UNC Rex Go Live Travel Policy Final - Optimum Healthcare IT

UNC Rex Go-Live Travel Policy
Expense Reimbursement:
Consultant will be reimbursed for qualified business-related expenses upon submission of
a properly-completed and approved expense report.
Original Receipts - All amounts on the Expense Report must be supported by original
receipts. Consultant shall submit original receipts, in an organized manner.
Reimbursement - Consultant must submit reimbursable items on properly - completed and
approved Expense Report based on the following schedule:
Hours/Expenses through 7/5 due 7/7 at 8:00 AM EDT.
Hours worked through 7/5 paid on 7/11
Expenses through 7/5 paid on 7/25
Disputes due 7/28 paid on 8/1
All travel (airfare, hotel, etc.) must be arranged through a preferred travel agency
(“Caldwell Travel").
1. Air Travel
Air travel is limited to coach and should be coordinated through Caldwell Travel. All
airfare costs will be invoiced to Optimum by Caldwell Travel and therefore should not be
included on the expense report. Caldwell Travel has been instructed to obtain the lowest
airfare available. Consultant should be flexible in travel times when significant savings
can be realized.
Optimum HIT will not reimburse for tickets purchased due to missed flights.
Fees for one checked bag each to RDU and one checked bag returning home will be
2. Ground Transportation
Hotel shuttles will be used for transportation to from RDU and assigned hotels.
(Upon arrival, proceed to baggage claim where there is a courtesy phone to call your
respective hotel for pick up. Please visit the information booth in the airport with any
questions around this process)
3. Lodging
Optimum will be directly invoiced for the hotel and therefore lodging should not
be included on the expense report. Personal expenses (refrigerators, movies,
snacks, beverages, health club, gift shop, etc.) under no circumstance should be
included in the hotel bill. These expenses are considered personal expenses and
are to be paid by the consultant.
Consultants will be required to provide a personal credit card upon check in
for incidentals.
UNC Rex Go-Live Travel Policy
2. Meals
Consultant will be reimbursed a daily per diem of $56.00 while traveling overnight.
Consultant will receive a travel day per diem of $42.00. To be reimbursed, per diems must
be submitted for each day on an expense report.
5. Mileage, Parking and Tolls.
Those who live within 350 miles of the client site may drive their personal
automobile to the Client. Mileage and tolls will be reimbursed. Documentation of
miles driven must be submitted (i.e. MapQuest route.) Parking and local driving
will not be reimbursed. Consultants who use their personal vehicle for business
purposes will be reimbursed at a predetermined amount of .560 per mile.
Mileage will also be reimbursed for miles driven from consultants home to
airport/train/bus station at a predetermined amount of .560 per mile.
Documentation of miles driven must be submitted (i.e. MapQuest route.) Fuel will
not be reimbursed.
Airport/Buss/Train station parking will be reimbursed up to $12.00 a day with
Non-reimbursable Expenses:
 Newspapers and magazines
 Apparel purchases
 Traffic tickets
 Car washes, oil changes, and other maintenance or repair services for personal or rental cars
 Personal entertainment
 Briefcases, garment bags, suitcases, or computer bags
 Travel life insurance
 Laundry / Dry Cleaning
 Other expenditures personal in nature (e.g., haircuts, house or pet-sitting expenses, etc.)
This policy is not all-inclusive and does not substitute for sound business judgment
and common sense; however, areas covered by the policy should be followed as
described. Questions or interpretations concerning the policy should be directed to
[email protected] Any exception to the Policy must be approved
in writing by Marcy Devault, CFO.