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Volume 1, Issue 10.
Breakfast Rotary
Chartered: March 1991
District 6220
45 Members Strong!
End Polio Now
May 2014
A Chat With...Regina Bergh
An ongoing series of monthly interviews with our fascinating
club members. Get to know your fellow Rotarians better!
Your career in accounting has
1,185,074 Rotarians Worldwide! taken you from Makela Toutant
to LSI Railroad to MGH and recently to Upper Peninsula Health
Important Dates in May:
Plan (UPHP) as their new CFO.
What has that journey been like?
1st: Club Meeting. Topic: TBD After high school, I attended NMU
and enrolled in business classes. I
3rd: Highway Clean-up. 9 am.
hadn’t thought about becoming a
Meet at Mqt. Mountain parking CPA until my adviser, Tom Buchl
lot off Co. Rd 553. Bring
(former member of Breakfast Rogloves.
tary and past District Governor)
recommended it. I am glad I took
8th: Club Meeting. Program:
his advice. It is an excellent career
Community Grant Distributions
path that allowed me to move up
the ladder quickly in public ac11th: Mother’s Day. Don’t forcounting. As an auditor, I had
exposure to other businesses and
networks – which provided even
12th: Jen & Jim Huetter ♥
more opportunity. LS& I was a
client and offered me a position. I
15th: Club Meeting. Program:
moved to the healthcare field in
Community Grant Distributions.
2002 as the Director of Finance at
Marquette General Hospital
22nd: Club Meeting. Program:
(MGH) and was subsequently proCommunity Grant Distributions.
moted to VP of Finance. From the
fall of 2011 to late 2012, I was very
24th: Linda O’Brien
involved in the due diligence pro28th: Board Meeting. 7:15 am at cess of MGH seeking a buyer and
eventually being acquired by Duke
the Landmark Inn. All welcome.
LifePoint (DLP). DLP made a significant commitment to the com28th: Laurie & Kevin Schmit ♥
munity in future healthcare facility and equipment dollars and phy29th: Club Meeting. Program:
sician recruitment dollars. Change
Club Day.
is hard, but I am proud of what we
accomplished. I do believe that at
31st: Roger & Mary Bentlage ♥
the end of the day, when all is
Coming up in June: Collection
settled, people will say it is a good
for the Salvation Army.
thing for our community.
What changes are you seeing in
There is no cure for birth or
the Health Care Industry?
death save to enjoy the interval. Healthcare today has been described as the Wild West. I’ve
-George Santayana, Philosopher
worked for a provider (MGH) and
now work for a payer (UPHP).
Thanks to Roger for sharing the
Health Care companies, whether
book, “Quotations to Cheer You
providers or payers are trying to
do more with less. Reimburse-
ment rates are declining. But the
goal is better health for everyone.
All parties – the provider, payer
and most importantly the patient,
need to win for the system to
When you have precious free
time, what activities are a priority for you? I love to play Tennis. I
played in high school and in 1980
won the #2 Singles Division at the
U.P. Finals. I play twice a week,
once on my own and another night
after work as a member of a doubles tennis league that plays at the
new U.P. SportsPlex. This weekend I play in a tournament!
For you, what is the best part
about being a Rotarian? I am not
a morning person. It’s the people
in the Breakfast Rotary Club that
get me there! I have the utmost
respect for my fellow members.
They are friendly, unpretentious
people. No gossiping, not cliquish,
always positive. I remember Carolyn saying when something bad
happens she just makes lemonade
out of lemons.
I like what Rotary stands for and
the experiences I’ve had. I’ve partnered with Paul Hein for many
years to organize the speakers and
programs we host. In the past I
was involved with organizing the
Group Study Exchange Team visits. Around 2006, my husband Carl
and I hosted Macarena (Maka), a
Rotary Youth Exchange student
from Argentina. We still communicate via Facebook. And every
morning I drink Yerba Mate tea. It
is a South American tea that Maka
introduced me to.
Describe your childhood in 30
words or less. I am the baby,
Momma’s girl. I was very shy.
Nicknamed Nina. Three siblings.
My Father was a State Police
Officer. Grew up in St. Ignace and
Negaunee. Married young.
Describe a typical day in your life.
At UPHP, I get to interact daily with
a lot of enthusiastic, engaged and
positive young professionals. I love
their energy!
If you had just one (1) more hour in
each day, what would you do with
it? Lie in bed and read a good book!
What interesting books have you
read lately that you would recommend? I am reading ‘Little Failure’
by Gary Shteyngart. I belong to the
Twisted Sister book club and it is
our current selection. We meet
once a month. I have always enjoyed reading historical fiction – you
learn as you enjoy!
What is the most daring thing you
have ever done? I don’t like amusement park rides. In fact I HATE
them. So I make myself ride them.
