VES Invisible Air - Cruise N Comfort

Cruise N Comfort’s VES DC Air Conditioners solve an
age old problem: where and how do you add a
compressor or another belt driven compressor to your
engine? The answer is…. you don’t. Our VES line of Air
Conditioners are 12 volt compressors that are powered
directly from your vehicle’s battery. The Invisible Air
system is a 3 piece system that can be easily concealed
in the vehicle out of sight. Your engine’s alternator
charges the battery and our VES system provides you
with enough cool air for smaller vehicles and additional
cooling for larger vehicles (such as armored vehicles,
limousines, side-by-side ATV’s, semi trucks or heavy
equipment). Our Invisible Air system produces 7,000
BTU’s and is a great solution for those who don’t have a