December Newsletter

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K. Shepherdson
December Newsletter
It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter! The snow and cold weather are here to stay.
Please make sure that your child has a warm coat, snow pants, boots, mittens and a
hat as all students are expected to be outside for all recesses. If possible, please
label your child’s clothing and boots as sometimes items get separated from their
owners! With just two more weeks of school left in December, there are lots of
activities and special events going on in the school and in classrooms. Please check
classroom newsletters for more details.
Christmas Concert
Classes have been working hard with Mrs. Card to prepare their
performances for the Christmas Concert. Just a reminder that the concert
will be taking place on Tuesday, December 16th, beginning at 1:45 p.m. We
hope that you will be able to join us. Before and after the Christmas
concert, the Grade 1 “Incredi-bulls” class will be holding a bake sale to
help raise money for some upcoming class trips.
Lost and Found
Like our students, our Lost and Found collection continues to grow! There are
many sweaters, mittens, socks, and other items that have made their way to our
Lost and Found. Items have been shown to many of the classes but the pile has
not seemed to shrink. Lost and Found items will be on display outside of the
gym during the Christmas concert, please take a moment to look through the
pile and collect clothing that belongs to your child. Any items that remain in the Lost and Found
at the end of December will be washed and donated to charity.
Early Arrival
Just another reminder that students are not to arrive at school before 8:35 a.m. Staff
begin supervision at 8:35 and the students are not allowed to be on the playground
or in classrooms without supervision. Students who arrive before 8:35 are required
to stand outside the office until supervision begins. The office is a busy place in the
morning and it is difficult to properly supervise those students who are waiting.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Bus Information
Students participated in bus evacuation drills recently. We know that not
all students travel to and from school on the bus but it is likely that all
students will ride on a bus at some time during the year to participate in
a field trip or class outing. It is important that all students know and
follow the safety rules and behave appropriately on the bus.
Over the last few weeks and months, we have had several requests from parents for bus
students to be dropped off or picked up at a location other than their regular bus stop. This is
not something that can be done on a temporary basis. Any changes to bus stops must be
permanent and must be approved through the Transportation Department. The bus drivers are
required to follow these rules as well. Please do not put them in a difficult position by asking
them to break the rules and drop your child off/pick your child up at a different location.
Fresh from the Farm
We hope that everyone has now received all of their orders from Fresh from the Farm.
We appreciate your patience. As a school, we were very disappointed with this
fundraiser this year as not enough product arrived, some of the produce went rotten,
and getting information from the organization was difficult. We would love to hear from
you. Is this something that you think we should continue?
Wreath Orders
Thank you to everyone who purchased wreaths. We hope that you are pleased
with the product. We would love to get any feedback (positive or otherwise) about
this fundraiser so we will be able to make an informed decision as to whether we
continue with this next year.
Cheese Orders
We had another overwhelming response to the Thornloe Cheese
fundraiser. We anticipate that orders will be sorted and ready for pick up
on Tuesday, December 16th – in time for the Christmas Concert. Thank you
to everyone for supporting our school.
Grade 8 raffle
Tickets are going quickly! Time is running out for you to purchase tickets on the
beautiful leather recliner and 50” LED SMART TV. Only 1000 tickets were printed.
Tickets are on sale for $5 each. The draw will be held on Thursday, December 18 th
at 2:00 p.m. If you have not yet had an opportunity to purchase your tickets, please
call the school – 705-544-2345.
Rotary Donations
Thank you to everyone who was able to make a donation to the Rotary baskets this
year. Your generosity is appreciated and it is great to know that we will be making
someone’s holiday a little brighter this year. What a great opportunity for our
students to learn about giving and being a caring citizen.
Building Character through Social Justice
Our theme for the month of November was Peace. Students were encouraged to discover and
celebrate all of the ways that we can contribute to peace in our school, in our families, in our
communities and in our world. We highlighted the character traits of respect, kindness, honour,
and thankfulness. In December, we are learning about different cultures and the traditions that
other people have to celebrate special events. Some classes explored the traditions in a few
countries like Mexico, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Australia, and Japan. We are highlighting the
character traits of respect, curiosity, appreciation and acceptance.
Our Good Citizen award winners for the month of November were
Lauren B., Henrik, Ava B., Hudson, Zacharia, Charley, Russell,
Alexis, Jack, Thomas, Gabby, Callyssa, Tanner, Alyssa, Rowan,
Mackenzie N., Matteo and Courtney.
Celebrating Success
Each month, one student from each class is celebrated as a Star Student for
persevering, meeting goals and showing a commitment to learning. We are
very pleased to celebrate the following Star Students for November: Owen V,
Lincoln, Eva, Alex B., Reese, Nina, Ayla, Stephany and Becky.
Parent Council Update
We now have a new School Advisory Council Chairperson. Thank you to Debra
Schenk for taking on this role.
Our new school jerseys have arrived and they look fantastic! Our students were able
to wear them at the recent Intermediate Volleyball tournament. Thank you to the
Parent Council for purchasing these new reversible jerseys for our students.
When we return from the Christmas holiday, the School Advisory Council will be launching its
next fundraiser – pepperettes. We will try to have the orders sent home in the first week of
Announcements and Upcoming Events:
December 10
December 11
December 12
December 16
December 18
December 19
December 19
January 5
Smoothie Day
OPP KIDS Graduation - Grade 5/6 and 6/7
Bannock and Maple Syrup sales - $1
Christmas Concert - 1:45
Student – Staff Volleyball game
Pajama Day and Movie Day
Last day of school for students for 2013!
Welcome back!
From all of us at Englehart Public School, we want to wish you
and yours a holiday season that is full of happiness, good health,
and good wishes for the things that matter most to you.
Ms. Shepherdson, staff and students