Guidelines: Requests for Service

Guidelines: Requests for Service-Learning Funds
Transportation In most courses, service-learning students are expected to arrange their own transportation to and
from service sites. In many courses faculty offer a menu of service site options, some of which are
within walking distance or easily accessible via public transportation.
In general we discourage reimbursing individual students for repeated transportation costs, as it sets
a precedent that cannot be met in other courses. Expenses for occasional whole class trips will be
considered. A handout on transportation options is available on our website.
Personal vehicles - Duke reimburses mileage using IRS rates. Check the Financial Services
website for the current rate.
Rental and charter vehicles – We suggest obtaining an estimate.
We suggest the following when estimating food costs:
Breakfast: $5-10/person
Lunch: $5-15/person
Dinner: $10-20/person
Snacks: $3/person
Reciprocal relationships, in which service experiences are mutually beneficial to students and
community partners and neither is seen as doing a favor for the other, are essential service-learning.
For this reason, we discourage the payment of unspecified honoraria to community partners.
Other honoraria, for example to cover mileage and expenses for guest speakers who are not
community partners, will be considered. We suggest $25-$50 per class visit, but feel free to propose
rates typical in your department/field.
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