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1 Cor. 13:13
Something to Think About
When we are young we tend
to be full of energy,
anticipation, and eagerness to
charge forth and “change the
world.” Many times in our
eagerness to “make things
better” we criticize things that
are in place before we really
understand them and tear
down fences before we realize
why they were constructed.
On the opposite end of life,
we tend to have more
wisdom. We’ve lived longer
and seen more.
(hopefully) have thought
through and weighed things
and even likely seen the
damage some of our own well
intentioned but misguided
efforts have caused. At this
age we sometimes get
frustrated because we have
the understanding but often
not the energy to do the things
we wish we could.
I find myself somewhere in
the middle. I do not have all
the energy I once had, yet I
am far from ready to trade in
my running shoes for a
rocking chair. I have learned
a fair amount through foolish
mistakes—both mine and
others, yet there is still so
by Pastor Michael McCauley
choosing to take it one day at
much I have yet to learn.
a time.
My prayer this
Knowing I am somewhere
morning was, “Dear Jesus,
between high energy with
little experience and low help me love You more
energy with more wisdom, I completely today, and help
me to see others as you see
have been trying to make the
them and love them as you
most of my situation. I still
love them.”
use my energy at times to
simply outwork or outlast
The second priority I
my problems, but I am
preached on was the priority
learning there is a lot of truth of worship. I’ve learned that
in something my father was
our word worship was
once fond of saying: “You
derived from the Old English
can work hard or you can
“weo rths cip e” meanin g
work smart!” With that I’ve
“acknowledge of worth, or
been looking at the idea of
worthiness”, continued its
meaning in modern English
The past two Sunday
mornings I’ve preached on
priorities—priorities for both
us as individual Christians
and priorities for us as a
church. The first sermon I
preached on was the priority
of love.
I asked the
questions, “Do we love the
Lord our god as we should?”
and “Do we love each other
as God intends for us to?” I
believe we answer those two
questions decision by
decision, day by day
throughout the entirety of
our lives. It might be too
much to take in when we
look at the big picture so I’m
as “worth-ship.” Simply put,
it is acknowledging who God
is in the way we live our
lives. I talked a lot about
experiencin g God and
questioned what we are
ex p ect i n g fro m Hi m.
Scripture teaches us we will
seek Him and find Him when
we seek Him with all our
hearts (Jeremiah 29:13). As
we live our lives in light of
His worthiness of all our
devotion, we will desire to
seek Him yet more, and in
s u ch , d i s c o ve r
experience Him in deeper
and more fulfilling ways. Is
worship a priority for you?
Bella Vista Baptist Church
Page 2
We will be learning:
♦ Families help each other
♦ Do what is right
♦ God wants us to work
♦ Make right choices
During February, our AWANA Puggles will learn:
♦God Loves Me When I am Afraid
♦God Loves Me When I am Sleeping
♦God Loves Me All the Time
♦God Loves My Family
Kimberly R.
We would like to welcome baby Emma Jayne
Merrell. Emma was born to proud parents Ethan
and Nancy Merrell . She is welcomed home by her
big sister, Madeline. We are expecting several new
arrivals during the next few months. If you have a
desire to rock a baby we have several time slots
open during the 11am worship service.
Levels of Biblical Learning—Jesus (Part 2)
These are the Biblical concepts about Jesus that we as the nursery and preschool
department at BVBC try to impart. I would encourage you as parents to maybe
include some of these concepts in your daily talk and interactions with your little ones.
Babies to 2s:
♦God chose a family for Jesus
♦Jesus was born
♦Jesus grew and had a family
♦Jesus went to church
♦Jesus told people about God
♦Jesus loves me
♦Jesus helped people because
xxHe loved them
3s to PreK (additional):
♦ Angels told Mary and Joseph that Jesus
would be born
♦ Jesus was sent to earth by God
♦ Jesus read the Bible at church
♦ Jesus did things that people cannot do
♦ Jesus is God’s Son
♦ Jesus did everything God told Him to do
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What we are learning this month:
● in Children’s Worship: Week1: February
(Nahum 1-3) How did God help Birthdays:
God protected His
Kobe Jones..........02/06
people from their enemies. Tobin Bowman.......02/10
Week 2: (Jeremiah 1) God Justin Cascio ........02/20
chose Jeremiah before he was Ethan Saxon ........02/20
born to be a prophet to the Jarrett Green ......02/24
Joshua Chester .....02/28
nations. Week 3: (Jeremiah 36)
Jeremiah wanted God’s judgment. God wanted His people to
know they were in danger, to stop sinning and to turn back to Him. Week 4: (2
Chronicles 36:1-21) Judah was taken into captivity. God allowed their enemies to
capture them and destroy Jerusalem.
