Tim Wise

Center for Multicultural Education
Tim Wise is one of the most prominent antiracist writers and educators in the United
States. He is the author of six books, including his latest, Dear White America: Letter to
a New Minority. Wise has spoken in all 50
states, on over 800 colleges and high school
campuses—including UNI—and to community groups across the nation. Wise has provided antiracism training to teachers nationwide, and has conducted trainings with physicians and medical industry professionals
on how to combat racial inequities in health
care. He has trained corporate, government,
entertainment, military and law enforcement
officials on methods for dismantling racism
in their institutions, and has served as consultant for plaintiffs attorneys in federal discrimination cases in New York and Washington State.
Wise speaks on topics such as the Civil
Rights Movement, Electoral Politics, White
Privilege, Youth/Student Activism, and Multiculturalism. He has appeared on hundreds of
radio and television programs, is a regular
contributor to discussions about race on
CNN, and has been featured on ABC’s 20/20.
He graduated from Tulane University in 1990
and received antiracism training from the
People's Institute for Survival and Beyond,
which is in New Orleans.
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