Development & Management Company
January 29, 2015
Company Introduction
Punjab Industrial Estates Development and Management Company was incorporated in Pakistan
on 18 September 2003 as a public Company limited by guarantee, licensed as a non-profit
organization under section 42 of the Companies Ordinance,1984. The Company is wholly owned
by the Government of Punjab. The principal activity of the Company is to develop new industrial
estates together with updating the existing industrial estates as may be assigned by the
Government of Punjab. The registered office of the Company is situated at Commercial Area
(North) Sundar Industrial Estate, Raiwind road, Lahore.
The Company has developed Sundar Industrial Estate ("SIE") in Lahore, Multan Industrial Estate
- Phase II ("MIE II") in Multan, Rahim Yar Khan Industrial Estate in Rahim Yar Khan, Bhalwal
Industrial Estates in Bhalwal, and Vehari Industrial Estates in Vehari, while it is managing Quaid
e Azam Industrial Estate ("QIE") in Lahore and Multan Industrial Estate - Phase I ("MIE I") in
Proposal Requirements
Punjab Industrial Estates Development and Management Company (PIEDMC) is requesting
proposal from registered/licensed certified event management firms to manage an Industrial
Exhibition to be held from 03 – 05 April, 2015 at Hall no. 01 & 02 of Expo Center, Lahore.
The RFP outlines the scope of work and deliverables required. It also outlines the information
that should be included in your proposal. To be considered, TWO copies of
proposal must be
submitted by 5:00 P.M. on 18 th February, 2015 to:
Punjab Industrial Estates Developmentand Management Company
Commercial Area (North) Sundar Industrial Estates Raiwind Road Lahore
City office, 27- Egerton Road, 3rd Floor Ajmal House, Adjecent Hotel Holiday Inn, Lahore.
Please direct all your queries to Mr. Ijaz Azeem (General Manager (Marketing))
Tel: 042 -35297203-6, (email: [email protected])
PIEDMC reserves the right to reject any or all proposals submitted. PIEDMC also reserves the
right, where considered necessary, to request additional information or clarifications from
proposers, or to allow corrections of errors or omissions. At the discretion of members of our
Senior Management and the Event Management committee composed by the Board of Directors
of PIEDMC, firms submitting proposals may be requested to make oral presentations as part of
the evaluation process.
The procurement of the event management services shall be incompliance with Punjab
Procurement Regulatory Authority Rules 2014.
Term of Engagement
The term of engagement will be for this specific assignment only.
Scope of Work to be Performed
1.1. The approved firm will execute the following activities:
Punjab Industrial Expo 2015 – Details of Activities
Sr. No.
Coordination with Expo Centre
Special Cleaning Staff for venue
24 ushers for an event of 3 days
Hi-tea & lunch arrangement for PIEDMC staff & VIP’s
Printing of brouhers Qty. 2000, 10 pages (5 leafs) A4 size, 4 color including
registration forms & maps
Website development (dynamic)
Email campaign & Facebook page
Bouncing Castle, Play pen, Face painting activities for Kids
Certificates & shields for participants (Qty. 200)
Signages for miscellaneous areas
Invitation card printing (Qty. 500)
1. The event management firm will create the comprehensive advertising / marketing campaign
firstly to pull industrialists (who will book stalls at expo) and secondly general public to visit
the industrial exhibition.
2. The event mangement firm will provide the details of day to day activities / events to be held
in the industrial expo.
3. The event management firm will provide complete detailing of the budget with each compo
4. The event management firm will manage all the exhibition from start to its closing cermony.
5. The event management firm will designate and invite VIPs / celeberaties on each day
of the event.
6. All other activities as and when designated by PIEDMC.
The proposal submitted should be in the following format:
A master copy (so marked) of a Technical Proposal including the following:
Title page (Showing the request for proposal’s subject; the firm’s name, address and
telephone number of a contact person; and the date of the proposal).
Table of Contents
Transmittal Letter (briefly stating the proposer’s understanding of the work to be
done, the commitment to perform the work within the time period, a statement of why
the firm believes itself to be the best qualified to perform the engagement).
Detailed Technical Proposal
Note: While additional data may be presented or requested by PIEDMC, the following items
must be included (Price schedule/total cost is NOT part of this section).
Firm Qualifications and Experience
The firm should provide:
 At least 3 letters of references(most recent) showing the level of satisfaction
 The location of the office from which the work on this engagement is to be performed.
 One page statement summarizing the benefit to PIEDMC of engaging the firm
 Firm profile (Depth of the firm’s experience/practice in the companies like PIEDMC)
Staff Qualifications and Experience
The firm should:
 Identify names of the principal staff, including manager or supervisor/specialist, who
would be assigned to the engagement.
 Provide information on the eventmanagement experience of each person, including infor
mation on membership in professional organizations.
 How your firm’s senior executives will be involved in the engagement and how will
it be implemented in consultation with the focal team of PIEDMC.
Similar Engagements with Other Companies
The firm should provide a table showing:
 List of client for which similar engagements were performed (last 5 years).
 Dates (year/months) similar engagements were performed.
Statement of Exclusivity & Confidentiality
The firm shall provide a statement that neither the firm nor its staff, are involved in any
activity which are prohibited by the Government of Pakistan.
A statement of confidentiality to keep in confidence all information imparted to you, in
relation with the complete process, not to disclose it to third parties and not to use it for any
purpose other than for the event..
Cost Bid
(Note: Cost bid should be included in a seprate envelop)
The sealed cost bid sheet should include the following information:
1. Name of Firm.
2. Certification that the person signing the proposal is entitled to represent the
empowered to submit the bid and authorized to sign a contract with PIEDMC.
3. All pricing information relative to performing the event engagement. The total all-
inclusive maximum price to be bid is to contain all direct and indirect cost including
Professional Services Fee and out of pocket expenses.
Manner of Payment
General overview of the schedule and preferred timing of billing will be as follows:
 Mobilization: 5% of fee
 Before start of exhibition 55% of fee
 On completion of the event 40%.
However, the payment schedule will be clearly agreed with the firm in the contract/
engagement letter.
Evaluation & Award of Contract:
Evaluation will be carried out on Least Cost Method; and award will be made to the
lowest evaluated responsive bidder; from among those bidders who have fulfilled the
competence criteria mentioned in scope of work, deliverables & proposal requirements.
Further to that the firm should be:
o In similar business for not less than 5 years.
o Registered with the income tax department.