● in Sunday School: We are learning about Old Testament heroes. We will learn about
Gideon (Judges 6-8); Ruth (Ruth 1-4); Samson (Judges 13-16); Elisha (2 Kings 4:8-37).
We see that God wants people to do what is right even when no one is watching and
that He expects us to show His love to those in need.
Dates to Remember:
02/14—Church-wide Valentine Dinner
02/18—Mustache Night for Choir & AWANA
02/22—Praise Kids (3rd-6th) rehearsal 2-5pm
Please join us as
the Personnel Committee and Staff
are hosting a baby shower for
Nancy & Ethan Merrell
on Sunday, February 15
from 2pm to 4pm
in Fellowship Hall
Nancy has registered at Walmart
and Target for items they need.
Emma Jayne Merrell
January 19, 2015
7 lbs 1 oz. ~ 19” long
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Bella Vista Baptist Church
Phone: (479) 855-3748 Fax: (479) 855-3740
Young at Heart News
by Pastor Daniel
So far this winter we have had unusually warm
weather and no ice or snow. I am thankful for
that but, realistically I do understand that we
are not through with winter just yet! So, even
though it’s sunny outside this afternoon, I want
to take this opportunity to remind you that if
our weather turns snowy and icy please be
cautious about getting outside.
If you believe that we may have called off
church because the roads are too icy for people
drive, call our church office (855-3748). Just
as soon as the decision to cancel church has
been made we update our outgoing message to
say that church has been cancelled. As
always, if you feel it is unsafe for you to get
out, please don’t.
Your safety is very
important to us.
Music News
We are busy in the planning
phase of our Easter community
concert. It is our hope that
again this year the churches in
Bella Vista will combine their
talents to provide an Easter
celebration that will be worthy of our Lord and
Savior. Please pray for our church leadership
and the leadership of the other participating
churches that God will guide us and give us
godly wisdom. It is our heart that these
community endeavors will be an opportunity
for us to reach the lost in our community. The
only way we can be successful is if this event
is bathed in prayer. Please pray faithfully for
this Easter program.
Page 5
Our next movie nights
will be on Friday,
February 30th. We invite
you to come at 6pm for
nachos and hotdogs;
then, then we will start the movie at 6:30pm.
(Ice cream sundaes will be served at
intermission.) Our movie this month is,
“Mom’s Night Out”. Be sure to invite a friend
to join in this fun evening!
“Mom’s desperately in need of a break from
parenting duties and a girl’s night
out...however, they have to rely on their
husbands to watch the children for 3 hours.
Naturally, everything that can go wrong,
does, resulting in an unforgettable night for
all involved.”
by Pastor Daniel
Also, please prayerfully consider if God is
calling you to serve in our worship ministry.
Here are just a few areas that you could serve
in: choir member, handbell choir, children’s
choir volunteer, orchestra, audio/visual team,
drama team, set design and construction team.
If God is calling you into this ministry please
come to see me so we can get you involved.
The Kingdom Ringers Handbell Choir will
resume their weekly rehearsals Thursday,
February 5th at 6:30pm. If you have an
interest in handbells now is the time to join us!
We have still have DVDs for our Christmas
musical/drama, “Four Tickets to Christmas”
on sale. We are asking for a donation of $5
per DVD to cover the cost of the materials.
Page 6
Bella Vista Baptist Church
After our fellowship, a devotional by Shirley Willis, and a business meeting,
Shaneace Gard, Assistant Director of “Kids for the Future,” will present our
program. The school’s goal is to work with children with various physical
and emotional disorders, and from different home situations and
backgrounds, so that they can be successfully integrated into the Public
School system. Shaneace and husband, Dylan, are members at Bella Vista
Baptist and work with our children on Wednesday evenings during AWANA.
