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News from Melbourne Heights for February 2015
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Upcoming Events
From the Pastor
by Adam Schell
From the Pastor
Sermon Series
Spotlight Event
Bible Studies
Youth News
Senior Adults
Habitat for Humanity
Women’s Ministry
Kids News
Looking Ahead
A few years ago, we added an element to our worship services during the season of Lent to help draw us into the message and meaning of this season. We began collecting tangible offerings to donate
to local charities. Last year we donated items like laundry detergent
and soap to the Cabbage Patch House.
Upcoming Events
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As February begins, we are in the middle of the season of Epiphany. This means that as we gather for worship and for Bible studies,
we will continue to explore who Jesus is by focusing on different
aspects of his life and his ministry.
But on February 18 our focus will change. We will enter into the season of Lent - a time of preparation and renewal leading up to Easter.
So our attention will turn from stories of Jesus' ministry and miracles, and we will begin to look toward the cross.
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February Bible Studies
Youth News
Senior Adults
Women’s Ministry Update
by Joe Noland
Sunday Nights | On Sunday nights at 6:00pm,
we will continue studying Adam Hamilton’s The
Way: Walking in the Footsteps of Jesus. In February we will focus on the story of Jesus calming
the storm, Jesus' relationship with sinners, outcasts, and the poor, as well as the final week
leading to the cross. By retracing these stories of
Jesus' life and ministry, we will learn how to follow the way of Jesus today.
2015 is shaping up to be an amazing year with
our youth. In February we will wrap up our
study on the Armor of God, and begin a series
of studies that will lead up to camp this summer. This new series will begin with a lesson
on failure. While failure is not usually thought
of as a positive thing, we will explore why failure can be a good thing and, even in our failures, God continues with us.
Next our youth will begin exploring their relationship with God and how to be closer to
Him. Together, we will learn how to talk with
God, how to study the Bible, and how to make
God a priority in our lives.
From there, our youth will begin to learn who
God is in their lives and finally, we will begin to
see how doing so will give us courage to speak
out our faith to any who would listen.
The MHBC Youth would like to invite you to a
Wednesday Nights | We will begin February by
concluding our study on the prayer life of Jesus,
but as we enter into the season of Lent, on February 18, we will turn our attention in another direction.
The world has changed a lot since Jesus walked
this earth 2,000 year ago. As you read the morning paper or flip on the nightly news, have you
ever wondered what Jesus would say to us today? On Wednesday nights in February we will
explore what Jesus might say to us today by
studying what Jesus did say during his life and
Valentine’s Breakfast
Sunday, February 15 beginning at 8:30am
The Valentine’s Breakfast is Free, but any
donations will benefit our Youth Camp Fund.
On Tuesday, February 10, Brenda Butler, our
church pianist, will meet with our Senior Adults
and share her testimony and give a miniconcert of some of her favorite hymns along
with a few of her favorite arrangements. This
will be a wonderful opportunity to meet Brenda
on an informal basis and enjoy some gospel
music at the same time.
Mark your calendar for February 10 and invite
your friends to join us for a fun and uplifting
time. The meeting begins at 10:00am and we
will go to Cattleman's Restaurant for lunch following the program.
Habitat for Humanity
We want to begin this update by thanking the
women of our church for your generous donations to the Cabbage Patch House. Last month
we delivered four bags full of greatly needed and
appreciated items. And please continue to pray
for and donate to these young women in need.
Our Women's Ministry also wants to extend an
invitation to every woman at Melbourne Heights
to come join us for a fun night of planning, fellowship and snacks on February 12 at 6:00pm. If
you've been wondering what the Women's Ministry is planning for the coming year or want to be
a part of the won't want to miss
this gathering as we continue to grow together to
be who God wants us to be and plan the work
Kid's News
by Michelle Cloud
We will soon be participating in the 21st annual
Baptist Build for Habitat for Humanity. As always, we will be scheduling a work day at this
year's build, and you're invited to come out and
lend a hand. Details about our workday will be
available in next month's newsletter.
