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Reaching Up in Worship.
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Waynesboro, GA
Reaching Out in Witness.
February 2015
Reaching Across in Love.
Men of FBC……
Get Ready to Step Up
& act like men!
Men’s Retreat March 6 - 8
Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like
here is a certain
men, be strong. Let all that you do be
@ Hickory Knob State Park
done in love.
extravagance in love.
1 Corinthians 16:13-14
The alabaster phial of
perfume was meant to be
$130/person, 2 people per room
used drop by drop; it was
$30 down holds a slot with balance due by February 15, 2015
meant to last for years,
perhaps even a life-time; but
Contact Kevin Boothe or Doug Dojan for more information
in a moment of utter
devotion, the woman
poured it on the head of
Jesus. Love does not stop
nicely to calculate the less or
more; love does not stop to
work out how little it can Join us for a Community-Wide Teen Girls Conference & Retreat
respectively give. With a
kind of divine extravagance,
love gives everything it has
and never counts the cost.
Calculation is never any
part of love.
~ William Barclay
Plugged {in}2015
March 20-22
Mo Isom
$20/person; meals,
materials & tee shirts provided.
G. Al Wright, Jr.................................Pastor
Don Veldboom................Associate Pastor
Michael Godfrey....................Youth Pastor
Christie Salemi……………………Secretary
Jean Williams Barefield.....Music Director
Kim Boothe..................Children's Director
Amy V. Thomas..........Praise Team/Pianist
Vera Gaines................................Custodian
Sponsored by Waynesboro area churches
Contact Lisa Wiggins for more info
[email protected]
f b c w a y n e s b o r o . o r g
853 N Liberty St. Waynesboro, GA 30830 ~
February 2015
page 2
e are in desperate need in our culture of learning how to talk about love biblically. What does the Bible mean when it uses this deeply
rich term. Well, we at least know that where we have just one word, “love,” the Bible has multiple terms with differing meanings and
nuances of meaning. That may give us a starting place. To speak of love biblically requires that we give some definition to what we mean
when we talk about love. I must confess that I often hear the word used by professing Christians in our
culture and believe that it is understood to mean blanket acceptance of anything and everything. Is that
what we mean when we use the term, “love?” Is that what the bible means by its much nuanced
Never let us be discouraged
meanings of the term?
with ourselves; it is not
Kevin DeYoung says that many people he meets have a Bible that contains only three verses:
when we are conscious of
judge not that you be not judged which is interpreted to mean that we are only loving when we accept
every kind of way of living and do not assess whether it is right or wrong by any kind of standard,
our faults that we are the
including the standards set by Scripture. The second verse that is in this Bible that many people seem to
most wicked: on the
use according to DeYoung is, “let the one without sin cast the first stone,” which is interpreted to mean
that the only person who can assess anyone else is the person without sin. We know where that leads
we are less so. We
don’t we? And the third verse that is found in this Bible is 1 John 4:7, “God is Love.” Put these three
see by a brighter light. And
verses together and we are left with a way of living in which we affirm that God is love and we are
sinners so we cannot say anything about how anybody is living since that would be unloving at best and
let us remember, for our
at worst it would be passing judgment on another which Jesus forbids us to do. Is this what we mean by
consolation, that we never
perceive our sins till He
We need to learn how to talk about love biblically. Since the Bible is from God and is all about
begin to cure them.
God, maybe a good place to start is to talk about what love means in relationship to God. It would seem
self-evident to me that whatever else love means, it has no meaning at all outside what it means when
the Bible calls us to love God. The Bible calls and commands us to love God with all of our being. The
~ François Fénelon
words that are used in both Hebrew and Greek do not carry much emotional weight. The weight of the
words that are used are focused on the will so that to love God is to direct our will toward God so that
our choices in life are rooted in our love for Him. We love Him. We love what He loves. We love what is of most importance to Him. All
other loves are then subservient to our love for God.
The Bible is clear that God has exalted two things above everything else: His Name or His character as holy and His Word. To love
God then is to love the proclamation and the preservation of His glory at it is revealed to us in His Word. That would mean that to see
someone living a sinful lifestyle and not to come alongside them as a friend to help them see their sin would mean that we neither love God
nor them. It would mean that embracing them and whatever lifestyle they chose without a clear confrontation along the way would mean
that we both hate them and the God we say that we love.
