Autumn RGA Events 2014 - Reading Education Services

Autumn RGA Events 2014
Please book now for the RGA events in October and November,
details below, by e-mail to
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Wednesday 22nd October 6.45 for 7pm – The Avenue Centre
Pupil Premium: Policy and Impact, Marc Rowland, NET
One of the hottest topics on Ofsted checklists – come to find out how to
ensure you are up to speed about what Governors are expected to know
about how pupil premium is being used in your school, what is effective
and how to measure impact. NET is an independent Educational Charity
which is also the sponsor of Battle Academy in Reading.
Financial Benchmarking: Matt Espley & Julia Cottee
Governors are expected to carry out a benchmarking exercise every year
usually in the Autumn to compare their cost profile with similar schools
using a national on line database. Come to find out more about this
process and how the comparison database can be used to provide you
with the most useful comparisons. Matt is a school business manager in
Slough and both Matt and Julia are governors in Reading.
Saturday 22nd November 9.30 to 2pm – The Avenue Centre
- Annual Conference and AGM The Great Education Debate: An ASCL initiative discussing the
purposes of Education – guest speakers tba
This debate was initiated last year to encourage governors and educationalists
to think about what we want from our education system, starting with the
question “What is the purpose of Education?” Sometimes the answers to this
question can surprise you but it is where we should start when considering the
aims and vision we should be creating in our schools.
ASCL initiated this cross sector country-wide discussion which aims to be non-party
political and has no pre-determined outcome. The three phases are:
1) What are we educating people for/what are the purposes of education?
2) Leadership of learning
3) Systems and structures
Questions we can ask ourselves are:
- What makes an educated person?
- What is the purpose of education?
- Does your school favour a particular purpose?
- Does the government emphasise the right purposes?
- Does the National Curriculum develop appropriate workplace skills?
- How does Ofsted’s definition of Outstanding leadership match the National
- What is an outstanding teacher?
- What makes an outstanding Headteacher?
- How can we motivate and enable teachers and Heads to sustain high
All of these questions could form the basis of interesting discussions to have
with your Governors so we decided to start with a discussion at RGA.
Patrick Lowe, NGA SE Regional Director will also be addressing the
AGM to follow at 1pm
Both events are free for governors and clerks at schools which are
members of RGA. The cost for Non-members is £10. Refreshments
are provided.