December 2014 Sheepwash Times Article

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Ministers Message
Minister's Message
I’ve recently returned from an 11 day Bible Lands study tour, though according to the
timetable we were on a “Holly Land Tour”! Arriving at Istanbul airport I noticed one shop
with the intriguing name of “Joy Shop”. Sadly we didn’t have time to stop and see if this
was a translation error but it did make me wonder what might be on offer. What would you
expect to see? I guess it rather depends on how you define joy.
One dictionary describes joy as “the emotion of great delight or happiness caused by
something exceptionally good or satisfying,” while Michaela Youngson suggests that joy
goes much deeper than mere happiness and can be found in “the smile of my child, the
laughter of a good friend, the crunch of leaves on an autumn path”; the sort of things that
money cannot buy.
In his letter to the Philippians, Paul tells them to be joyful always. This may seem a little
fanciful, given all that life can throw at us but Paul knew what he was talking about. He
wrote these words while in prison in Rome, awaiting his death. Still he could say “be
joyful” for he had such a personal and trusting relationship with Christ that this could
withstand the ups and downs of each day’s journey.
By the time you read this, Advent will be upon us and the countdown to Christmas will
have begun in earnest. Only ……shopping days to go and anxiety levels rising. Will joy be
on your wish list and if so where will you go to get it?
The gospels direct us to find joy in the simple things of life: in the joy of a baby being born;
a king born not in a richly adorned palace in a large city but rather in a dirty and smelly
cave in a place few had heard of. Angels told the terrified shepherds that they brought
tidings of great joy for them, the ordinary working folk, as well as for all humanity or as the
hymn writer puts it “Joy to the World. The Lord is come. Let earth receive her King”. At
Christmas we celebrate the amazing truth that God has come to us and is with us in every
part of life, whether sad or glad, his love surrounding us and giving value to our lives. That
is surely a cause for joy, the sort of joy you cannot find in an airport shop or any other shop
for that matter for it is freely given.
I wish you all a very happy and joy-filled Christmas season.
Melanie Greenall Minister
Washingborough and Heighinton Methodist Church
Saturday 6th December Our now quite famous “Blokes Who Sing” will be performing a preChristmas concert in our Chapel during the Coffee Morning. Proceeds will go to Nomad Trust
and the Community Larder. I know it will be a very enjoyable morning, so do try to come early
to get a seat!
Tuesday 9th December 2pm At our Ladies Circle group in the Chapel there will be Music,
Readings and Mince pies.
Preachers for December
Rev Melanie Greenall (Back to Church) Bring a friend
Mrs Lesley Shapcott
(Gift Day & All Age Worship)
Local Arrangement
Rev Melanie Greenall Carol Service
Rev Melanie Greenall
At Navenby
The Angel and the Elephant
This little book is a collection of short stories which are based on or refer to favourite Bible
stories including the Christmas Story. A delightful little stocking filler providing good bedtime
reading for all ages from 7 to 97, and this is available from Hubbards Newsagents
Washingborough Precinct. Price: £4.99 Proceeds to Cancer Research.
Rosemary Lester Cushway.
Nosh & Knowledge 2015
Our Annual Nosh & knowledge Quiz Night will be from 7.30pm (doors open at 7pm) on Friday
30th January 2015 Washinborough Community Centre. We invite you to raise a team of
maximum of 8. If you would like to come but can’t make up table let us know and we will try
to find places for you. The evening includes ‘Nosh’ whilst you provide the ‘Knowledge’! The
cost is £7.50 per person, or £60 per table. Drinks will be available for you to purchase on the
night. Payment in advance is really helpful as it reserves you a table. If you would like to
reserve a table please contact either the Shapcotts on 790664 or the Davies on 794856
Craft Fayre
The amount raised at our Craft Fayre was £728 and we would like to say Thank you to everyone
who helped and those who came to buy.
If you would like anymore information about our church then please let me know on 794935 or
[email protected]