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February 2015 - Web Version
Collins #19 AF&AM
1st and 3rd Wed, 7:30 PM
Except June, July, August
Fidelity #192 AF&AM
2nd and 4th Thur, 7:30 PM
Except June, July, August
York Rite Bodies
4th Mon, 7:30 PM
Except June, July, August
Collins #26 Eastern Star
2nd and 4th Tues, 7:30 PM
Except July, August
Rainbow for Girls
1st and 3rd Tues, 7:00 PM
Job’s Daughters
2nd and 4th Mon, 7:00 PM
Drop-In Coffee
Thursday mornings at 8:30am
in the small dining room
Northern Colorado
Scottish Rite Club
Our quarterly meeting Friday,
February 20 at 6:00 pm
in the meeting room at
Johnson's Corner. Ladies are
invited. RSVP required with
WB Bob Gregory
Masonic Breakfast of
Northern Colorado Lodges
Saturday, February 14, 8:30am
Fort Collins Masonic Center
Hosted by Fidelity #192
Past Masters and Charter
Members Banquet
Saturday, February 21, 6pm
Fort Collins Masonic Center
Open to All Masons and their
Advanced Ticket Purchase
Required through
Dwight Andersen
Hosted by Fidelity #192
Home Board Annual
Wednesday, February 25,
Fort Collins Masonic Center
Fort Collins Masonic Center
225 W Oak St
Fort Collins CO 80521
Ph/Fax (970) 493-0888
Collins #19 AF&AM
Fidelity #192 AF&AM
Pre-Meeting Dinner @ International Appetite Bistro
(just across Mason from temple): ~6pm
Pre-Meeting Dinner @ Crown Pub: ~5:30pm
unless otherwise noted.
February 4, Wednesday
Stated Communication: 7:30pm
February 12, Thursday
Stated Communication: 7:30pm
February 11, Wednesday
Fellow Craft Practice: 6:30pm
February 21, Saturday
Past Masters Banquet: 6:00pm
February 18, Wednesday
Stated Communication: 7:00pm
Fellow Craft Degree
February 26, Thursday
Stated Communication: 7:30pm
At our second stated communication of this year
(1/21), we welcomed new brother, Jeffrey Diehl, to
our lodge. I thank the degree team as a whole, but
particularly our Junior Warden, PM Cliff Williams,
for coming through on such short notice after his
On February 18 at 7pm, Br. Jared Schroeder will be
passed to Fellow Craft. The degree team is assigned
and has a practice on February 11 at 6:30pm. It
should be noted that Br. Schroeder is a CSU student
who hopes to go on study-abroad to Germany next
Fall. With his cooperation, the schedule might get
accelerated for his advancement. To this end, any
brother (from #19 or any other lodge) interested in
doing degree work -- whether in preparation for a
future office, or for the simple challenge & joy of
performing the work --, please contact the Senior
Warden, Glenn Maxey. We're trying to establish a
roster with depth of pr oficient degr ee
participants to facilitate local lodges in giving degree
candidates an exceptional degree experience.
Our brothers in Fidelity #192 are spear-heading the
joint-lodge Grand Master Visit (4/16). We in #19 are
committed to assist clean-up and any other assigned
duties to make this a successful joint event. Our SW
is #19’s contact for this and likewise for the joint
School Recognition Night (4/29).
At Grand Lodge on 1/23, MWB Richard Schmidt
reminded us that Collins Lodge #19 has its 145th
anniversary of its charter (9/28/1870). Meanwhile
and before any Fall event to celebrate this, our
brothers in Fidelity #192 have their 50th
anniversary and Past Masters night on Saturday,
February 21. This is a ver y impor tant milestone,
and I encourage all in #19 to attend, as we strengthen
and support Masonry in Fort Collins. (Advanced
tickets are required through #192's JS.)
I look forward to seeing you in lodge, its premeeting meal, and participating in any of the area
Masonic events.
I truly hope everyone had a great Christmas and New
Years. Yes I said Merry Christmas. I am a firm
believer of Merry Christmas instead of happy
Anyway, the New Year is upon us and has hit us full
force. We are hitting the ground running. On
Thursday, January 22 we raised Brother Ryan
Wallace to the Sublime degree of a Master Mason.
On Thursday the 23rd many of us hit the road and
went to Pueblo for the 154th Annual Communication
of The MW Grand Lodge of Colorado. We had 10
brothers in attendance with several brothers
attending for their first time. It’s always great to
have a big showing to this event especially given the
distance to travel.
On February 21st we will be hosting our Past
Masters and Charter Member banquet. Don’t let the
name fool you, it is open to All Masons and guests.
Advance ticket purchase is required. Food will be
prepared by Brother and Chef Eric McBride of
Celtic Catering. The evening will be recognizing the
past 50 years, our Past Masters and Charter
Members. These are the men who have led us and
guided us not only into the lodge we are, but the men
we are. I must give many thanks to those who have
paved the way for us and set the example that I must
live up to.
On March 5th we will be hosting Brother Tim Hogan
in an open meeting. I would encourage you to grab a
friend and bring them. Every time I have heard
Brother Tim talk I walk away in a “WOW” state of
As the year gets rolling and we feel that are busy
with our own lives, let us always remember our
Brothers and their Widows that we don’t see that
often. Pick up the phone or send a card. Let them
know that they are never far from our thoughts. It
might not seem like a big deal to us, but it could
mean the world to them.