The program will begin at 10:15am and is open to anyone who is
Stitch n’ Chat is starting up for the new year. Please
join us for an afternoon of fun and fellowship. On:
Sunday, February 8th from 2pm to 5pm in Fellowship Hall
Bring any needlework or craft project you are working on, or if you want to learn
to knit or crochet we can help. This is a drop-in event—come for all or part of
the time. For more info. contact Joan Abrams, 295-0598. All ages welcome!
Threads of Love
Wednesday’s—February 11th & 28th at 9:30am
Join us to help complete our projects to be sent to Guatemala.
(We meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.)
Phone: (479) 855-3748 Fax: (479) 855-3740
Thank You Church
Page 7
Dear Church Family, thank you so much to those who kept me in their prayers during my
recent surgery. Also, thank you for all of the prayergrams, cards, calls, and food. It is so
wonderful to have such a warm and loving church family. My thanks to God for a
wonderful outcome. Love, ~ Joyce Kramer
Thank you all so much for your love and support for our family following the birth of
Emma Jayne. The meals and gifts have been such a blessing to us. We are truly blessed to
be belong to such an amazing church family. ~ Nathan, Ethan, Madeline, and Emma
Jayne Merrell
Bella Vista Baptist Church’s policy for hazardous weather conditions is as follows:
1. Monday through Friday - if the Bentonville Public School system cancels school
due to bad weather conditions, all activities at our church for that day will be
cancelled. Also, our church office will be closed. Local TV stations will advertise
which school systems are closed.
2. Saturdays and Sundays – if you think there is a possibility that church services or
Saturday activities may be cancelled because roads / parking lots are icy, CALL THE
CHURCH OFFICE. Our church answering machine will be updated with all closing
information (just as soon as the decision to cancel has been reached).
3. At all times – you alone should make the decision whether or not conditions are
safe for your family to travel! You know the condition of your driveway and your street
better than we do. If you believe that roads may be icy please use extreme caution.
Bella Vista Baptist Church
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February 2015
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March (FROM 1ST—5TH)
1– Norma Young
4– Stacy Craig
2– Justin Evert, Peter Bulza
5– Clyde Plunk, David Brown,
Ethan Merrell
3– Leslie Dixon, JD George
1 –J. Walter Rodriguez, Barbara
2 –LaVerna Lemmer, Steve
3 –Jean Jerome
4 –Wanda Clemmons, Tom
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25 –Oran Loyd, Lois Melroy,
Jack Orlicek
27 –Duane Holcomb, Frank Burr
Connie Ford
28 –Chuck Freeman, Doug
29 –Vicky Weatherly
Jim & Barbara Erskine........ 02/14/51
If you are celebrating your
50th + anniversary this month
and were not on our list, please
contact the office. We have
several anniversaries in our
database with the year missing.
~ Thank you!
Regular Weekly Events:
Sundays: Worship (8:30am, 11am, 5pm); Bible Study (9:45am)
Tuesdays: Men’s Breakfast/Bible Study (6:30am)
Wednesdays: Meal (4:45pm); Children’s Choirs (5:30pm);
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Thursdays: Handbell Rehearsal (6:45pm)
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Women On
Women’s Bible
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Women’s Bible BHS School
Thread’s of
Love 9:30am 9:30-11am CR (teacher work
Banquet 5pm
Women’s Bible
7-8:30pm CR
Stitch N’ Chat
2-5pm FH
deadline for
Lord’s Supper
AM Services
Women’s Bible
Women’s Bible
Mustache Night
7-8:30pm CR
9:30-11am CR
Women’s Bible Thread’s of Women’s Bible Movie Night for Easter Musical
Senior Adults
Love 9:30am
7-8:30pm CR
9:30-11am CR
6:30pm, movie
Baby Shower
Nancy Merrell
2pm FH
Praise Kids
2-5pm GH
Feb. 14 Chur
ch Banquet
at 5pm in Grace
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have a ticket
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ts today ~ or
der envelope
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he Welcome
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envelope, wit
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