Alice Ott Middle School

SUN Community School Profile 2010
Alice Ott Middle School
Lead Agency: Portland Parks and Recreation
Service Area & Target Groups/Focus
Children, adults and families who are homeless, living in poverty and/or at risk of academic failure –
primarily from school neighborhood, but services are open to anyone.
School Population: 746 students; Grades 6-8; 75% Free and Reduced Lunch; 19% ELL
40% Students of Color (Hispanic 16%, Asian/Pacific Islander 17%, Black 8%, Native American 3%,
Multi-racial 6%, White 60%)
Core Services 2009-10
Extended-Day Activities (children and adults)
Academic Support
Homework Club
Tutoring individual students
Math Lab
Radical Reading Club
Art Club
Computer Club
Fashion Design
Walk and Healthy Snack making
Summer Programs
Camps: Science, Math, Art and
Lunch program
Theme camps:
“Amazing Race”
Latino Club
Russian Club
Girls Group
Red Cross Babysitting Training
Girls Self Defense
Community/Cultural Events
Family Nights:
Academic Success Wkshop
Safety at home
Internet safety
Fun nights- open gym, bingo
Breakfast Books & Bagels
GED in Spanish for Adults
Reach group (community
awareness & service projects)
Husky Pack (student leadershipschool events)
Service Projects:
Humane Society
Oregon Food Bank
Nursing Home
Courtyard garden
Flag Football
Ping Pong
Adult Education
Ballroom Dance
Swing Dance
Line Dance
Tai Chi
Family Education & Engagement
Daily communication with parents
Parent Meetings & Activities (Parent Booster Club)
Family Education: Home Weatherization Workshop, Computer classes, Dance classes
Family Activities: Family Nights, Back to School Night, Basketball Events, Choir/Band Nights,
Hunter Education.
Case Management & Skill Building
Touchstone Case Management and Skill Building Groups
Russian Impact NW- caseload of students
System Coordination, Service Integration & Site Management
Recruitment and connection of students and families with services; development of referral
SUN CS Advisory Body (school staff, parents, students, and partner agencies)
Partner Meetings
Student Staffing Meetings
Site Management in Out-of-School Time
Partner and Resource Development
15 Community Agency &
275 volunteer hours contributed
Business Partners
$4,500 leveraged in cash & in-kind donations
Additional Services
Culturally Specific Services
SUN News
Case Management and Skill Building Groups
Health Services
School-Based Health Clinic
Library Services
Evaluation 2008-09
276 youth served
33% students of color
74% qualified for free and reduced lunch
A GED class for Spanish speaking
adults attracted 10 students. The class
was held in Spanish and the students
spent the time preparing to take the GED
test. They will go as a group to Mt Hood
Community College to take the test.
Students in the sewing and cooking
for animals club made throw rugs for the
animals and baked dog biscuits and then
delivered them to the Oregon Humane
Society on a field trip to tour the facility.
3496 people served in non-enrollment events
(family educational nights, cultural fairs, etc.)
78% of students increased benchmark scores in Reading
78% of students increased benchmark scores in Math
Average daily attendance of SUN CS students was 96%
According to teachers, of students who regularly attended SUN CS:
69% improved classroom academic performance
73% improved getting homework in on time
68% had a more positive attitude toward school
54% improved finding alternative resolutions to problems
SUN Community Schools are a collaboration of Multnomah County Department of Human Services, the
State of Oregon, the City of Portland Parks and Recreation, nonprofits and local school districts