Board Jan - the jefferson county missouri amateur radio club

Jefferson County Amateur Radio Club Board Meeting Minutes January 12, 2015 The meeting was called to order by Vice President WB0MHU (presiding in absence of President KB0WBQ} at 6:05 PM with the following members and visitors present: WB0MHU,WA0FQK,KA0MEB,KD0IQP,WA0YZW,W0GEF,W0CLK,KD0EPA,AA0LM,and N0CYF. It was noted that the treasury of the club totaled: $2,436.47. Old business included discussions on the club’s insurance renewal and possible switch to that offered through the ARRL. WB0MHU noted that upon his checking, the club was last an active member of the ARRL in 2012 but, once affiliated a club was always affiliated and only active or inactive. The board decided to table any further discussion until the plan offered by the ARRL is examined. A motion was made by WA0FQK and seconded by WA0YZW that the 2015 club field day event be again held at Sunridge Park. The vote was unanimous in favor. New business included a lengthy discussion of the mechanics and costs of printing and mailing of a club qsl card. It was determined that a paper qsl card mailed was the preferable method as opposed to e-­‐qsl or e-­‐mail. The club at the general meeting on January 3, 2015 voted almost unanimously to proceed with this form of membership promotion. A motion was made by WA0YZW and seconded by W0CLK that the club initially start this project with a $100.00 budget for printing and mailing approximately 100 cards to a selected group of non-­‐
member amateurs in Jefferson County, Missouri. This motion passed unanimously. Before the meeting adjourned a discussion ensued as to the character of our Monday night ARES net as to whether it actually served its stated purpose. Many ideas were presented as to how to expand on the emergency premise with regards to message enhancement. With no further pending business the meeting was adjourned at 7:20 PM. Respectfully submitted: AA0LM