Worship Connection And the Lord Added

Volume 57 • Number 30
August 4, 2014
Announcing the Mission and Ministries of Ardmore Baptist Church, Inc., Winston-Salem, NC
Worship Connection
August 10
“Experiencing the Holy”
Isaiah 55:11-12 (NASB);
Genesis 2:6-8 (OJB)
Rev. Beverly Isley-Landreth
Bring a Friend!
Last Call For Crossing Paths
he fall catalog of small groups and
ministries is being compiled. The
team is busily collecting and updating
information. If you have a group that
you think should be included, please
send a description, along with times
and dates, to Anna (annaramseyrubin
@yahoo.com) prior to August 15. The
new catalogs will be available by the
first of September.
Come One, Come All To The
Ardmore Baptist Church Bazaar and Farmer's Market!
ome by the church on Saturday morning, August 9, between 8:00 a.m. and
noon. The Farmer’s Market will be in the courtyard (weather permitting - if
not, it will be inside) and the bazaar will be in Fellowship Hall A and B. We have
so many talented people in our church who have worked countless hours to make
handmade items for this event, as well as delicious homemade goodies.
Bring all donations to the Fellowship Hall on Friday, August 8, noon - 8:00 p.m.
Be sure to tell Emily Lemons of your donations.
1. Produce: You do not need to price anything. Any amount and any kind of
produce is welcomed.
2. Baked Goods: Bring everything wrapped and ready to sell. Cakes can be
whole or halved. Brownies, tarts, muffins, and cookies should be in bags of
six. All baked goods should be labeled as to what they are, and if an item
contains nuts, the label should state that. Putting your name on the items
and the ingredients is optional. No need to price items beforehand.
3. Canned Goods and Arts/Crafts: Price items before bringing them. This is
extremely important. Emily will have some price labels on August 8th if
you need them.
4. Silent Auction: For those donating services rather than items, bring pictures
or brochures on August 8th. Bid sheets will be prepared for you. If possible,
be present at the event on August 9th at 11:45 a.m. when the winners are
announced so that you can talk with the winner (if a service is being donated).
I hope to see all of you there! One hundred percent of the proceeds from your
purchases will be given to the H2H backpack ministry, so in buying these items,
you are helping to put food in a hungry
child’s mouth. There is no other shopping experience like this one!
Gail Boaz
- Emily Lemons
And the Lord Added
Page 2
August 4, 2014
Our Pastor Writes ...
ver the next several weeks you are going to be hearing about FaithHealthNC.
This is a partnership between Wake Forest Baptist Health Center, the local
community, and local churches. The purpose is to improve the quality of healthcare and overall living for people in our immediate community. The ministerial
staff of Ardmore has begun conversations with our local Baptist Hospital with an
eye toward becoming covenant partners in this endeavor. With a large population
of medical personnel and our proximity to Baptist Hospital, it makes good sense
for us to be part of this collaborative effort. One of our own, Coley Rimmer, is a
Health Care Liaison at Baptist Hospital, working to connect local churches with
heathcare outcomes for people in our region.
Dads, Dudes, And Dash
ads, you still have time to make
time for the Dads, Dudes, and
Dash baseball game on Friday, August
22. Please contact Janet Hellard in the
church office (725-8767, ext. 110;
[email protected]) ASAP.
Have a blast with your son, enjoy
wonderful fellowship with your church
family, see a good ball game – along
with plenty of food and a great fireworks show to boot! Not bad for only
$25 per ticket.
Jesus has rightly been called the Great Physician because a significant aspect of
his ministry was connected to health care. All four gospels contain numerous
accounts of Jesus healing the blind, lame, leprous, and mentally ill of his day. In
fact, it’s hard to reflect on Jesus’ life without consideration of his healing ministry.
When Jesus gave his first sermon in his hometown synagogue of Nazareth, he
anticipated the cynical nature of the crowd when he challenged them: “Surely
you will quote this proverb to me: ‘Physician, heal yourself! Do here in your
hometown what we have heard that you did in Capernaum.’” (Luke 4:23)
To ignore the ministry of healing among the Christian community is like a
basketball team ignoring free throw shooting. We can’t be an excellent team (or
church) without including healing in our ministry arsenal. Of course, our healing
ministry must not be disconnected from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We should
explicitly connect our healing ministry with the powerful truth claims of Jesus. In
this way, we fulfill our desire to further the ministry of our Lord.