I fear for us in our day. I get really nervous when I hear people using this wonderfully beautiful word “love,” and I always wonder what
is meant when it is used. Let’s be careful that what we mean when we use it is no more and no less than what it really is as it is rooted in our
love for God and our deep love for the glory of God and the Word of God.
Elder Body and Deacon Body Officers for 2015
The Bible is clear that those who serve as Elders and Deacons along with those who serve in what we call the Ministerial Staff carry a joyful
weight of responsibility. We are not better men than others in the church but we do bear a bigger burden. And it begins with who we are
when nobody is looking and particularly who we are as husbands to our wives and fathers to our children where that applies to those in
leadership. No man in leadership in this church who is serious about serving God does not know something of how Satan comes against our
marriages and our families when we are in those positions. No man could bear it unless God has called us to it and no man should serve who
is not willing to be consistent in his witness both in private and in public, and show particular Christ-filled love and service to his wife. We
who are called to leadership have failed along the way and we confess and repent. Who we are as leaders is not driven by the law but by the
law as fulfilled in the Gospel that makes us aware every day of our great need for the grace of God. So, I ask you to pray for our Ministerial
Staff this year: Al, Don, and Mike; pray for our Elders and those who lead as officers of this body: John Hardy as chair assisted by Irby
Cochran and Glenn Ashe. Pray for our deacons led by Gene Cockerham assisted by Jesse Palmer, III and Tommy Banks. We need you to
pray for us more than we need anything else. We want to lead well. Pray that we do. So, don’t look as closely at how much leadership
gifting we have but look closely at how we care for our wives and how much our leadership is done with genuine humility.
Sunday Schedule
9:15........Sunday School for all ages
10:30…….Morning Worship
10:30.......Children's Church
6:00…….Evening Worship
Wednesday Schedule
5:00…………Family Night Dinner
6:00…………Prayer Time/Bible Study
6:00………...Bible Studies
6:00…………Youth/Children's Program
Memory Verse for February
“Enter his gates with
thanksgiving; go into his
courts with praise. Give
thanks to him and praise
his name.”
Psalm 100:4
FBC Family Prayer List
Louis Abbott
Everett & Ashley Ashe
Byron Brown Sr.
Tom & Beulah Bugg
Doug Cates
Matthew Chance
Elfie Cox
Adam Sowell
Rachel McClellan
Bill & Bettye Tallent
Bettye Palmer
Betty & Dennis Taylor
Lena Marie Powell
Don Veldboom
February 2015
Betsy and I want to thank the church family for all the care that has been shown to us: thank you for the meals, the cards, the calls and texts, the visits and most importantly for your prayers! God truly took care of us in so many ways.
The power of the Church
I want to also thank my family, is not a parade of
all of them have been great, flawless people,
especially Betsy. She was a great caregiver.
but of a flawless Christ
Looking back, the Jme has gone who embraces our flaws.
quickly, five weeks today since The Church is not made up
the surgery. I am doing a lot of the whole people,
beOer. I have been going to my rather of the broken
office a few of hours a day and people who find
also doing some work from wholeness in a Christ who
home. I feel I am seeing was broken for us.
progress, and yet at Jmes I wonder if I will ever get back to ~ Mike Yaconelli
normal? (I know what you are thinking, I never have been normal!)
page 3
February Service Teams
Prayer Room
Feb 1
Feb 8
Feb 22
Carolyn Junkins and Lori Springer
Glen Ashe and Lynn Garris
David Powell and Charlie Fales
Johnny ChrisJan and Sammy Lee
Captain Richard Bailey
Jeff Palmer
Tommy Edenfield
Robert Sizemore
Offertory Prayer
Feb 1
Feb 8
Feb 15
Feb 22
Mardy Clark
Gene Cockerham
Kelly Rodgers
Boyce Thompson
DoorKeepers Dan Wiggins
Mardy Clark
Ken McClellan
Nathan Ford
Doug and Lori Springer
Welcome Center
Mardy and Rachelle Clark
Don and Betsy Veldboom
Wednesday Night Kitchen Help
Doug Dojan and Bruce Early
Family Night Suppers
5:00 til 5:45. Please make reservations.
