Winter Garden Lodge no.165
1943 O.L. Sands *
1979 Julian L. Revels *
1944 W.E. Reaves *
1980 Gordon W. Giddens +
1945 Bruce N. Jones PDDGM * 1981 John H. Linebarier +
1946 Bruce N. Jones *
1982 Carl A. Sheperd *
1947 Robert H. Mayberry *
1983 Charles D. Counterman +
1948 Harry M. Danie I *
1984 Bernard C. Williams *
1949 M.G. Parramore PDDGM * 1985 Robert A. Davis + *
1950 Ed C. Reaves *
1986 Paul W. Tinsley
1951 R.F. Anderson *
1987 George C. Woodward*
1952 Roger B. Seidner
1988 John W. Carroll + *
1953 J.M. Groover *
1998 L. Wade Rich
1954 L.E. Johnson *
1990 Robert R. Jones*
1955 Clyde E. Roberson *
1991 Paul O. Harvey
1956 M.T. Minor *
1992 Veryl M. Summerlin
1957 W.H. Hinson *
1993 Darrell W. Clay
1958 L.G. Donahey *
1994 Charles F. Roper
1959 W.D. Hartzog
1995 Arthur F.Young Jr.
1960 A.J. Thunell
1996 Weldon L.Wichman
1961 Vard J. Hager
1997 Frankie D. Colburn
1926 Waymon A. Wilkes 1962 Charles McMillian *
1927 L.H. King *
1963 Clarence E. Heidt
1928 L.H. King *
1964 Harvey L.Davis *
1929 W.H. Hamage *
1965 John H. Loucks *
1930 Harry M. Smith *
1966 John V. Tyndall *
1931 H.C. Mink *
1967 D.E. Duppenthaler
1932 Harry M. Smith *
1968 Jonathan N. Branch *
1933 Harry M. Smith *
1969 Charles W. Irrgang III *
1934 Waymon A. Wilkes 1970 Jack L Quesinberry
1935 Thomas D. Mack * 1971 Billy E. Peavey *
1936 Charles Gregory * 1972 J.Gordon Russ
1937 L.Frank Roper *
1973 Nial P. Handley *
1938 R.M. Morris *
1974 John Cook *
1939 C.L. Stanford *
1975 Galen Cline *
1940 W.E. Reaves *
1976 Walter P. Carreker +
1941 O.L.Sands PDDGM * 1977 Herbert H. Blitch
1942 O.L. Sands *
1978 Zeb C. Peacock Jr. *
1998 Thomas B. Jenkins
1999 Rodney C. Hollis*
2000 Lawrence A. Drake Jr.
2001 Reid J. Revels
2002 Robert E. Burke Jr.*
2003 James A. Avera*
2004 J. Steven Teal DDGM
2005 Robert Whyte
2006 Barton "Bart" A. Patria
2007 George "Jabo" Pellam *
2008 Wilbur A. Smith III
2009 Scott Penvose
2010 Ken Lyons
2011 Garland “Gary” Story
2012 Michael Kilgore
2013 Sly Cawley
2014 Jerry Clark
1970 Lou Edge
1999, 2000 Lawrence Drake Sr*
1999 Craig Frazier
1998 Thomas V. Lemoine
1999 John Carroll*
2000 Phillip E Moffses
2001 Fred G McNabb
2002 Jeans Claude Perche*
2003 Edward Burchette+
2003 Phillip E Moffses
2004 Robert V Hall+
2005 G Scott Penvose
1945 O.L. Sands*
1949 Bruce N Jones*
1972 Jack L Quesinberry
2011 J Steven Teal
1966 M.G. Parramore*
Free & Accepted Masons
Winter Garden Lodge no. 165
230 West Bay Street
Winter Garden, FL 34787
1907 Joseph Elwell *
1908 Charles H. Tilden *
1909 Charles H. Tilden *
1910 George T. Smith *
1911 J.E. Petris *
1912 W. T. Hickman *
1913 Joseph Elwell *
1914 J.E. Petris *
1915 Roy R. Roper *
1916 E.F.Niblact *
1917 A.J. Willis *
1918 Charles H. Tilden *
1919 Louis D. Jones *
1920 Bert H. Roper *
1921 H.G. Briley *
1922 A. F. Landstreet *
1923 W. Fred Roper *
1924 J.E. Clonts *
1925 Clarence Lau *
Meetings: 7:30 PM – 1st & 3rd Thursdays of each month
Lodge Phone Number: (407) 877-2550 (voice mail)
Lodge Email Address: [email protected]
Lodge Website:
Worshipful Master
Bro. Frank Lopez
(407) 435-9198
[email protected]
Senior Warden
Bro. Mark Kirkley
(407) 342-8186
[email protected]
Junior Warden
Bro. Clawson Peacock
(407) 492-7579
[email protected]
W.B. Jerry Clark
(407) 467-9327
[email protected]
W.B. Michael A. Kilgore
(407) 227-7284
[email protected]
Bro. Joe Gracey
(407) 408-5221
[email protected]
Senior Deacon
Bro. Riggy Nunez
(247) 469-6405
[email protected]
Junior Deacon
Bro. Victor Rosario
(407) 719-1475
[email protected]
W.B. Sly Cawley
(407) 509-5255
[email protected]
Senior Steward
Bro. Scotty Beckett
(321) 689-6916
[email protected]
Junior Steward
Bro. Henry Wright
Bro. Dan Kuhl
Bro, Austin Arthur
W.B. Bart Patria
(407) 883-9135
[email protected]
2015 Committees
FINANCE: (SW + up to 6 members) Br. Mark Kirkley, R:.W:. Jack Quesinberry, R:.W:. Steve Teal, W:.Mike Kilgore, W:.Mike Hatcher, Br.