FaithHealthNC ... As you begin to hear about this, I hope you’ll ask how you
can be involved in the healing ministry of Jesus in our own day.
- Don Gordon
Grace Notes
s we sang the words to the anthem on Sunday, “Guide me, O thou great Jehovah,
pilgrim through this barren land …”, and as Ty preached from the text in
Exodus about the Israelites’ long and wandering journey to the promised land, I
thought about my family’s journey these past six months. We have been a very
nomadic family this year traveling back and forth from Wake Forest (Raleigh)
and Winston Salem. We have felt like pilgrims (travelers) and sometimes the
journey has seemed very barren. It has been quite exhausting to say the least, but
we are finally nearing our final destination here in Winston-Salem. My children
have also been in transition as all three of our oldest have taken new jobs in the
past month and Emily moved to Atlanta this past week. Wow, that’s a lot of
moves and transitions for the Fitzgerald family! But we are finally nearing “the
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Budget Requests Due
August 15
Mission Impossible
couple of weeks ago, I had the
opportunity to transport and chaperone a group of students from the
Ashley community to the Children’s
Museum as part of their ongoing enrichment program through the Summer
Academy at Alpha and Omega Church.
The following week, I spent four days
leading a team of our youth all over
Forsyth and Davidson counties in service with others, acting as the hands,
feet, eyes, and ears of Jesus in our
community. It was a privilege to be
part of these chances to serve among
our community and impact the lives of
people of all ages and walks of life. I
am so thankful for the many opportunities we have to be agents of God’s
transforming work in our community,
and the importance Ardmore places in
following Jesus’ command to love our
- Rob Lemons
Page 3
August 4, 2014
Ardmore ABCs ...
Deacon of the Week
Our sympathy and Christian concern are expressed to the following in the loss
of loved ones:
Susan Denton in the death of her aunt, Jean Hawkins;
Juanita Riddle in the death of her husband, Richard Riddle;
Jo O’ Neal in the death of her sister-in-law, Nadine Rogers; Maria Strub, her aunt
August 7 - 13
Ed Warren
Phone: (h) 723-7651
Congratulations to:
Chris and Lisa Turner – 30th wedding anniversary on August 4th;
Ray and Vicki Freeman – 57th wedding anniversary on August 17th
Richard Warfford and Beth Livengood who were married on August 3rd. Richard is the son of Dick and Peggy Warfford;
Susan Denton, Financial Assistant, who celebrates her 14th year with Ardmore
on August 7th. Please express your appreciation to her today.
Ardmore Connections
egistration for the fall Connection
Groups has begun on Sundays at
the brown desk in lobby, or you may
sign up online via the church Web site.
The deadline for signing up is August
24. If you have questions or want more
details, please contact: Carol Spears
(766-0955) or Pat Wolfe (608-4710).
Financial Peace University
inancial Peace University changes
lives! Come and learn biblical
principles for handling money and the
secrets of financial security in your
home. Led by the teaching of Dave
Ramsey, the average family experiences an $8,000 turnaround in the first
three months! More than 1.5 million
families have experienced the lifechanging wisdom of FPU. The cost is
$100 per family for course materials.
Scholarships are available.
The nine week series will be held on
Tuesdays, 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. in the
Youth Place, from September 9
through November 4. You may sign up
by contacting Janet Hellard in the
church office ([email protected]
org; 725-8767) or our FPU leader, Jay
Van Nostrand (793-6124; [email protected]
aol.com). A preview class on Tuesday,
September 2, 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
(Youth Place) is free!
August 9 - 10
Ty Talton
Phone: 816-4152
Blood Drive
ver the past month, blood donations are down 8% nationwide.
That represents about 80,000 fewer
donations than anticipated during the
month of July. The Red Cross and
those it supports need our help to bring
the blood supply back to adequate levels and avoid a shortage crisis. You
can help out by donating at our blood
drive next Thursday, August 14. We
are currently ten donors short of our
drive goal of 54 donors.