A few years ago I was at Great
America with my daughter Britney
and we rode an extreme roller
coaster ride. It was super fast, with
crazy loops. By the end of the ride I
was crying and crawling out of the
car. But I did it. Don’t think I’ll do it
again. But maybe.
Share a personal philosophy with
us. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more grateful and appreciative of my blessings. I am more
forgiving of myself. I try to experience joy, even in sorrow.
Regina and her husband Carl live in
Negaunee with their 3 dogs and cat.
Their son CJ lives in Montana and
daughter Britney attends NMU.
Marquette Breakfast Ro
PO Box 266
Marquette, MI 49855
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Weekly breakfast meetings:
Thursdays at 7:15 am
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2013-2014 Board of Directors:
Leanne Simmons, President
Cathy Enright, President Elect
Mary Erbisch, Treasurer
Dave Luoma, Secretary
Bill Ferns
Jenny Webb
Johanna Novak
Jeff Cox
Bob Stephenson, Past President
Aloha! Marquette is
pretty in the
spring! I laid on the
deck for the
first time today! Sn
ow is leaving
town! My April was
filled with
amazing events.
I went to the Aloha
state, HAWAII for a
week from April 8 th
to 16 th. It was 70 to
80 degrees and it wa
s so comfortable fo
me. I stayed there
with about 30 other
exchange students
the US. I enjoyed sn
orkeling and surfing
. Snorkeling at the
Hanauma Bay was aw
esome. Water was
so clear and beautiful. I saw many color
ful fish by the reef.
rned how to surf
in Hawaii. Learning
surfing was one of th
rdest things because I’m tiny, and
I was moved a lot by
tired when I came ba
ves. I was so
ck to the beach. We
went to the Diamon
Head, Pearl Harbor
, shopping, and lying
on the beach. I had
amazing extra sprin
g break.
I had my first Easte
r in the US. We mad
e bunny butter cook
and painted Easter
Eggs! I’ve never ex
perienced icing the
ie. It was so much fu
cookn. I was so happy wh
en I found my Easte
r basket in the mornin
My first Prom is com
ing this weekend, 26 th
. And The Governor
at the beginning of
Conference will be
May. I’m looking fo
rward these events!
From Bob’s Archives: A step back in time. Each month we’ll look back over 10 years and
see what Bob was informing (or humoring) us about. From the May 2004 newsletter:
The Club will present a plaque to Sawyer International Airport on Wednesday,
May 5th at 1PM which will document our donation of the children’s play equipment. Good photo opportunity for anyone who would like to attend.
Club News
Fundraiser and Community Event:
‘Discover Sawyer’. This new event and
fundraiser will be held at Sawyer on August 16th. Our club has committed to provide volunteer labor in exchange for the
receipt of the net proceeds. Plan to participate!
Resignation: Chris Drumm has regrettably resigned effective March 31st.
New Member: Welcome to Ellen
Weingarten! Her sponsor is Tina Hall.
Induction date TBD.
Cherry Creek School, our adopted
school, decided to use their $1000 allocation for updated counseling materials.
RYE Student Update: Per Roger, things
are falling into place for Fern, our new
inbound exchange student from Bangkok.
She is enrolled in MAPS and is getting her
required vaccinations. Two host families
are secured with a third still needed.
District Grants: Our club has met the
minimum contribution per member to the
Rotary Foundation and is eligible for District Grants.
Fishboil Update from Beth & Gary:
May 15 is the target
date to finalize LIVE
auction items. Email
your item information
to Laura Reilly soon.
Updates on other LIVE
auction items: Char
Gaudreau is collecting each member’s favorite DVD for the Blu-Ray/DVD package.
Jennifer Huetter is collecting bottles of
wine from members for the Wine Rack/
Wine Collection. Beth had three members take her up on her offer to coordinate
and shop for an item, selecting the
Keweenaw Mountain weekend package.
Don’t hesitate to ask for her assistance!
Terry Huffman confirmed with the Liquor
Commission that only wine is allowed for
the LIVE or SILENT auction.
Discussion is taking place on how to make
our event more “green” and while it may
cost us more, it is valuable to pursue. We
are also exploring securing a larger, single
tent with sides to be used in case of inclement weather.
As we go into May, we want to secure volunteers to coordinate key functions during
the auction. We still have a few holes to
fill. If you have not signed up for a position, see either of us. The sign-up sheet
will be circulating weekly. We are such a
small club that we often have to take on
multiple roles for the event… so, “ALL
HANDS ON DECK!” on June 28.
The Four-Way Test: Of the things we think, say or do: 1. Is it the TRUTH? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned? 3. Will it build GOODWILL
and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
Submit news and feedback for the newsletter to editor Kathy Leone. Email: [email protected]