Leonardo Nery, Br. Dan Kuhl
VIGILANCE: (JW + 2 members) W:.Clawson Peacock, Br. Joe Gracey, Br. Victor Rosario
PETITIONS: (3 – 7 members) W:.Jerry Clark, W:.Paul Tinsley, W:. Mike Kilgore, Br. Riggy Nunez, Br. Victor Rosario, Br. Scotty Beckett,
Br. Henry Wright, Br. Dan Kuhl, Br. Austin Arthur
MASONIC EDUCATION: (PM and 4+ members) W:.Jerry Clark, Br. Mark Kirkley, W:.Clawson Peacock, Br. Victor Rosario, Br. Henry
LODGE MENTOR’S: W:.Paul Tinsley, W:.Mike Kilgore, W:. Bart Patria, W:.Sly Cawley, Br. Mark Kirkley, Br. Riggy Nunez, Br. Victor
Rosario, Br. Joe Gracey, Br. Scotty Beckett, Br. Henry Wright, Br. Dan Kuhl, Br. Austin Arthur, Br. Jordan Sabot, Br. Mike Kramer, Br.
Carl Bentley
BOARD ON RELIEF: (WM, SW, JW) W:.M:.Frank Lopez, Br. Mark Kirkley, W:.Clawson Peacock
COMMITTEE ON CHARITY: Br. Joe Gracey, Br. Scotty Beckett, Br. Henry Wright
LODGE PROPERTY: (3 – 5 members) W:.Jerry Clark, W:.Craig Frazier, Br. Dan Kuhl, W:. Ken Lyons, W:. Scott Penvose, Br. Shawn Arosenius
IT COMMITTEE: W:. Craig Frazier, W:. Mike Kilgore, W:. Ken Lyons, Br. Richard Zarth
COMMITTEE ON LODGE HISTORY: R:.W:.Steve Teal, Br. Scotty Beckett, Br. Henry Wright, Br. Austin Arthur, Br. Leonardo Nery, Br.
John Thompson, Br. Mike Kramer
PUBLIC EDUCATION AND PUBLICITY: W:. Mike Kilgore, W:.Craig Frazier, Br. Mark Kirkley, Br. Riggy Nunez, Br. Henry Wright, Br. Dan
LODGE LIBRARIAN: W:.Bart Patria, W:.Mike Kilgore
LODGE INSTRUCTORS: W:. Paul Tinsley, W:.Jerry Clark, Br. Scotty Beckett, Br. Dan Kuhl, Br. Mike Kramer
TRESTLE BOARD for February 2015
MM Degree on Feb. 4th starting at 7:00PM, Dinner at 6:00PM
Stated Communication on Feb. 5th at 7:30PM, dessert & refreshments following
Stated Communication on Feb. 19th at 7:30PM, dinner will be served at 6:30PM
I want to congratulate all the officers for 2015, and wish all the Brothers that have a Birthday in February a "Happy Birthday"!!!
Just a reminder that if you haven't paid your 2015 dues, you are in
jeopardy of being suspended for Non-Payment of Dues.
Please contact me or the Worshipful Master if we help you in any way,
or answer any questions.
Also, all Perpetual Members dues cards will go out this week. Remember that your "Let
Your Pennies Make Good Sense" is not included in your Perpetual Membership, and the
Masonic Home sure could use your annual donation of $7.30 ( 2 cents a day).
Any questions concerning your dues or Masonic Record, please give me a call. I am always
available to my Brothers.
W:.Bro. Jerry Clark
I would like to thank everyone that came out to the 108th Lodge
Officer's Installation on January 10th. It was a huge success and was
a very emotional and memorable event for me. I am so grateful for
the support I received from all the brothers present, and for all the
help I had organizing and executing the event from my family and
friends. I could not have done it alone!