Contact Rob (416-6187; 725-8767,
ext. 106; [email protected])
to give the gift of life!
Interested In PASSPORTkids?
Weekend Call
ASSPORTkids! is the four-day/
three-night children’s camp for boys
and girls who complete 3rd - 6th grade
by summer 2015. This camp is filled
with fun faith-building programming
and hands-on missions education. At
camp, your kids will discover God’s
love and practice being followers of
Jesus through a jam-packed schedule of
Bible studies, missions education, recreation, and worship. Our group just
returned in June, but it is already time
to think about next year’s camp. Registration and deposits for summer of
2015 need to be in by November. So
plan ahead ... register soon!
Attention All Youth
here will be a KidNection Bootcamp on Sunday, August 17, for
youth working with KidNection this
year, led by students from High Point
University’s Elevation worship team.
Join us for a pizza lunch ($5/person)
immediately following the 10:45 a.m.
worship service. The bootcamp will
end by 3:00 p.m. Please RSVP about
lunch to Donna Cothran ([email protected]
gmail.com; text 336-575-5241).
If you are considering helping with
KidNection this year, let Donna know
- and plan to attend Bootcamp! Our
first KidNection service is September
14. The planning sessions begin on
Wednesday, August 27, at 6:00 p.m.
f you would like to subscribe to the
weekly journal of the Baptist State
Convention of N.C., contact Linda
Lunsford in the church office (7258767; [email protected])
by August 25. The group subscription
rate is $13.50.
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Memorials and Honoraria
Building Fund/Bold Faith
In Memory of Ruth Peterson
Marvin & Martha Taylor
H2H Backpack Ministry
In Memory of John Canupp
Ann Canupp
Friendship Families Needed
nternational Campus Ministries of
the Triad needs Friendship Families
to help welcome incoming international students to our local campuses!
Contact Scott Freese, (972-6237;
freeses @wfu.edu) for an application.
J. L. Wilson Guest House
In Memory of Charles S. Crist
Brooke & Martha Crist
Music Ministry
In Honor of Pat Whisnant
Glenn & Diana Salmons
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For the Record
August 3, 2014
Sunday Bible Study
Morning Worship
8:15 a.m.
10:45 a.m.
Weekly Budget Needs
Budget Receipts 08/03/14
Bold Faith
Receipts 08/03/14 $
Receipts-To-Date $
promised land” so to speak. Martha
now has a teaching job, we registered
Zac for school at Reagan, and we will
be closing on our home in Wake Forest
and a new home here in Winston-Salem
next Wednesday! We are so grateful
for God’s guidance during these past
six months and for all of your prayers
as we make this final transition to our
new home in Winston-Salem. Thank
you so much for your continued encouragement and prayers! Now the
packing and unpacking begins and
Martha and Zac will begin new job
and new school. “Guide Me O Thou
Great Jehovah” ends with these words:
“Songs of praises, songs of praises, I
will ever give to Thee. I will ever give
to Thee.” We are definitely singing
songs of praise and giving thanks to
God for God’s guidance during this
time of transition!
With a grateful heart ...
- David Fitzgerald
A Fall Forecast
♦♦ August 13: Prayer, Praise, and Proclamation returns to 6:15 p.m. on Wednesdays
♦♦ August 24: Church Conference
♦♦ September 3: Fellowship Suppers
and Wednesday activities start up
♦♦ September 7: New Sunday Bible Study Year begins
♦♦ September 13: Ivories and Cream
(piano music and ice cream)
♦♦ September 28: Annual Church Picnic at Tanglewood
Pray For Those On Mission
Grand Goave, Haiti
Matthew, Steve, and Randall Bissette,
Dan Driscoll, John Ernstes, Don
Gordon, Jill and Justin Lackey,
Savanna Leigh, Josh McIntyre, Emily
Niblock, Luke Renegar, Grayson
Turner, and Tiffany Wilkins.
Susan and Molly Riddle
Santiago de Cuba, Cuba
Janet Hellard (staff)
Todd Jordan