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Deepen Your Understanding & Experience of Internal Arts
Suitable for All Tai Chi & Wu Dao Gong Students
2 Week Course : 20, 21, 27 & 28 Jan 6.15pm
Joint locking skills have always been treasured
in the Chinese internal arts. The great Ba Gua
Master Ma Chuan Xu, who visited the Tai Chi
Academy in 2004, was feared because of his
powerful capturing and joint locking skills. When he
was head of railway security at the Zheng Zhou train
station, he single handedly caught over 100 criminals
within a month using his joint locking skills.
When Chen style Tai Chi Grandmaster
Chen Xiao Wang visited the Academy in the early
nineties, he took great delight in bringing a tear to
your eye when he demonstrated his joint locking
ability. Knowledge of these skills is an important
part of understanding the function of the joints,
the chains of motion in the body and how to
take advantage of their weaknesses.
old martial adage of Na before Da – control by locking
then strike – will be made clear in this practice.
In this chin na set, you will not only learn how to
lock an opponent’s joints, you will also acquire the
anti-locking skill, that is, how to escape from
locks. This application set will raise your skill levels and
your understanding of the internal arts and their
usage. As you continue to train, you will develop
quick reflexes and suppleness.
This chin na set (Attack and Defence Practices in 6
Directions) is practical, easy to understand and fun to
do! The oral transmission which describes the
movements in the set goes as follows:
“I twist outward an attacking hand
and clutch his throat like an eagle.
I withdraw my arm to coil my elbow,
which I press his fingers & lower my stretching arm.
This set of Hun Yuan Tai Chi joint locking
Golden threads coil around my wrist,
movements complements the Tai Chi form and is
and I drag him backwards.
also useful to Wu Dao Gong students. This set is
Stepping forwards, I turn over like a sparrow hawk.
taught as a solo form and also as a two person
Those are the standard holds and steps.”
practice. It teaches you about applications and joint
locking skills. Joint locking is used to control an
This course is open to all Tai Chi and Wu Dao Gong
opponent and bring him into submission. Skills such
students. It will be taught by Senior Instructor Chris
as holding, twisting and gripping tendons are all part
Radnedge. If you would like to deepen your
of this set. As you practise these skills, your
knowledge and skill, this is a great short course to do
sensitivity and strength will improve. The
during January!
strength used is based on leverage and positioning.
These skills will enhance your understanding
2 Week Course : 20, 21, 27 & 28 Jan 2015
and awareness in Tai Chi and Wu Dao Gong
and bring greater sensitivity
Tues & Wed 6.15pm to 7.45pm $100–
to your Push Hands training.
The solo practice is a fluid form
that develops coordination, flow and
concentration. It can be a stand-alone practice or
it can be done with a partner. As you learn the set,
you will discover how many of the movements in
the Tai Chi form are actually joint locks or
holds. This is also true of the various forms and
techniques in Wu Dao Gong. The eagle claw in
the Army Xing Yi and the plucking movement of
the Chop form are all used as Na (locking). The
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