29 Regiment RLC - Adult Education in Gloucestershire

Adult Education
‘Outstanding Partner’ Award 2014
29 Regiment RLC (Royal Logistics Corps)
Gloucestershire County Council is a proud signatory to
the Armed Forces Community Covenant. Through the
Covenant, the Council makes funds available for
activities that strengthen links between the Armed
Forces and the local community.
The partnership between 29 Regiment RLC (Royal Logistics
Corps) and the Adult Education service is one such initiative.
It is a collaboration that has resulted in Adult Education
funded courses being delivered on the South Cerney base.
The principal beneficiaries have been wives and partners of
serving personnel.
Following an introductory Look Good Feel Good beauty
programme, nine mothers continued onto a 16 week Family
Learning course, which included literacy and numeracy topics.
Captain Levi Ashley – 29 Regiment (RLC)
Parents were particularly keen to know more about current teaching methods and how their
children learn in school. Seven of the mothers have recently completed the Functional Skills Maths
qualification, equivalent to GCSE level.
In addition to providing training rooms on base, 29 Regiment has distributed leaflets and
promoted courses through social media, while Adult Education has contributed teaching and
learning resources.
Captain Levi Ashley (Unit Welfare Officer) has provided exemplary liaison, and a high degree of
mutual co-operation has been established. Further learning opportunities have been identified
and another course – English Speaking and Listening is currently in progress – supporting the
language needs of wives of serving personnel from overseas.
“One of the great successes of this venture,” explains Captain Ashley, “is that we have broken
through a barrier. These courses have taken the stigma out of education. Our ladies have
challenged themselves and gained a lot of pride through doing that.”
Approximately 10% of the localised population linked to the base have participated, which
represents a high level of engagement given that many of the residents are also serving personnel.
As well as the obvious learning benefits, 29 Regiment has noted a welfare dividend, with a social
group now forming around the cohort of learners.
29 Regiment are represented by Captain Levi Ashley, to whom we express our grateful thanks and
appreciation. His commitment and support to this venture has helped to establish a successful and
sustainable partnership. We look forward to working with the Regiment for many years to come. 