Hi Folks
A very big thank you to all who found the time to attend one of the Development Meetings - 78 people attended which was fantastic and the largely positive discussions were even
better. Just thought I would take a moment to recap on some of the main points raised. I have also attached the presentation for reference.
Presentation Night and Xmas handicaps are very well organised but we could do with:
More social events for kids, adults and families.
Explore making attending league meetings more social for parents - provide refreshments etc
Introduction of Twitter and using Google Forms are a big step forward but still room for improvement.
Web site looking tired - hot topic!
Athlete selection information needs an overhaul - hot topic!
Discussion centred around declaring availability and team selection - all needs to be done quicker and more transparent than the current system.
Still lacking on knowing of who does what in terms of training groups - hot topic.
Groups operating independently.- Cross group training?
Need to build on club spirit.
A few have been in contact since the meetings to share various thoughts on the topics we discussed, so feel free to do likewise.
I was also asked post meeting what being on the committee involves in terms of commitment etc, but to save this email rambling on I will cover that in another mail
As indicated during the meetings there are a lot of very good ideas out there but they all take someone to say - 'I will help do that'. The AGM will take place on Wed 28th @ 7 pm in
the Clubhouse please come along and offer your help to take your club to even higher levels.
Kind Regards
Highlights continued
• Satellite training group launched in 2014.
• SAL are very complimentary to the work and projects undertaken,
with the club often being asked to present at various conferences.
• Mark Munro (National Development Manager) describes FVH “as one
of the most forward thinking and proactive clubs around”
• Work so far is good and credit goes to many people.
• But it is only just scratching the surface, to allow us to really progress
further we need new ideas and engage more members/parents
What Next?
Some investigations currently underway include.
• Retention of 16 – 25 year olds (in competing, coaching, officiating etc)
• Athlete Pathway
• Governance
• Engaging more “core” volunteers
• Committee Revamp
We want your views on the following
• Communication – website, social media, general club info
• Social Events
• Competition – leagues, district/national event’s, club champ’s
• Anything else?
Proposed Committee Changes
• Reduce the size but ensure topics properly discussed and decisions
• Create more focused individual roles – Coordinators.
• Coordinators directly mentored by Office Bearer or CTO and main role
will be to recruit volunteers and form sub groups to help deliver tasks.
• Conveyor belt.
• Structure - Office Bearers (4) plus coordinators for Competition,
Communication, Admin (2?), RTH, Social. Plus two co-opted
• All needs AGM approval.
It would be great to have an idea of Volunteers for the various roles
prior to the AGM – members, parents, family or friends or at the very
least an indication who is willing to help in the various areas – sub
• Journey
• Questions