Contents - Cardiovascular Research

Cardiovascular Research
Volume 105
No. 2
1 February 2015
Akt activation by PHLPP1 ablation prevents pathological hypertrophy by promoting angiogenesis
M. Li and E. Hirsch
Integrative physiology and pathophysiology
Impaired P2X signalling pathways in renal microvascular myocytes in genetic hypertension
¨l, M. Harhun, Y. Dyskina, V. Lehen’kyi, A. Jama, Z.-L. Lu,
D. Gordienko, O. Povstyan, K. Sukhanova, M. Raphae
R. Skryma, and N. Prevarskaya
Optogenetic release of norepinephrine from cardiac sympathetic neurons alters mechanical and electrical
A.M. Wengrowski, X. Wang, S. Tapa, N.G. Posnack, D. Mendelowitz, and M.W. Kay
Cardiac biology and remodelling
Physiological activation of Akt by PHLPP1 deletion protects against pathological hypertrophy
˚ .B. Gustafsson, and N.H. Purcell
C. Moc, A.E. Taylor, G.P. Chesini, C.M. Zambrano, M.S. Barlow, X. Zhang, A
Na ions as spatial intracellular messengers for co-ordinating Ca
P. Swietach, K.W. Spitzer, and R.D. Vaughan-Jones
signals during pH heterogeneity in
Renalase is a novel target gene of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 in protection against cardiac ischaemia–
reperfusion injury
M. Du, K. Huang, D. Huang, L. Yang, L. Gao, X. Wang, D. Huang, X. Li, C. Wang, F. Zhang, Y. Wang, M. Cheng,
Q. Tong, G. Qin, K. Huang, and L. Wang
Uncoupling protein 3 mediates H2O2 preconditioning-afforded cardioprotection through the inhibition of
MPTP opening
Y. Chen, J. Liu, Y. Zheng, J. Wang, Z. Wang, S. Gu, J. Tan, Q. Jing, and H. Yang
Independent roles of the priming and the triggering of the NLRP3 inflammasome in the heart
S. Toldo, E. Mezzaroma, M.D. McGeough, C.A. Pen
˜a, C. Marchetti, C. Sonnino, B.W. Van Tassell, F.N. Salloum,
N.F. Voelkel, H.M. Hoffman, and A. Abbate
Vascular biology
Dissecting abdominal aortic aneurysm in Ang II-infused mice: suprarenal branch ruptures and apparent
luminal dilatation
B. Trachet, R.A. Fraga-Silva, A. Piersigilli, A. Tedgui, J. Sordet-Dessimoz, A. Astolfo, C. Van der Donckt,
P. Modregger, M.F.M. Stampanoni, P. Segers, and N. Stergiopulos
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Deficiency of filamin A in endothelial cells impairs left ventricular remodelling after myocardial infarction
¨ merovic, and
¨nros, B. Redfors, C¸ C¸il, D. Pazooki, R. Salimi, E. Larsson, A.-X. Zhou, E. O
S. Bandaru, J. Gro
L.M. Akyu
Ion channels and arrhythmias
Marine n-3 PUFAs modulate IKs gating, channel expression, and location in membrane microdomains
´, C. Ronchi, M. Rocchetti,
C. Moreno, A. de la Cruz, A. Oliveras, S.R. Kharche, M. Guizy, N. Comes, T. Stary
´, G. Loussouarn, A. Zaza, S. Severi, A. Felipe, and C. Valenzuela
I. Baro
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