Adults $4.00
Children $2.00
Feb. 4 Baked Chicken, Red potatoes, Greenbeans, Roll
I have been spending this Jme reading and reflecJng and also Feb.
Hamburger, Hotdog, Fries, Dessert
praying through the church directory. Some of you are faithfully Feb.
Vegetable Soup, Grilled Cheese, Dessert
serving Jesus and it has been a joy to thank God for you. Others of Feb. 25 Beef Stew, Rice, Cornbread, Dessert
you are going through some rough patches and I have been praying that God will strengthen and sustain you. I came to some names on the church directory, and to be honest, I just did not know where you are at with Jesus. This was the hardest. I am praying that God would Budget Required (monthly)
$ 68,989.00
awaken your heart to His love, so much it would show without a Actual Revenue
$ 76,306.00
Budget Expenses (monthly)
$ 68,989.00
Actual Expenses
$ 76,306.12
One of the magazines I read is a mission magazine called Mission Mission
FronJer. In this month's ediJon there was an arJcle enJtled; "The Build the Future Loan Balance
Good News For Those In Honor-­‐Based Cultures". It was excellent knowing that lots of Asian cultures are honored-­‐based. The end of the arJcle had this:
Church Finances at a Glance
"THE GOSPEL IS MORE THAN WE THOUGHT: We o5en present the Gospel simply as forgiveness for our sins, but Jesus died not just to take away our sins, but to take away our shame, our fear, our estrangement, our uncleanness, and our blindness."
Aeer reading this all I could say was, as Dr. Taylor says, "HALLELUJAH"!
Say Cheese!
We are in the process of putting together
a new church directory! John Veldboom
and Rochelle Clark will be taking pictures
by appointment. Please call the church
office to schedule your appointment. Or
if you have a picture you’d like to submit,
please scan and email it to:
[email protected]
February 2015
Bible Playschool News
Nursery Schedule
The Full Armor of God
We will be learning about the Armor
of God February 3 - February 12.
The students will engage in Bible
lessons, songs and crafts to introduce what the
Armor of God is and how God intended for us to
use each piece in our daily lives. On February 12
we will have Prince and Princess Day as we will
also learn during this time that we are a member
of God's family. Our students and staff will dress
as a prince or prince or as a super hero for this
special day. Each class will also celebrate
Valentines Day on February 12 with a special
Learning About the Letter Pp
February 5 - Pajama, Popcorn and
Movie Day
February 12 - Prince & Princess
Day & Valentine Party
page 4
Feb. 1 Gregory & Denice Coursey, Candi Partridge, Jeremy & Marie Murray, Amanda Garris, John & Joy Osborn
Feb. 8 Paul & Schylea Williams, Lynne Seeger, Rosie Wade, Skip & Sandy Stewart, Gail Tootle, Michelle Olver
Feb. 15 Brian & Amber Saxon, CrisJn Stephens, Melinda & Abby Johnson, Mark & Sandra Quick, Doug & Lori Springer
Feb. 22 Wes & Robin Ford, Kim Woods, Lindsey Whinghter, Carrie Godfrey, Lester, Caroline & Tyson Post, Joel & Hadley Coble
Welcome Isaiah
Pierson Veldboom!
Born January 8, 2015
weighing in at 8.8 lbs.,
20.5 inches long
welcomed by MacKenzie, Johny,
Foster, and Jonah.
Who’s ready for Centri-Kid?!?!
Okay, so camp is still months away, but sign-up is NOW!
Camp will be July 13-17 at Gardner-Webb University for
kids grades 3-6. Total cost of camp is $280.
To register, turn your deposit into the church office.
The deposit is $50 before February 27. A $60
deposit is required between Feb. 27 & April 30. The
deposit is non-refundable after April 30.
For more information about Centri-kid, see Kim
Boothe or go to centrikid.com.
