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Worcester Ukulele Club Annual General Meeting
22nd January 2014 held at Drummonds
Welcome & introductions
Lorry Weston opened the meeting at 7.30.
Andy Chandler, Andy Tonkinson, Bill Burton, Chris Everton, Colin Box,
Dave Pygott, Eirlys Hughes, Emma Buckingham, Gary Kelly, John
Stafford, Liz Kirby, Lorry Weston, Lyn Snook, Mark Whittall-Williams,
Patrick Tansey, Paul Nixon, Peter Tooke, Robert Bilsland, Roy Winfield,
Sue Abrams, Tom Watson.
Justin Bryant, Wilf Tomaney, Gez Griggs, Rob Slater.
Quorum met.
Lorry Weston proposed Colin Box as temporary chair for the purposes of
the meeting. Agreed by the meeting.
Club constitution
Gary Kelly proposed that the constitution as circulated was accepted by
the membership, Sue Abrams seconded and the meeting agreed.
The constitution will be signed in due course and a copy will be put on
the club website.
Committee Members
The constitution specified 7 committee members and just 7 volunteers
had come forward therefore no election was necessary. The
volunteers are Bill Burton, Colin Box, Lorry Weston, Gary Kelly, Tom
Watson, Liz Kirby and Gez Griggs. Chris Everton proposed that the
volunteers become the committee, Emma Buckingham seconded and the
meeting agreed.
The committee will decide which posts they each will hold in due course.
Financial Update
As acting treasurer Tom Watson gave his report.
Income from the weekly subs in hand £822
Money from playing : £569 + £40 received at the meeting.
Donation made to the hospice
Misc expenses
The money raised from the Christmas Fayre was sent direct to charity
and amounted to approx £470
Future Plans
These will be discussed in depth by the committee but some ideas under
consideration are a workshop by Manitoba Hal, a performance by Phil
Doleman, beginners workshops, club open mic nights, a BBQ, a
Christmas party and the production of a club CD. If any club member
has other ideas they should approach any of the committee.
The calendar on the website will be updated as appropriate as any
events are organised.
Committee positions will be sorted out by 28th February 2014.
Dave Pygott raised the issue of songlists not being challenging enough
for the more proficient players and a discussion ensued. The committee
will discuss the matter further and advise the membership accordingly.
Meeting closed.