As part of our commitment to the Baptist Build,
we also pledge to financially support the construction of this new home. We have pledged
$3,000 to this year's build, and we need your
help to reach this goal. Throughout the month
of February, you're encouraged to donate to
this year's build by designating "Habitat for Humanity" on your check or envelope.
Have you ever noticed that the church is filled
with symbols? There's lilies at Easter, poinsettias
at Christmas, and even a great big "bathtub" in
the front of the sanctuary. You may chuckle at
that last one, but that is only because you have
learned what the baptistry is.
During our Children's Sermons this year, we
want to teach our kids about the symbols of our
faith and help them better understand these
things that they may know nothing about. As our
kids begin understanding these symbols, they
will also feel more comfortable in our sanctuary
and more included in our church.
Children’s Worship will also resume this month.
From the Pastor
February’s Spotlight Event
Looking Ahead
February’s Birthdays
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This year, we will once again be collecting items
to donate to a local charity. We will be working
with South East Associated Ministries (also
known as SEAM). SEAM provides emergency
assistance —like food and school supplies— to
people throughout the 40220 and 40218 zip
codes of Louisville.
On February 20 and 21, we will be hosting a
mini-retreat for married couples. Prior to the
retreat, each couple will complete an assessment that identifies relationship strengths and
weaknesses across key areas, including:
In the coming weeks, we will provide you with
additional information about who SEAM is and
the work that they do, as well as ask you to bring
in specific items each week during Lent to donate
to this worthy organization.
February’s Sermon Series
Our retreat will be held at the church and begin
with dinner on Friday night at 6:00pm. Following dinner there will be a 90 minute session
introducing the Couples Check Up and discovering the strengths of each couple's relationship. The evening will conclude by 9:00pm.
As February begins, we are still in the midst of
the season of Epiphany. So far this season we
have encountered a hodgepodge collection of
stories from Jesus' life, teaching, and miracles covering everything from the wise men's visit, to
Jesus baptism, to the calling of Jesus' first disciples.
But even a month into this season, we continue
to wonder how these stories related, and what
they can teach us about our God. In February we
will conclude our sermon series on the Puzzle of
Epiphany, and begin piecing these stories together so we may better know God.
Conflict Resolution
Financial Management
And More
At 9:00am on February 21, we will meet back
at the church for breakfast and 2 additional
sessions. Our first session will focus on the
most important skill for maintaining healthy
relationships: Communication. Our second
session will focus on a common area of growth
that our couples share. The retreat will end by
noon on Saturday.
The cost of the retreat is $40 per couple - including the assessment, meals, and refreshments. And there will be a brief meeting for all
couples prior to the retreat to provide instruction on completing the relationship assessment.
Sign up for the retreat at the Welcome Center.
Last August, we began a campaign to repave
our church parking lot. It will cost the church
$45,000 to do this work, so we set a goal raise
all of the needed funds for this project by
March 1, 2015.
As of last Sunday, January 18, we have received $28,716 in donations to our Parking Lot
February 7 | Jim Spillman
February 8 | Charlotte Stopher
February 9 | Barbara Orr
Parking Lot Fund
February 11 | Hope Crawford
February 12 | Helen Tinsley
Total Received = $28,716
February 14 | Michelle Cloud
as of January 18, 2015
February 14 | Ray Howard
February 14 | Shirley Park
Still Needed = $16,284
February 16 | Sondra Elliot
by March 1, 2015
This means that we have raised nearly 2/3 of
our total goal, and we still have another month
to go to raise the remaining $16,284 we need
to fund this project. But in order for us to reach
our goal, we will need everyone who made a
pledge to contribute to this fund to fulfill their
pledge in the coming month...and we'll also
need anyone who can to go the extra mile and
pitch in a little more to put us over the top. Just
remember to designate your gift to our
"Parking Lot Fund" on your check or envelope.
We fully believe we will reach our goal. And we
look forward to beginning the work on our
parking lot later this Spring.
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