We had a great first meeting on January 15th. We had 30+ Brothers
in attendance. My goal is to have an average of 50 brothers attending lodge meetings by the end of the year. It is a lofty goal, and one that I will need your help
to accomplish. Everyone has a reason for coming to lodge. For some of us, it is the socialization aspect that we enjoy. For some, it is the masonic education and history that we enjoy
learning about. For some, it is about having an opportunity to positively impact the community through charity and volunteerism. These are the areas that we will be focusing on improving this year.
We have to go back to the basics and evaluate how the lodge is functioning and make improvements together where needed. This will help create an environment that is receptive
to new members, and will encourage the personal, professional, and spiritual growth of the
current membership. We will also reach out to the non-active membership and attempt to
bring them back into the fold, or at a minimum, let them know that we are here for them if
they need us. It is an exciting time in the history of our lodge. Together, we can accomplish
many things and I will do my best to earn your support.
February is shaping up to be a busy masonic month. We will be conferring a joint MM Degree for three brothers with Mokanna Lodge on February 4th at our Lodge. At our first stated communication, we will be installing the last two officers to their positions and will -
Looking forward to a great year in the west. Lots of things going on in
the lodge and this year looks to be a busy one. Remember as you
travel to other lodges to make that record in the book at the Tyler's
desk so the lodge gets credit at the end of the year.
- be performing a bible and apron presentation for six new Master Masons. This will be
done in an open format to allow families and friends to attend. At our second stated
communication, we will have a guest speaker, Brother Juan Sepulveda of Eola Lodge, that
will present a talk called "Bridging the Gap". This will be done during our masonic education portion of the meeting.
I look forward to seeing you all during these events, and would encourage you to reach
out to a member that you haven't seen in a while and invite them to lodge again.
Fraternally Yours,
Brother Mark Kirkley
Senior Warden
Frank Lopez
Worshipful Master
Winter Garden Lodge No. 165
Scheduled Meetings for February:
February 2nd: Practice for MM Degree at Mokanna Lodge #329 at 7:00 pm.
February 4th: Called communication for the purpose of conferring a MM Degree for
Brothers Nathan Zetterlund, Jorge Zambrano, and Courtesy work for a Brother from
Mokanna Lodge. The meal will begin at 6:00 pm. The 1st section of the degree will begin
at 7:00 pm with the 2nd section immediately following.
February 5th: WG Lodge #165 1st stated communication. Meeting will start at 7:30 pm
with dessert and refreshments following the meeting. We will be installing Brothers Victor Rosario and Scotty Beckett to their positions and will be performing a bible and apron
presentation to Brothers Dan Kuhl, Austin Arthur, Leonardo Nery, Richard Zarth, Shawn
Arosenius, and Adrian Boyer. This will be done in an open format so families are invited.
February 7th: Masters and Wardens meeting at Mokanna Lodge #329. Breakfast will
begin being served at 8:00 am and the meeting will begin at 9:00 am. Memorial Lodge
Installation will take place immediately following the meeting in the Lodge Room.
February 11th: District school of Instruction at Mokanna Lodge #329 at 7:30 pm.
February 12th: York Rite chapter/council meeting at 7:30 pm.
February 19th: WG Lodge #165 2nd stated communication. The meal will begin being
served at 6:30 pm. The meeting will start at 7:30 pm. We will be having a guest presentation during our masonic education portion of the meeting.
February 21. Zone MLT/ME. Orange blossom 80. 9am-3pm.
February 26th: York Rite Commandrey meeting at 7:30 pm.
February 27th: Scottish Rite meeting 7:00 pm.
February 28th: Open Books at Winter Park Lodge #239 starting at 9:00 am - 3:00 pm.
Breakfast served at 9:00 am.
The year is just beginning and very active in the kitchen. Our first Meal
with new Officers was well received. I want to thank all who had a part
in such a good meal. I especially thank Marguerite for her help and
We will be having another fine feed on Feb 4, 2015, for our M M degree with Mokanna, at our Lodge on Feb 4, 2015. Dinner will be served
a 6:00 PM, ( or when ready). Meal will consist of Chilly dogs and tater
tots , and of course dessert’s. Our stated meeting on Feb 5, 2015 we
will consist of dessert and beverage only.
If anyone has a special request, let me know in advance. I give special
thanks to W:.M:. Lopez for giving me extra help in the kitchen, as I need all that I can get.
W:. Bro Clawson Peacock
PS. We will have our regular meal on Feb 19, 2015. Plan as of now it will be Spaghetti. with a
tomato sauce , garlic bread, salad, and of course dessert’s
Please remember W:. Craig Frazier’s family as his uncle of 83 years is
on his death bed in KY and is not expected to make it through the
night. Craig and his mother will be traveling back to KY on Sunday.
Please pray for safe travel and comfort for the family.
If any other brother knows of any sickness or distress please contact
me at any of the numbers or email below.
Fraternally, Brother Joe Gracey, Chaplain.
Phone 407- 347- 5753 or 407- 408- 5221 or email me at [email protected]