Captain Savory, Niijima Jo, and Me:

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Arthur Brigham 氏
Captain Savory, Niijima Jo, and Me:
How my ancestor helped Niijima escape Japan
I will show the connection between myself and
Captain Savory. Secondly I will talk about the
details of Captain Savory’s journey with Niijima
from Hakodate to Shanghai and what happened
after that. (Captain Savory was fired for breaking
the law!) Finally I will show the friendship
between the two men based on their
correspondence and Niijima’s visits to the Savory
home, where he signed the family Bible.
Arthur Brigham
( Master’s in Applied Linguistics MAPPL)
Arthur Brigham has traveled to over 50 countries as a volunteer in a
peace organization. After studying anthropology and Indian classical
music in India, he became an English teacher and came to Japan in
1999. He has a Japanese wife. At their wedding, he learned that an
ancestor of his who was captain of a trading ship had helped a
Japanese man escape the country by ship, and that later the man
founded a university in Japan. Only after coming to teach at DWCLA in
2004 and hearing the story of Niijima’s escape did he realize that the
captain of Niijima’s ship was his own great-great-grandfather, Captain
William T. Savory.
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