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Run Training
Get off that treadmill and take on some hills! 4km of running, taking in
some of the many sights to see around Fremantle, as well as some of the
bigger staircases, just to disrupt your pace and blow out those legs. This
leg is expected to take most competitors between 15 – 25min. With that
in mind, if training specifically for the Trail Run leg, you would want to
keep continuous training runs within these time constraints. There is
nothing wrong with doing an hour running session, but maybe mix it up
with a few shorter intervals within the session. Keep an eye out for hills
as the Urban Adventure Race approaches, as sprinting up a short incline
with a slow jog/walk recovery for multiple repetitions is a great way to
get prepared for anything you may be dealt. Be prepared for a touch of
sand and a technical rocky section in this leg as well!
The best thing about running is that you need very little to get involved!
A good pair of shoes is a must, a hat to keep those harmful rays off your
face, the open road, and you’re set! A heart rate monitor or a GPS watch
can also come in handy if you want to train to a certain heart rate
threshold or have an ideal run leg time in mind. However, these
instruments are not vital.
With most of your training spent outside, sunscreen is a must! Make
sure you are SunSmart, as you will not achieve your best if you are sun
burnt and you end up damaging your skin from over exposure to the
Other Training
Whilst there is no better training for the Trail Run than waking up early
and running around your suburb, boosting your overall fitness and
strength will also be beneficial! Lifting weights and boxing are fantastic
ways of strengthening your lungs and muscles. So come on down to
Fitness Results North Fremantle and take part in one of our 14 weekly
classes! Even better, come and join our Wednesday 6am Run Club, held
every week, rain, hail or shine! Check out our timetable now!