Ambassador Responsibilities 2014

Indiana Masonic Home Foundation and Indiana Masonic Home Ambassador Responsibilities
Encourage your Lodge to:
o Schedule a Lodge visit to IMH.
o Take advantage of IMH volunteer opportunities.
o Purchase an All-Indiana Masonic Golf Outing sponsorship.
o Buy a brick through the Walk Down Memory Lane program.
o Adopt an IMH resident.
o Sponsor a hole at the Indiana Masonic Home (IMH) Open Golf Outing.
o Attend the IMH Festival on September 7, 2014.
o Achieve the Charles O. Riddle Award by having at least 3% of your members
contribute at least $100 (Gold Card) or more. Lodge, memorial, honor, and brick
donations all count.
o Achieve the Miller-Klingstein Award by completing certain criteria to promote
o Host a joint IMH-IMHF presentation to which multiple Lodges are invited and
ladies are included. IMHF staff will make the presentation, and IMHF will help
support the cost of refreshments.
Present quarterly update reports to your Lodge, based on information IMH and the
Indiana Masonic Home Foundation (IMHF) provide.
Increase Donor Club giving in your Lodge (including Lodge gift).
Identify and refer major donor prospects to IMHF (wills, large gifts, annuities, life
insurance, stocks).
Refer prospective residents to IMH Admissions (Kate Cline, Donnie Robinette, Rhonda
Make Home and Foundation presentations to your Lodge, other Lodges, and Masonic
groups, if you feel comfortable doing so. Your presentation counts for the Grand
Master’s Award the same as a presentation by IMH and IMHF staff members.
Provide information to IMHF for donor spotlight articles in the Indiana Freemason.
Tell us what folks are saying about IMH and IMHF and what questions they have. We
want to improve our communications efforts.
Visit for resources.
Join us at the Festival on September 7, 2014.
o Ambassador Meeting at 10:15
o Lunch is on us