Upward Basketball & Cheerleading
Only 3 Saturdays left to come & check out the kids playing Upward Basketball! If
you have not been to any of the games, now’s the time! Games begin at 9 a.m. at
the Burke County Academy of Success gym.
If you’re interested in giving a 5-minute devotion during half-time, please see Kim
Woods to get your name on the list.
February 2015
Any history buffs in the room? It is
hard for me really to recommend
more than one book this month. I
have read more than one, but the
Take one that I would recommend is by
a nineteenth century writer,
Octavius Winslow. He wrote quite
a bit but I have just finished
Read! reading his wonderful little book
called Personal Declension and the
Revival of Religion in the Soul.
Winslow argues that we can be set on fire for Jesus and be
walking in the Holy Spirit and then over time begin to
decline in our passion for God. He helps us immensely in
being able to see the signs of declension in our souls. Aside
from this very helpful book I have been reading a lot of
Baptist history and particularly Baptist history in the
South. I have been so fascinated reading about the work of
Daniel and Abraham Marshall right here in our area and
now reading about the word of Edmund Botsford, again;
right here in the area where we live. These were very
godly men with a strong desire to plant healthy churches.
This is one reason I am reading them. They help me
understand what a really healthy church looks like. If you
are history buff, you would like these books. Otherwise,
you would be bored.
Tolle Lege:
Heart for Missions
page 5
Sermon Series on the Healthy Church
I will begin on February 8 a sermon series on
The Healthy Church. I will be using
materials from Nine Marks Ministries in
Washington, D.C. as background material
but will preach expositional sermons each
week from biblical texts that show what a
healthy church looks like. Church bodies
can get sick just like our physical bodies can
get sick. We have all of Paul’s letters in the
New Testament because of “diseases” that
had invaded the Body of Christ. Since it is
still true that an ounce of prevention is
worth a pound of cure, these sermons
are not preached because there are
serious signs of sickness in
our local body, but that we
might know what is needed
biblically if we would be truly
healthy. This sermon series
will take us through much of
the Spring this year and then
we will begin together our
journey through the Book of
Winter Bible Studies
Set Apart by Jennifer Kennedy Dean, Facilitated by Jane Stewart
Tuesdays 5:30 at her home. Begins TBA
The Power of Small by Jennifer Kennedy Dean, Facilitated by Lorretta
Stembridge Wednesdays @ 6:00. Begins March 4, 5wks.
Save the date and plan now to attend our
annual Hearts for Missions Valentines
fundraiser sponsored by WMU.
6:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 8, 2015
in the fellowship hall. Nursery will be
provided. Awana is cancelled so there will be
activities for children in the old fellowship hall.
Desserts will be provided by WMU. Please
plan to join us and if you’d like to participate,
please contact Charlotte Vetter or Anne
Greeters Needed!
Please contact Mardy or
Rachelle Clark if you are
Other studies may become available. Check the fellowship hall for sign up
Update on Landscaping
Much has been done in these last few weeks
but some tender plants and grass will have to
wait until early Spring. Some drainage issues are
being addressed on the side facing Stone St.
with an "informal" formal boxwood garden
planned for that location. More
information will be coming soon
but it is going to be a lovely
First Steps
Hearts for
Missions @ 6
Evie Toole WOM 6:00
@ Sandy Stewart
Upward Practice
Upward Practice
Upward Practice
~ Adrian Rogers
Brown Bag
Newsletter DEADLINE
Upward Practice
Upward Practice
Upward Practice
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Enter his gates with thanksgiving; go into his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and praise his name.
Psalm 100:4
Awana resumes
“God does not change us so He can love us;
He loves us in order to change us.
Brenda Thompson
Paul Shivers
Gail Voyles
Jim Johnson
Dan Wiggins
Shelley Griffin
Don Veldboom
Wanda Saxon
Jessi Veldboom
Lily Hammett
Byron Brown
Ian Stembridge
Barbara Hammett
Will Edenfield
Wanda Chance
Marie Grogan
Ben Roberts
Rosemary Kuneman
Jeremy Murray
Elizabeth Collins
Rusty Rowell
Edward Coble
Mark Flowers
Julie Gandy
Luke Springer