Jefferson Mitchell
Worshipful Master
Brian Smith
Worshipful Master
2015 Lodge Officers
Jefferson Mitchell
Glenn Maxey
Cliff Williams, PM
Barry Long, PM
Chris Millard
Roy Halpern
Jamie Jaramillo
Shane Mueller, PM
Wayne Davis, PM
James McIver
Jack Shepard, PM
Alex Appelhans,. PM
Worshipful Master
Senior Warden
Junior Warden
Senior Deacon
Junior Deacon
Senior Steward
Junior Steward
Brian Smith
Greg Beaumont
Ken Brokamp
Russell Mason, PM
Larry Moline, PM
John Robson
Brian Kirby
Paul Even
Dwight Andersen
Keith List
Eric Lowery, PM
Gary Malara, PM
York Rite Bodies
Cache La Poudre Chapter #11, Royal Arch Masons
Larimer County Council #21, Cryptic Masons
DeMolay Commandery #13, Knights Templar
Companions and Sir Knight’s,
We have two dates to circle on our calendar this month. On February 17, Grand Illustrious Master Larry
Crook will make his official visit to Greeley and Larimer County Councils. Dinner and the meeting will be
held at the home Council of TIM Aaron Heizer with dinner at 6 PM followed by the meeting at 7:30 PM.
Families and interested Blue Lodge Masons are welcome at both. The Greeley York Rite meets at 829 10th
Ave. in Greeley. GI Larry travels from the very south of Colorado for this visit. He and his officers will bring
unique and useful information to all. A good turn-out would be an excellent way to thank him for his travel
and effort.
On Monday, February 23 we will open Cache la Poudre Chapter #11 in the York Rite room of the Fort
Collins Temple at 7:30 PM. I will ask you to help review a PowerPoint presentation on our RARA charities.
This is a product of the General Grand Chapter and I need your views as to its value and how best to share the
information with our sister chapters Colorado.
As you can tell, Larimer County York Rite is not sitting around doing nothing. It’s gonna be fun and if
we’re not careful, we might learn something.
Jon A. Wilkinson, MEPGHP
HP, DM, Commander
Northern Colorado Scottish Rite Club
Our next meeting is February 20th at 6:00 pm in the meeting room at Johnson's Corner. We will continue
to work on setting up the foundation for our club. Ladies are invited. Reservations are required and may be
sent to Bob Gregory. Hope to see you there.
Our Scottish Rite Foundation is in a fund raising campaign so we can increase the speech therapy we
provide and offer our speech therapy to more kids by expanding our programs and by increasing the number
of scholarships we are offering to graduate students working on their Master's Degrees in speech language
pathology. If you are interested in more information or would like to make a contribution to our Foundation,
contact Bob Gregory.
Home Board Annual Meeting
The Home Board will be holding the annual meeting on February 25th at 6:30 PM for election of officers and
an open discussion with any members of all the FTC Masonic organizations. Please plan to attend and speak
your piece regarding the building, future improvements, cleanliness of the facility, recommendations to the
HB for anything else which may on your mind. Gary Malara, Building Administrator
Collins #19 and Fidelity #192 Calendars End of 2014 and Beginning of 2015
02/04 [#19] Stated Communication
02/12 [#192] Stated Communication
02/18 [#19] Stated Communication
02/20 Scottish Rite Club, 6 pm Johnson’s Corner meeting room
02/21 [#192] Banquet Honoring Past Masters and Charter Members, 6 pm
02/25 Home Board Annual Meeting
02/26 [#192] Stated Communication
03/04 [#19] Stated Communication
03/05 [#192] Special Communication: Tim Hogan speaker
03/12 [#192] Stated Communication
03/18 [#19] Stated Communication
03/26 [#192] Stated Communication
04/01 [#19] Stated Communication
04/09 [#192] Stated Communication
04/15 [#19] Stated Communication
04/16 [#192/#19] Special Communication: Joint-Lodge Grand Master Visit
04/23 [#192] Stated Communication
04/29 [#19/#192] Public School Recognition Night
05/06 [#19] Stated Communication
05/14 [#192] Stated Communication
05/15 Scottish Rite Club, 6 pm Johnson’s Corner meeting room
05/20 [#19] Stated Communication
05/28 [#192] Stated Communication: Memorial Service
Collins Lodge #19
Jefferson Mitchell, WM
Chris Millard, Sec
Fidelity Lodge #192
Brian Smith, WM
Larry D. Moline, Sec
York Rite Bodies
Jon Wilkinson
Bob Gregory, Sec
District Lecturer
Bob Gregory
Eastern Star
Becky Huffman
Worthy Matron
Job’s Daughters
Becky Huffman
Bethel Guardian
Rainbow Girls
Kelley Weber
Mother Advisor
Building Manager
Gary Malara
Trestleboard Editor
Glenn Maxey
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[email protected]
The Mission of
Freemasonry in Colorado
is to create an observable
way of life through
Moral Standards, and
Community Involvement.
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for the March Trestle
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