the paperwork previously
involved. Due to space requirements and size of groups, the Business Office will continue to allocate space for
Nordonia Youth Basketball, St. Barnabas Athletic Association, Buckeye Volleyball and Nordonia Hills Athletic
Association (please see reservation form below).
If you do not have access to a computer, Use of Facilities Forms are still available in each building and at the
Board Office. Please allow two weeks for processing time.
To reserve your spaces on-line, please create a Public User Account at
You will need a current Certificate of Liability Insurance to complete your request. If you are requesting space
for a Girl Scout Troop affiliated with the Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio, please upload your current membership
card. The certificate and roster of associated troop leaders is already on file in the Business Office.
All rules, regulations and pricing information are available at our new website. Your group will be invoiced for
labor fees when custodial overtime is incurred, when kitchen staffing is required, and when snow plowing is
necessary to open a building specifically for your event. Additional fees are applicable for use of the auditorium
and Boliantz Stadium as outlined at the website.
To reserve your space(s), simply choose the desired location, facility, date and time as prompted. Multiple
spaces and/or dates can be entered at once by selecting “check availability and add” before entering all
pertinent event details and “submitting your request.” For example, you need the gym, the cafeteria and a
classroom. Simply enter one location right after the other and complete the information requested. If the
requested space and time is available and logistics can be accommodated by District staff, you will receive a
series of approvals via email. Please be sure to validate your contract as indicated in your approval message.
As unforeseen circumstances sometimes do arise, we may on occasion need to make adjustments to your
reservations. In that event, you may receive either a call from your requested building or an email though the
facilities scheduling system.
Feel free to disseminate this information to those in your organizations who will be responsible for coordinating
space requirements for your meetings and events. Please contact the Business Office at 330-467-0588 with any
questions regarding this new system.
Thank you.
Nordonia Hills City School District
Request for Use of District Gymnasiums / Fields
Name of Organization
NYB / NHAA / St. Barnabas BB or VB / Buckeye VB / Freedom Sports
Name of Coordinator
Billing Address
______________________ ____________________________________
eMail Address
Building Gym or Field Requested (one form per unit)
Lee Eaton
Middle School
High School
Blue Jay SB
Blue Jay BB
Days and Times Requested (choose all that apply)
Date Activities Begin
(weekend custodian overtime required in gyms)
___ Date Activities Conclude _
Special notes regarding event set up. Please note all equipment needed.
I agree to abide by all District rules and regulations concerning use of facilities as outlined in Board Policy
7510. I also agree to pay for any custodian and/or maintenance staff overtime wages or damages resulting
from the use of District gymnasiums by members of the aforementioned group. I understand that an
updated certificate of insurance naming the Nordonia Hills CSD as additional insured must be on file in the
Business Office prior to use of the facilities.
Signature of Event Coordinator _______________________________________________________
24 hour notice of cancellation required. Please contact the appropriate Building Foreman.
Principal Approval ____________________
Athletic Director Apvl _________________
Blackout Dates
Business Director Approval __________________
Insurance Expiration Date __________________